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  1. Same company. Mage Knight was first, then Heroclix.
  2. A lot of people are not happy as not all Targets are getting everything. Only 10,000 of each to go out to all the Targets and what has sold on line.
  3. Gatchaman

    TBG #20 1972

    I have a few of these. love reading through them.
  4. For some reason some Targets quit selling them to even pulling them from off of the shelves.
  5. Got the two packs a couple weeks ago and the others over the past week. (two Gorns)
  6. Gatchaman

    Comic auction

    Just noticed this in Indiana and thought to pass it on.
  7. Gatchaman

    HC trades

    That's all. thanks
  8. Gatchaman

    HC trades

    X-Men Supernovas
  9. Gatchaman

    HC trades

    X-Men Second Coming Revelations
  10. Gatchaman

    HC trades

    X-Men Days of Future Past
  11. Gatchaman

    HC trades

    Avengers Heroic Age
  12. Gatchaman

    HC trades

    X-Men Rise and Fall Shiar Empire
  13. Gatchaman

    HC trades

    Avengers Secret Invasion