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  1. miraclemet

    Detective Comics #33...shift in value focus...?

    would be tough to parse out what percentage of the value is in it being the 1st issue of a title that has run for 70 years, vs the value around the issue having the first "full" Superman Origin... and then you have to consider like 'tec 33, Superman 1 is the first appearance of Jonathan and Martha Kent, who were far more consequential in Superman's life vs Batman's (dead) parents.
  2. miraclemet

    Detective Comics #33...shift in value focus...?

    seems like "origin story" books holding a premium is a thing of the past.... trying to think of a book that still holds a premium due to the presence of the origin story (assuming the 1st appearance is elsewhere and the origin story has not been told yet)
  3. miraclemet

    $10 & $15 OOP DC (Mostly Batman) HC & TPBs

    Im just sitting here eating popcorn but someone should grab that Batgirl Year 1 (I would if I didnt already have both the trade and the singles). Amazing story and even more amazing art by Marcos Martin.
  4. OK, due to the company name also just being a common word Im having trouble finding details on this with searches either here or anywhere. What's the deal with 1950s era publisher "Accepted Publications"? Were they a US reprinter? Were they they distribution for a different country? Mycomicshop has a few books from them: https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?q=&qivnotes=&pl=Accepted+Publications&minyr=&maxyr=&minyrmo=&maxyrmo=&asm=&minprc=&tpg=&ss=&ssq=&mingr=&maxgr=&ped=&TVGroupID=&TVGroupID=&TVGroupID=&TVGroupID=&TVGroupID=&TVGroupID=&diamondid= So what's their deal?
  5. miraclemet

    Dark Mysteries # 19

    wonder why this was a BIN while the other books are auctions
  6. Update: guy was totally reasonable to my PMed feedback and modified his post. thus proving that the internet is full of reasonable, level headed people.
  7. I hate intentionally misleading language when citing GPA "Listed well below All of the last several sales over the summer as this one is trending up big time!" book is listed for $475 Last GPA sales were (in order starting with most recent) $510, $510, $500 (his cutoff based on the general definition of "several") next sale the day prior $370 1. Is $25-35 "well below"? That's ~5% below the last three sales (vs the 10% that eBay takes), that's up to debate. 2. he notes "over the summer" which would be about the last 90 days, which for GPA is an average of $452, but for him he's only interested in the last 3 sales that have come in the last three days. He also said that *clears throat for all caps eBay style listing" "4 OF THE LAST 5 GPA SALES HAVE BEEN ABOVE $500!" which is actually totally incorrect, cause only 2 of the last 5 have been over 500, another two WERE 500 and then one at 370.... If you wanna use GPA cite it correctly, dont cherry pick and dont mis-state. Some people (who may not have access, or just may not fact check) make decisions in part based on the GPA info cited. And Im not even gonna get into his language pumping up a movie that has had no movement since some initial casting was announced, and it's date had not moved (Im betting SOny is holding it's "claim" on the date and will slot something else in the date once it gets closer and other distributors cant adjust to take over the release date) *gets off soap box*
  8. miraclemet

    New here and Kickstarter Question.

    No clue. Here's how I'd figure it out though if I wanted to... Look at completed sales on eBay with keyword "kickstarter", see what has sold for lots. Im seeing some Lady Death, some Grimm Fairy, and some other stuff that falls into the T&A "comix" catagory, but not much else sell for big money. Then go see if you can figure our what the donation level was to get those books in the first place and see if they were increasing in value. (The books I saw that were sold for $100-200 might have come at the donation level where they were costing $100-200 for all I know) Neither of the ones you posted seem to fall into that T&A comix catagory, so odds of them being of investment value is a longshot. For kickstarter, invest in what you love, if it happens to pop, awesome, if not well you still have a book you loved that you helped bring into the world in your small way.
  9. miraclemet

    eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    Probably just a mistake in not editing a listing they were reusing (they remembered to edit the description but not the title), or does ebay copying title if you click on the "sell one like this" button? Dont think it's an intentional deception....
  10. with GA Sci-Fi on fire how is this not gone? If I didnt have a similar grade copy I'd have bought this twice!
  11. Looking for a lowish grade Fantastic Four #3. Will pay market, not looking to lowball anyone, not looking to get fleeced. Condition Preferences All attached, preferably no tape. No rust not too faded As always good presenters preferred (does anyone was poor presenting copies!?!?!) Slabbed preferred, but I'll take raw if I know you or you have a good/long reputation behind your books.
  12. I'll take it. Nice colors
  13. Gawd dang hippie... what time is that in America!?!?!?