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  1. Picked these up at a garage sale in the fair grounds. Paid $25 for all four.
  2. Just be careful of switching of comics. Where they claim that your book is not in the condition you said and they will either ask for a partial payment or a full payment and send back to you their under copy while keeping your copy. It happens.
  3. Gatchaman

    This guy!

    Hey, no we're not.
  4. Most of my Omnibus collection. I don't pay full price for any of them. I research for the best prices. The most recent was the WBN for $37.95. Picked up the 1st Perez Wonder Woman Omnibus for my daughter for $50 at Jet City Con.
  5. I started my own local only FB group which includes WA state, Portland and surrounding, and one of two members in ID. There are almost 1,000 members and a lot of them are doing deals with each other through PMs and meeting up. There are stores who are members, con sellers, and collectors. One seller told me that his sale jumped greatly since he joined. Just an idea.
  6. I'm part of a couple Mego FB groups and there are quite a few people who can't get certain wave two figs. I am still looking for a Spock.