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  1. Im seeing some available inventory dry up. Some books that had 5-10 copies on ebay at any given week (that always kept resurfacing in my saved search alerts) now there's only 1-2 of them. I dont know if thats people buying up these books, or people pulling books awaiting thr next buying flurry when those checks arrive.
  2. Just arrived. A mystery box from @1Cool. I sent him a picture of my bookshelves of HCs and Omnibuses and said any good read additions for my shelf were welcome and he didnt disappoint! Cracked it open and lo and behold, signed by the man!
  3. so the stock bidders determine the value of the book? Not any actual book transactions? I know some of these fractional sales companies use GoCollect and other market analytic sites... RallyRd uses the bidders?
  4. How are these valuations even remotely tied to reality? There were no gpa sales of this book between july and november so how do they justfy the 30% increase in value based on no sales?
  5. Wait. A "shareholder vote"?!?! So not knly do you have to find a buyer at your price point if you want to sell you also have to have the vote of (i assume the majority) of the other stockholders?
  6. but you dont have three books, You have some shares valued at a price that corresponds to the value of a book that you dont own. The first biggest problem I see here is in their initial valuation of these offered books. They buy a X-men 1 CGC 9.4 for $134k. They immediately release it for IP at $136,500. The "market price" for their book was set by their own purchase price, nothing else. Then they immediately boost the value $2500 in their valuation for their offer (so assuming a 100% sale of the stock they've made $2500 with NO OTHER MARKET INPUTS).Think of it like a BIN on ebay. If a
  7. In order to sell doesn't there have to be a buyer at the price you are selling? And as such, doesn't the relatively narrow audience for these type of ventures hurt it?
  8. which just helps make it a great buy. One in-universe appearance to bring Hal into the DCU and the book will skyrocket as people forget about that movie *shudder*
  9. you should frame two so you get to display both the front and the back awesomeness! Just remembered having the Battle Ram!
  10. Is that a tear on franks right knee?
  11. Please Grade me! So the obvious defect is obvious. How low does it go for the removed tape at the spine and staples used for "reinforcement" and the color loss and left behind discoloration? All attached thankfully. No brittleness. - miraclemet
  12. I just picked up an "entry level" copy today. The more I thought about it the more ridiculous I thought how cheap the book was in lower grades. I picked up what I think is a raw 2.0 or better for under a grand, and couldn't think of another silver age 1st appearance key of a headlining super hero that could be had that cheap! I mean even a DD1 will cost almost twice that in the same grade, and its from 5 years later and has FOUR TIMES the census (4400 vs 950 Blues and Yellows). Why is this book not on everyone's radar like GSX1 and FF48?
  13. The recent reveal on the relevance of Mr E in the Knull Universe (and thus the spike in Marvel Spotlight 9) wasnt tied to movie/tv but rather events in current comics... or the bump that the current volume of ASM55 is enjoying (again not movie related), but yeah most do tie to tv/movies.
  14. right, as I said plenty of comics have retained value with no modern publication reinforcement, but are you saying you'd expect to see no impact? Obviously with iconic collectibles like Action 1, they're above such influences, but what about Batman Adventures 13, or Green Arrow/Green Lantern 76, or the latest modern speculation?