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  1. I have never seen this variant.

    Back cover
  2. I have never seen this variant.

    Thank you all for your help.
  3. I have never seen this variant.

    This for bid on Facebook. I can ask for back pictures,
  4. Could some one let me know about price missing? thanks
  5. It has shipped!....SHIPPED!!!

    Tell them you will pay for it on the day they ship it.
  6. This week in your collection?

  7. Second con I cohosted, this year, yesterday.

    Thanks, but we want to build this up down here. If Jet City can get as many people as they do, we can grow this one larger than it is. We keep getting great feedback.
  8. I have a lot of family in Puerto Rico. Thanks for all the help. I am sending money to them and food to my sister who lives in Camuy.
  9. Class of....

  10. Class of....

    Wahoo, I DID'T make the list.
  11. Class of....

  12. In case anybody is going I just found out that Harley Yee will be a vendor.
  13. Diamond account - dumb idea?

    They also do it for Magic Cards. I had to take pictures of the store, register, and where the cards are displayed.