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  1. Wait does that mean if one was alive for the Church find theyll die before these books come to market?
  2. The DO count sunfading against a books grade, they DONT count printer variation against a book (so a "light roll" of color can be graded just as highly as a bold color, though obviously collectors prefer the best version of a book possible) it's along the same lines as centering... CGC doesnt hold it against a book, since that's the way it was produced (unless the variation is egregious)
  3. to me, not all marks are created equal. Some giant grease pencil mark across the cover image is WAY less tolerable than a name or code written on the edge of the cover...
  4. with the spike in values/prices on SA and newer comics, I'm expecting the same. Maybe even some selloff of SA books to fund GA purchases
  5. HOW is that top left corner acceptable for a 9.6? Maaaybe the bottom left corner is ok for a 9.6...
  6. Anyone know the span (years) of the Promise Pedigree?
  7. 5000 book collection, and we're getting what 34 books in the next auction... this pedigree is gonna be rolling out for a decade!
  8. I love that he's obviously always citing his EMMY NOMINATION, but never says WHAT he was nominated form... Im assuming he was part of a pool of illustrators for a show that won an emmy that he had almost nothing to do with...
  9. I went back and read the old 2013 thread about this comic coming out. I can only assume the "creator" is using auctions for promotion cause every single month CLINK has at least 1 copy for "auction". It never sells for the cost of slabbing as far as I've seen, so every sale is just lost money for this guy. The weird thing is I feel like these auctions have gone on for years, yet the Census only shows 24 copies on census (Signature-wise) so I assume the author/creator/seller is bidding on them and sometimes winning them and then try selling again. Will
  10. I havent read either the OP post or any comment, but the answer is yes. Regardless of the question, yes.
  11. Keep raising prices until submissions drop enough to get those TAK times down. Or keep raising prices until it generates the cashflow to hire more people. I've been sitting on a submission pile and I'm not sending it until I see turnaround times improve. (of course if it gets all the way to Baltimore time, I'll just sub them at the show for onsite grading)