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  1. Thats a great looking book and a great pickup!
  2. For loadin/load out I've used something similar to this https://www.liftruck.co.uk/shop/trolleys/large-wheeled-folding-trolley.html?gclid=CPm3psTetdMCFYoaGwodAjsKRQ the handle folds down so it has a relatively low profile for putting in the van/trunk.
  3. I had the same feeling as you, probably about the same books!
  4. A few years back Sharonville sold a copy of this book on the boards and I fell in love withheld perspective of the cover shot, and the fact t thatched book was pre-assembled involvement in WWII (1940). So here we go another genre, another deviation from my "focus" Sky Blazers #2!
  5. These are some good looking pickups! Nice condition and they present well.
  6. Snagged this book from Billy. It wasn't quite the iconic Gga I was looking for, but when someone posts. WINDY city per book for a couple of bills you type take it fast and think about it later."A. Wallace" in small print up near the title, and a bit of a miscut, but it all adds to the charm. And she does have that come hither look in her eyes....
  7. For s solid 3-4 years I collected two things only. GA sci-fi and Okajima pedigrees. Luckily for my pocketbook neither came up often or in prices I liked, so I slowly built my collection. But then last year, with a new job I decided I was tired of being on the sidelines for so many other books, so I broke my restrictions and started buying books I thought were good buys, nice covers or just plain cool. First up was this vampire cover on Mystic 17 that I found here on the boards. A "PCH" for my collection, and I was off and running.
  8. if those boxes are full of runs or bulks of titles, your best bet is to group them by title and or run. Then list them on ebay in auction with an opening price around $0.50/book for less popular titles, $0.75-$1/book for more popular titles. I usually do $10 auctions for 12-15 books in a run/lot.
  9. Im sure some would, but the fact that doing so would require more intervention than just the autorelist function would probably limit the number of sellers who use the "trick" and even then it would still parse out a ton of listings that never get adjusted (I follow one item that has had it's price adjusted every time it is relisted, down $20, up $15, $down $50, up $70, never gets to my "buy it" price, but it does keep me paying attention, and the guy has to actually do something.