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  1. I have been making gaming terrain again and it is doing very well for sales. Most of these are made on cd/dvd discs and are called, scatter terrain. I have had to remake some pieces as they are popular.
  2. Picked these up at a garage sale in the fair grounds. Paid $25 for all four.
  3. Just be careful of switching of comics. Where they claim that your book is not in the condition you said and they will either ask for a partial payment or a full payment and send back to you their under copy while keeping your copy. It happens.
  4. Most of my Omnibus collection. I don't pay full price for any of them. I research for the best prices. The most recent was the WBN for $37.95. Picked up the 1st Perez Wonder Woman Omnibus for my daughter for $50 at Jet City Con.