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  1. Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Not a bad day from the mailman...
  2. ... But you can be sure they will correctly label and note in the census all 843 different "variations" (*cough* reprints *cough*) of Walking Dead #1. The difference? One (hint, not the Golden Age one) affects hundreds of submissions ($$$), the other affects maybe a few submission at most...
  3. [CLOSED] GA Slabs GGA, Bondage etc

  4. [CLOSED] GA Slabs GGA, Bondage etc

    Someone took Roger's "k"!
  5. Vault of Horror 35 4.0 $250  (can't believe I missed on all the bakers...)
  6. Is this a good or bad Stan lee sig.

    Sorry for missing your hyperbole. To me the only SS books that I've ever winced at were pedigrees that got signed since it changed the conditions of a one of a kind book. Also rare GA books that are impossible to find, werethey to be SSed I might feel the pang of loss overtime I their original condition. I see us as temporary custodians of books, so in those cases you are personally changing a book that is only yours for a while, and then no one ever again could have the book you did (at least as it was initially). I remember thinking this when someone had a GA ped book signed by Joe Simon. But an AF15? When there are plenty of available copies in grade that are not signed? Doesn't bother me. Maybe if it was a lone 9.8 that was getting signed...
  7. Is this a good or bad Stan lee sig.

    10% of AF15 11% of ASM1 11% of ASM129 Heck even NM98 is only 18% SS and that's the book I see signed more than anything (and that's usually Liefeld not Stan, though sometimes it is)
  8. Is this a good or bad Stan lee sig.

    This is always the go to line.... But can you find a KEY book in the census that has more Ss copies than universal (which still wouldn't take into account all the raw copies out there, most of which would also be unsigned). I'm thinking there's not one non-modern example out there...
  9. I'm glad I missed that Space Western! I would have been up all night wrestling with myself over it! Beautiful copy of a staggeringly tough book to find!
  10. Is this a good or bad Stan lee sig.

    I haven't seen a "thin" Stan signature in years... Yours looks good for his current fat sharpie sigs, the bad ones look more like black smudges...
  11. OFF TO eBay- 1st Appearances and Keys

    Who are you and what have you done with Rick?!?!?