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  1. let's sell some g.a. peds!

    Bah! Been waiting for some sci-fi and cav swoops in!

    Ugh, missed a Space Western...
  3. Great mix of books rick!
  4. Jon Berk collection to be auctioned.

    I assume that those dealers who "flipped" books from the Berks auction, weren't so much flipping, as filling long standing want list requests from existing customers (especially those who are internet/auction averse and thus wouldnt be bidding on the CC auction themselves). We're those resold books every actually listed for sale, or did they appear on the dealers site as sold from the onset (Im betting on this). Cause otherwise I dont understand why someone would have the internet knowhow to buy a book from a dealer's online marketplace, but lack the ability to bid in an auction. Unless the buyers were buying with dealer credit (thus meaning they couldnt actually bid on a book, but could buy it from the dealer with whom they had credit). Or the buyer was offline during the auction and asked the dealer to try to win on their behalf and then paid an agreed "markup" Or any number of other scenarios... Lots of these larger dealer sites have "want list" functions, so they could have just as easily bid on books that they had multiple "wanters"for thinking they could then set the price they want and offer it to the 1 or more customers who had it on their want list. personally none of it bothers me, but it is entertaining to consider the various machinations.
  5. 5th Annual Green Eggs Grading Contest Sign Up Thread

    I'm in! Prepare to notify the moderators!
  6. Action 1 has far more "wow"factor, and is far easier to show off than a stack of high grade silver age books. If he's looking investment-wise, maybe the answer is slightly different (risk distribution and what not)
  7. Going to DC next week, any shops I should visit?

    Is the Annandale a monthly show? I'm really hoping I'm not moving into a comic book wasteland in a month!
  8. Lady In White - New Additions

    I totally forgot that I made those insert/flyers when I sold off the collection! Glad to see one still floating around 4 years later. I wasn't trying to imply a pedigree, but just commerative the act of collecting the theme. (Plus it made it a little less bittersweet as I let them go) Don't know what it was about 70s DC horror but the centering was always horrid,and finding even half way squared copies was a chore. All three of your new additions present very nicely!
  9. Going to DC next week, any shops I should visit?

    Im moving there in three weeks, if you find anything leave some for me!