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  1. There was a request for a back picture and grader notes so here are both. Also of note, the book has not been pressed. Notes: light bends to coverlight creasing to coverlight spine stress lines to coverlight staining to cover and the back shot
  2. that'll do it for the night... PM offers if you like or grab a book.
  3. 6. Space Adventure #1 VG $350 Im honestly not sure if this is my undercopy or not. I think outside of the chip out of the bottom right cover it might actually be the better one, and the back is very sharp for VG.
  4. 5. Flash Annual #1 REPRINT CGC SS 9.6 Carmine Infantino signature $200 Got another Infantino SS, so I can pass this one along.
  5. 4. Weird Tales of the Future #6 VG/VG- $400 SOLD! to OdinsSecrets ok
  6. 3. Betty & Veronica #40 CGC 6.0 (only 5 higher graded) such hotness (the book and the cover) $1400 SOLD! TO zyxzzy
  7. 2. Strange Terrors #4 CGC 4.5 "Tape on inside cover" $450 SOLD! to Markentoth
  8. 1. Rocket to the Moon #nn CGC 2.0 Cr-OW $200 Joe Orlando doing his best Wally Wood. Aliens, GGA, hot alien babe that Kirk would totally hook up with...this cover has everything
  9. Sellin' some books Rules 1. "TAKE IT" in thread or PM supercedes any ongoing negotiations. 2. No HOS, no one on probation. 3. US priority mail boxed shipping, $8 up to 3 raw, $13 up to 2 slabs. International bidders pay any additional cost. 4. No returns unless there is damage in shipping on slabs, raws can be returned at buyers cost if book is not as described. 5. Payment via PayPal, other means... Pm first.
  10. Going after a grail so I need some $$$. Gonna be listing some GA Sci-fi and maybe some GGA, some under copies (CGCed and raw) and a lovely CGCed Betty & Veronica 40 Gonna try to list tonight if I can get my butt in gear.
  11. miraclemet

    Books that I own are on Comiclink?

    just email them (check the contact us section of their webpage). they dont actively manage their exchange listings so theres lots of stuff up that is not owned by the person who listed it. its too bad, it could be a good marketplace but too many times Ive inquired about a book on the exchange where the email just goes into a black hole...