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  1. Thanks to @thunsicker for keeping the COA! That was such fun collecting, glad to see when any of my old LiWs pop up here on the board....
  2. I did not realize that CGC message boards were tied to Iowa caucuses.
  3. Just an update of the Planet Comics auction result (not my book, not my win). Sold for $5300. From November 1943, no date, no code on cover
  4. No Madballs were solid... Closest I can think of that let you put your finger in were bogglins, which I also had one of, and am keeping my eyes out for one (again the material used in making them soft and tacky led to them breaking down over time, so well preserved ones are tough..
  5. Ok here we go. Those of us who were kids in the 80s remember Mad Balls... The baseball sized monster gross things. Squishy and apt to decompose over the decades they are hard to find in great condition or MOC. They were popular enough for a short lived cartoon and even a comic book. As a kid we had a couple, but the toy I really remember was the version of madballs that was an action figure that had a trigger on the back that would shoot the head off. Now the heads were slightly soft, but mostly firm and I remember running around the house shooting my madball figures head at my brother... I've seen one or two for sale in the last year, but at steep prices (though they still seemed to sell) finally someone had one listed under $200 with an OBO so I figured what the heck and threw a low-ball offer at em (40% off), well he countered back for only $10 more so I jumped at it. The card has some stress and a bit of wear around the hook, but the bubble is secure and strong and the colors on the card and figure are AMAZING! I'm so exstatic, but now I have to find a case to fit it. Taller than a Star Wars carded figure, and deeper, so it'll take a little hunting.
  6. Based on the positioning wouldn't this look like the Porgs are pooping pez?
  7. got something waiting for me at home... cant wait to show you guys... dont think I've seen one posted here before....
  8. I bet there could be a whole thread of "books made to look low grade that are really high grade"...
  9. "This issue, #22, is the rarest of all and is sought after by many Pooh collectors" Pooh collectors.... heh
  10. I assume that's due to bigger auctions? More items auctions thus more total sales. I'd love to know if their per lot average increases as well, or if they just diplaced some auctions from ebay and brought them over to HA....
  11. should the last items be reserved for those who donated to the raffle but werent around to pick/send in list?
  12. premature picking, they've got pills for that now...
  13. So much good stuff to pick from! I'll take Prize 41: Bizarre Adventures #27 CGC SS 8.5 signed by Paul Gulacy(ship anywhere in US & Canada) - donated by Chazgee