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  1. You're absolutely right -- I should have used "complaining" instead of "anger."
  2. Wow, lot of anger towards the show. I loved every season and thought the finale was a warm and touching way to close out the series. I especially liked the last few minutes of "Young Sheldon" which showed child versions of all the actors and actresses from Big Bang.
  3. Are backpacks allowed in the convention center? I hate having to carry stuff around all day...
  5. I don't know why the thought came to me, but I got a little teary eyed realizing Stan the Man wasn't able to see this epic finale. I like to believe he would have been touched very deeply.
  6. Ending was way too rushed. Should have expanded to at least 90 minutes to add some more detail -- particularly around Selina/Batman, Alfred/Batman and Gordon/Batman interactions.
  7. They posted this on Facebook: Due to changes in CGC's witnessing procedure that effectively breaks the chain of custody on witnessed signatures and could have a potential negative impact by compromising the integrity of the Authorized Signature Program, CBCS will not be able to honor CGC yellow label books with signatures dated from 2019 and beyond. Going forward any comics removed from a CGC holder and submitted with signatures dated 2019 and up will need to have those signatures verified through the CBCS VSP program. Any CGC yellow labels dated prior to 2019 are still eligible to be transferred to CBCS yellow labels.
  8. A couple cool 9.9 Lenticular covers included as well!
  9. Please add following: Set: Budd Root Cover Set Items: Cavewoman: The Battle Against Ankha's Brood #1 Cover D Cavewoman: The Battle Against Ankha's Brood #2 Cover D Cavewoman: Starship Blish #2 Cover E Cavewoman: It's A Girl's Life #1 Cover D Cavewoman: It's A Girl's Life #1 Cover E Cavewoman: Moving Day #1 Cover D Cavewoman: Carrie's Oasis Diary #1 Cover D Cavewoman: Pool Party #1 Cover D Cavewoman: Pool Party #1 Cover E (I couldn't find this one, I made a slot, but no book info) Cavewoman: Quiver #1 Cover D Cavewoman: Raptorella's Revenge #2 Cover D Cavewoman: Raptorella's Revenge #2 Cover E
  10. What is Chris Clarke's instagram handle?
  11. A package with Lynda Carter that included a photo opportunity with her, a pre-signed 8 x 10 photograph, as well as ticket to her show was sold for a $150 package price for the upcoming Orlando Mega Con. Unfortunately it sold out before I heard about it.
  12. Noticed this one closed for just over $1000 -- Do you think it's because it was personalized? I've seen people ask $4000 plus for pieces like this in the past...
  14. Sounds like a good thing if PayPal fee is going to be waived.
  15. I like the Bishoujo horror figures.
  16. The furniture has held up great. I haven't noticed any deterioration at all. If I had it to do over again, I'd see if they had a 5 x 2 option, but that's just because it would cover up more of my wall and give me more space on top for larger statues that won't fit in my dedicate status cabinets I actually inquired about another piece but they had a very long backlog so I passed. I might try again in a couple months.
  17. Anyone know how Overstreet handles this issue? I would think they would be the #1 reference for this type of thing.
  18. I’m sure there is some good stuff out there that is drawn digitally. But I strongly prefer the old fashioned colored pencils to photoshop.
  19. I’m not a fan of art produced on computer. Especially digital coloring. And of course that would only apply to moderns.
  20. Those shoulders don’t look proportionate. I’m no artist but it seems way off to me. Other than that it’s beautiful but I would always be drawn to the weird way his shoulders are drawn.
  21. I think first appearance of Black Cat is undervalued and due for an adjustment. Right after 200 more Scott Campbell covers are published.