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  1. Fantastacon 3

    Fantastacon 2018 May 12, 2018 Well, we went and looked at the new building for our next con. It is a 4,800 sq ft room. We believe that we can get at lease 65 tables, so there is a lot more room for the vendors and walking space for the attendees. There is, also, a lot of parking and load/unload is really close. This building is a little more than the others, but is worth it. Tables will be $60 and $50 each if you get two or more. Entry is $5. We really like that there are two huge screens that we can play superhero cartoons on. Here are some pictures I took of the room. This is at Clover Park Voc Tec.
  2. Kick off the Cons Party!

    Sat, January 27, 2018 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM PST 700 South 3rd Street Renton, WA 98057 DESCRIPTION Party with various local conventions, game companies, vendors, artists, & podcasters! We will also have a exhibition area, artist ally, puzzle escape room, lightsaber performances, 21+ beer garden, & a dance party with DJ Trishy. Enter the kid or adult cosplay contest & you could win a badge to Emerald City Comic Con 2018. Price of ticket includes one entry to the con badge raffle. Cons & shows in attendance are: Toy and Geek Fest, Lake City Toy Show, Vancouver Toy Junkies, Anglicon, Crypticon, Seattle Retro Gaming Expo, Fantasticon, Galaxaar. Don't miss out on this awesome event to cosplay & connect with others in the con community!
  3. Please help me. This is the last book I need for this run. If you have one to sell, please let me know. thanks
  4. Here we go again.

    My goodness.
  5. When will the “comic con” bubble burst?

    This is what we have started doing in Tacoma, WA. We have held two cons already and people love them. Seller tables are just $40 and entry is $3. This allows a better selection of high dollar and low dollar comics to be sold. On our last show one seller, who had a lot of dollar books, was selling them by the arm load. I was able to land some pretty good deals on my Cochram and Byrne X-Men books for my own collection. A lot of people liked the back to basics show. We had Justin Hunt, Jason Metcalf, and some local artists. A new con, here, called Rencon, charged $30 entry and hardly anybody showed up. A lot of sellers didn't even make their booth cost back. I really didn't like Jet City, this year, as the amount of comic sellers was so small. I think I had more at my show. Here a shot of the show I cohosted. (there's another half room of sellers with this one)
  6. I have never seen this variant.

    Back cover
  7. I have never seen this variant.

    Thank you all for your help.
  8. I have never seen this variant.

    This for bid on Facebook. I can ask for back pictures,
  9. Could some one let me know about price missing? thanks
  10. It has shipped!....SHIPPED!!!

    Tell them you will pay for it on the day they ship it.
  11. Second con I cohosted, this year, yesterday.

    Thanks, but we want to build this up down here. If Jet City can get as many people as they do, we can grow this one larger than it is. We keep getting great feedback.
  12. I have a lot of family in Puerto Rico. Thanks for all the help. I am sending money to them and food to my sister who lives in Camuy.