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  1. so your set from from after WWI, but before WWII?!?! How old are you!!?!?!
  2. I used to go to that back in the day. I think it lacks the orgainziation to do any sort of big picture decision making... basicly if the space is available and they can sell enough tables, they'll have the show... is about as much thought as goes into it (or at least thats how it was)
  3. Just getting around to going thru July Previews and if you missed out on King's Mister Miracle Deluxe HC the first time around (it's been selling for a premium on ebay as it was OOP since it's first release back this time last year). So it's a good time to pick it up. It was a great read.
  4. good reminder, I meant to pick them up and upgrade from my old Essentials...
  5. New arrival. I've been eyeing them on eBay for a while and a Lister FINALLY dropped their price to what I thought was a good deal. I love sci-fi, and this book reminds me of the European times I read while abroad. Kaluta's art is spectacular.
  6. Hey, I dont judge, whatever Hal's into is Hal's business. (ps his safeword is "pieface")
  7. "villain"? I dont know they look pretty chummy. If that's a villain sign me up.
  8. its the US Government when they are getting frisky about Mutants. And thus the answer is the weapon they use, the Sentinels.
  9. There's an interesting documentary about the early days of the Funko company on Netflix called "Making Fun: The Story of Funko" it's interesting to see the approach of fan cultivation that they built their business model on. When you describe Lego as you do, it is certainly a head-spinning, head-scratching hobby. Since we started buying legos for our daughter I've always kept the boxes/instructions because of just what you described (despite my wife thinking im silly for doing it). Someone could write a book about the market nuances of the difference collectibles sub-groups. It'd be a very interesting read.
  10. Would you be surprised to know they've already been around for 20 years? The company founders seem to be pretty smart about maintaining their collector community base over the decades, so while they may fall out of favor with the masses, I'm betting their core base of fans will still be there.
  11. In the last two months there have been 700 sales of beanie babies at a price point of $500 or higher. Same time frame there have been 1300 sales of Funko pops. So if this is "post bubble" beanie baby prices/volume, and we're still in " pre bubble" market for Funko how are they the same?
  12. What about all those variant cover comics? How different are the limited edition Funko pops from the 1:100 variant covers that some modern comic collectors chase?
  13. The problem is that if the rule were changed it wouldn't just be there for in-good-faith comments about pricing, it would allow for not in good faith comments as well. And while most of us on here are at minimum civil and know how to behave, there are some outliers.