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  1. Agreed I totally whiffed on being online for the auction closes and missed on a few deals. Also that FF #3 went for well below GPA
  2. 3pm Pacific, minus daylight savings, carry the one.... Solve for x.... If both trains leave the station at the same time... I'm gonna need another pencil.
  3. Are you referring to the glue that holds the bubble to the card?
  4. Ok this idea has not fully baked yet, so it's only half baked, but what would people think about a Heroes Initiative branded yellow (SS) label? When you are getting a book signed by a creator who is currently giving his/her signing fee to (or in part to) the Heroes Initiative you could also request a special Heroes Initiative Label (just like now you can get the special character labels) But in this case, part (or maybe all? what do you say CGC?) of the label up-charge would go to the Hero Initiative. So in the end you'd have a sketch or signature slab with the special label showing that it was created in part to benefit the Heroes Initiative. (you could also just opt for the regular yellow label if you didn't want to contribute to the Heroes Initiative) tell me how this isnt a good idea?!?!
  5. I like option 4 but really anything other than option two...
  6. Not as hard as SDCC for tickets. Weekend tickets might sellout before the show, but I'm pretty sure you could buy one day tickets at walkup. Hotels close to the convention center do need to be booked well I'm advance I believe. Still not as crazy as SDCC.
  7. great books! I remember perusing a few of them this weekend! Someone had a nice VG- set of GI Janes that I think I went back and looked at 12 times during the show.... seems like something in your wheelhouse!
  8. Another great year, would love to hear from the dealers if they felt sales were up or down from last year. Im a GA collector and all I'll say was this show was the BEST for raw GA that I've been to in years. I could have spent 3 days going through the GA dealer stock. So much great stuff in the $200-600 range, which often is not there (it's bad when it's $10k books on the wall and animal books in the boxes). Multiple dealers said they had new GA collections on the wall and in boxes. The CGC Sunday 5pm pickup line was worse this year than last. Maybe because they weren't letting submitters know when their books were ready so EVERYONE went at 5pm. Last year my submission status got updated when the books were graded and I went and picked them up, this time it seemed like no one got notified that their books were ready so everyone was there at 5. I submitted books in the first hour on Friday and another submission at 5pm on Friday, and both are still in Grading/Quality Control status... last year they actually updated when they were graded. Everyone I talked to said the same thing (which was an echo from last year and the year before) BCC is a comic book show first and foremost and the dealers love it. The few "celebs" that are there are typically smaller potatoes and are relegated to the side of the show. The dealers love that there's less emphasis on cosplay and such too. As far as costs go, it's still an affordable con. 1 day tickets were $30, parking was $20 for the day within a block of the convention center. Saturday had the down-side of being the same time as the Baltimore Marathon, not sure how that affected people (I went Friday and Sunday). It rained cats and dogs on Sunday, which Im sure made load out lots of fun... Its a very kid friendly con. Artists engaged my daughter, there were multiple kid-centric activities going on each day, and I saw many dealers who were happy to chat up the kids about comics (including one fun explanation about how Mr Fantastic was a ripoff of Plastic Man, not the other way around as the kid proposed)
  9. Some onsite subs from Baltimore. Grading was spot on with expectations. 3rd highest, Siamese pages. New 2nd highest behind an 8.0 Mexican edition of Blue Bolt 105, only way I'm affording this classic cover. Not as nice as.my old copy, but a decent replacement now that prices have blown up (moisture on right side kept it down) One of my favorite covers, nicer cover except for the chunk out of the right side. Only problem was my Man o Mars had some errant plastic sealed with it.
  10. The woman in the red blazer was working hard, especially on Friday. She did a great job, don't know her name but she was doing a great job dealing with all of us crazies...
  11. From onsite grading at Baltimore this weekend. First up 3rd highest grade, Siamese pages. Next 2nd highest behind an 8.0. Maybe I'll crack and press once I see the grader notes. I'll never own a Blue Bolt 105, this was a (relatively) more affordable alternative of a great cover. Not as nice as the 7.5 I sold years ago (what was I thinking?!) Some water damage on the right side brings it down. Finally my 2nd favorite cover from the series. Piece out of the cover brought it down. Only problem was upon inspection found this inside the Man O'Mars slab. Looks like it'll have to go back. Don't want it scratching the cover.
  12. A pickup from Baltimore today. Having it graded, should end up high in the census (no hard considering top is an 8.0)
  13. As I was flipping through slabs at the con it made it super easy to notice the pedigree books.