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  1. Three nice older (but not too old) comics

    carrier pigeon sent (jk)
  2. Do you know what company did the binding?
  3. I love GA sci-fi. I hate EC covers (but love reading the stories in reprint). never likes the giant title cover design...
  4. CGC Planet Comics - Roshni Bonus

    someone once said to buy Fiction Houses for their color strike.... oh wait that was YOU! two great lookers, and that 9.6 looks news stand FRESH!
  5. I've already told dem I appreciated the offer, but told him to keep it, no worries. I also pm Holmes suggesting he [Close] this thread (or how ever you do it) no point in piling on dem, lessons have been learned, book is in the hands of new owner, let's move on to the next fracas!
  6. We decided on a King Solomon solution instead...
  7. dem, its yours. lets move on. everyone just treat this like those friendly threads where a buyer passes a book along to the second fastest take it as a friendly gesture.
  8. above is dems version of saying the seller can sell to whomever he wants. below is me telling the seller he can sell to whomever he wants. only Holmes can say if he felt pressure from dem, but out of worries that this was where it was headed I wanted Holmes to be able to avoid drama with dem's criticisms and objections (and thus freed him to do whatever he needed to). im a big believer in comic book karma and I figured a giving spirit towards the sellers situation was the right thing.
  9. no worries! (and i apparently dont know how screen shot to show the time of our pms!)
  10. just sharing so everyone knows Holmes is on the up and up. Im fine with however he wants to proceed.
  11. Junior 12 classic Feldstein

    Take it per pm
  12. ComicLink 2018 Show 'em if you got 'em

    Ugh totally forgot that Friday night was GA auction night.... Someone got a Space Western 43. (6.0) for a nice price ($380) considering similarly graded issues from the same little run went for over $500 at comicconnect last month... And that Captain Science 3.0 presented very nicely for the grade... *sigh* Consolation was seeing that Archie 50 (3.5) go for $1100... Since I own one in the same grade