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  1. and mobile phones with data plans are useful.
  2. Granted 90% of my orders come via USPS, but I've never had a book lost by FedEx or Ups, but Ive had several lost (and later found) with USPS, which to me points to bad asset management processes
  3. OMG, shipping charges...

    OP was this a domestic shipment?
  4. WTB HG Space Adventures

    bump causw im still looking! offering market rate or above for the right copy!
  5. A "collector" in a world of investors

    My main collecting title, Space Adventures, will never "blow up", not that I care...
  6. [CLOSED] Venus 19 CGC 4.0

  7. More Added- Shazam 28, etc

    Don't start tempting me! Great books here!!
  8. Collecting every appearance of a character

    I've been collecting appearances with Hal Jordan as Green Lantern. Granted I'm fine with Omnibuses of his early appearances, and I'm a little narrowing in only collecting stories where Hal was central to the story (otherwise I'd have a whole run of JLAs where Hal is nothing more than a sidekick).
  9. 4 Golden or Atomic Age books Nice!

    but the seller did not say he would accept "pending scan" take it's, so in theory it doesn't conform to the rules of the thread. If you wanted to get real technical, until the scans were posted it wasn't a valid sales thread (per marketplace rules) since the books had prices but no grades, descriptions or scans.
  10. Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Regarding the Strange Terrors 4, it's place in PCH is due to its odd cover artist, whose unique style only appeared on a few covers, and he only took the comic cover work out of need. WILLIAM ekgren was from Norway and only did three comic book covers that were published. Here's a bit of an article http://thecomicsdetective.blogspot.com/2010/02/who-is-william-ekgren.html
  11. Forgot about Dre, err clink

    Think that Captain Science #1 went cheap considering the white pages...
  12. PGM Spirit 22 classic GGA

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm sending it in soon, so we'll see!
  13. Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Missed one here on the boards so I hunted one down elsewhere!
  14. LOOK AT THE SMILE ON CAPS FACE as he mows down Nazis!