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  1. Sara had her first comic book cover offered today and it is now sold out! Did anyone have any success scoring copies?
  2. I've tried claiming my digital copy of Previews for this month but the site is not allowing me to utilize the code that was provided in the print catalog. Does anyone have the digital format they would mind sending me for JUL20 Previews (this months)? if you have it, please and thank you :-)
  3. Not that my suggestion means anything but I think the label's size overpowers the card a little bit. I would prefer a much smaller footprint for the label itself.
  4. Will there be a "pre-screen" submission for a certain grade, similar to comics?
  5. I'd be all over this if you could provide a "pre-screening" like they do with comic books. I wouldn't want any modern cards under a 9.5.
  6. It's got a little of a Brereton feel to it. I like it!
  7. Finally got around to scanning this one -- beauty by Collette Turner
  8. Sharing my goods:
  9. I think you're going to be looking at 4 figures if a 9.8 ever presents itself. Best chance is to find a book that COULD get that grade with a press, but unfortunately most of the issues ive seen with this book are color breaking creases which can't be pressed out. I think the #7 letterbox is the grail of Linsner and Cry for Dawn collectors. I predict if it ever made it to auction it would go for $3000. Or more.
  10. First in-hand pieces of Swordsman of Mars have posted! I can't wait to receive mine in the next few weeks!
  11. Signature Series Standard: Received: 1/22/20 Shipped: 2/13/20
  12. Hadn't picked up a piece in a while, but a Jenny Frison cover had been on my want list for quite some time. Picked up this beaut from Cadence Comic Art
  13. There is a book in the Modern Sellling Forum -- a Catwoman bust for $300 9.8
  14. Received this notification from DCBS: "Going forward, we will not be offering ratio variants 25 and higher on the site until the book releases and we know the fair market value and the exact amount we will be receiving. We kept overselling on many of these issues because we did not know our qualifying amount until the end of the month and we would have to credit customers if we did not qualify to receive enough to fill all orders. We were also estimating fair market value at the time we offered the book, however, many times, once the book was released, the market value was either much lower or higher than what we estimated. We feel this is the fairest way to offer these variants. "
  15. Do the events of the Skywalker sequels (episodes 7-9) allow for 'The Child' to still be alive?
  16. Wonder Woman covers still available. Never a good sign when they stick around over 2 days.
  17. I think it's always been Saturday mornings since they started the lottery.
  18. All of the Mary Jane covers are still available as well and they have been up on the site even longer.
  19. Time is ticking. If you are interested please PM me so we can share last name/Member IDs.
  20. Hmm, OK, I guess not many people are interested. Well, if I win, I'll come here and ask for ID/Last Names for anyone interested.
  21. So, the lottery for SDCC tickets is this Saturday. Since "winners" are allowed to purchase tickets for three other people, I thought it might be nice if we tried to help each other out in case one of us gets selected. If anyone is interested please send me a message and I'll start a group message chat.
  22. For someone who knows more about the subject than I do (probably the majority of you), what is the yellow rectangular object on the bottom of the art?
  23. Had a typo in the title, thanks for catching it. I know there is a thread for November Heritage auctions, however I can not add a poll (unless I missed something).