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  1. A Date with Mille (second series) VG 4.0 $25 One page of DeCarlo Millie the Model #112 VGF 5.0 $25 I'll take them both!
  2. Archie Archives 6 and 7 @ $20 each I'll take them!
  3. I guess we have enough buyers who are just brainwashed by the word "variant" on that #9.
  4. Is it already in double digits? Time to reboot again.
  5. George Lucas has been hitting the Bothan Brandy again.
  6. If they ever get around that "Wedding of Popeye and Olive Oyl" movie, I am so set.
  7. All I see on that cover is a suit of armor. But I guess that's enough these days.
  8. Good grief, I don't think any of the LCS around here order that many copies total of IIM.
  9. except for being a second appearance, sure. You can keep arguing semantics or pay attention to the market. 7 = cameo 9 = full The market that has issue 7 selling for more than issue 9? That market? The market that has eschewed full appearances in favor of actual first appearances, no matter how small, in regards to recent characters? That market? I don't know if 8 hours is enough to establish equilibrium in "the market." I've got more 7's so I hope you're right. But my bet would be on 9.
  10. I managed to sell a II7 at 110 this morning. I have one more II7 slab left that I'm putting up later today, though with that CBR article I assume #9 is going to be the big one since it's the first full. Those are going straight to CGC now Something appears to have gone horribly wrong with MJ on that II7 cover.
  11. Conan 41 NM+ $16 Conan 49 NM+ $16 Conan 56 NM+ $14 Conan 62 NM+ $14 Conan 63 NM+ $14 Conan 64 NM+ $14 Conan 65 NM+ $14 Conan 121 NM+ $10 I'll take them at 50% off
  12. I would add 3 to the htf mix I went to three local shops and they each had multiple copies of 3 on the shelves, hardly anything after that. Not a 4 or 5 anywhere. And each copy of 7 looked like it had been delivered by a drooling Rottweiler.
  13. I gotta say that going through this mess has given me a new respect for the skills of anyone who can run an LCS. You have to be able to find the very few people living in your area who are willing to pay full retail (or close) for a wide variety of product that is almost worthless the instant it is sold. Which means identifying and attracting the few people who value simply reading this material and are willing to pay a lot to do so. And it holds almost no value for you if it doesn't sell right away. Tough balancing act. This is probably $1500 worth of stuff at cover price - there can't be a dealer in the world who would give me more than $100 for it all now, just a year and a half later. I guess it's not much different than the bookselling biz, but with a much smaller overall market. My hat's off to anyone who can make it work.
  14. FineCollector, I went through about half of them last night. There's hardly anything I want to read or keep, so I'll definitely find a way to get most of them to interested readers. I have a friend who works at a children's hospital, so I'll go that route for the ones that are most obviously kid appropriate. Of course, I do want to identify the few that might be worth selling individually and that's the challenge for me. Miraclemet, Thanks so much for running that search for me. I was not aware you could search at mycomicshop by date - that's a nice resource to know about in the future. Most of those books weer probably hot enough back then to not be in the box, but I do have a run of Black Science in there.And a ton of Bat books though hardly any of "Batman" itself. (Ed. Black Science 9 has many issues listed on mycomicshop for good money, but is routinely on sale on eBay for cover price.) I'm going to take a wild guess that this solid run of "All-New Doop" isn't going to buy me a new house. Or a $1 order of nuggets at Wendy's.
  15. About a year and a half ago, I won an auction at my LCS with a bunch of different parts to it. One of them was 1 copy each of every new book on the shelves. That means anything that didn't sell out and which hadn't yet made it to the back issue bins, about four months worth. This essentially means 1 of almost everything released from about Oct 2014 to February 2015 (I'm talking actual months there, not cover dates). No variant covers, I assume. I'm finally getting around to looking through the boxes to see what I have. It's about 350 books total. Any chance there's _anything_ from that period that has since turned into a hot or even semi-hot book? Or am I just going to wind up donating the whole lot to the library? I cannot, off-hand, think of anything in particular I should be keeping an eye out for. But then again I hardly read anything anymore. Indeed there's a run of something called "Sixis" on top which I never heard of but apparently was a big cross-over event. (Ed. Oh, it's "Axis" with a weird font)