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  1. Im honestly unclear about the heritage offer thing. I would have figured the default "offer" amount would have been based on the original sale price (which was $1560 last year)... I wonder how they get to $2028? Maybe they have some inflation calculation? I assumed the $2028 came from someone making the offer of $2028 and the owner declined it so HA thought "well if anyone else is going to make an offer it probably should be more than the declined amount"... would love to know where it gets determined. Good to know about the other 7.0, I missed that one last month!
  2. Did @RICK STARR offer to do this? Did he offer to pay @thewritestuff whatever he made in the future off the book (assuming it continues to go up in value, which it seems destined to since the owner of the Heritage sold 6.0 copy has turned down an offer of $2033 via Heritage's "make an offer" platform. On an unrelated topic, a CGC 7.5 copy of BB113 is going to be in auction this week on Heritage. Wonder what it will sell for, and if it will affect the market value of @RICK STARR's CGC 7.0 that he decided not to sell...
  3. Also being on the probation list does not make someone ineligible to buy from or sell to. It doesn't mean they cant list books. Most people who sell have something like "No HOS/PL people are eligible" in their sales thread. But they dont HAVE to have that as a rule. The PL IS a way for people to know when someone has acted outside of the conventions of the board marketplace. And in this case RICK STARR has done just that, and other party involved in the transaction has nominated him to the PL as a way to both inform others, and hold him accountable to the standards of the board. People can choose to do other things besides the conventional practices (as @Foolkiller described, one can choose to release people from their obligations, with no desire to put them on the PL, but that is the exception rather than the rule). One of the big problems on the Facebook marketplace, and the Facebook selling groups is that there is a LOT of not following thru with an agreement, by comparison to here where there is virtually no problem with it. In the CGC marketplace if someone says "take it", 99 times out of 100 you have a sale (or more). On Facebook a "take it" is FAR less of a sure thing (on either side buyer OR seller). Do we really want to head in the direction of Facebook when it comes to the marketplace?
  4. The seller has literally said he changed his mind, in his PMs posted here. The slow mail only gave him the time to stew on it enough to act on his reaction. Also couldn't the lack of seller input on the topic be because he knows he has no leg to stand on, so what position could he argue?
  5. Lots of people still use carbon copy check books.... I assume thats what he meant.
  6. @G G ® of all the facts of this thread THIS is the part you have a problem with? How about the fact that the seller has explicitly said hes changed his mind about selling the book? Isn't that where the main problem lies? @thewritestuff I'd have no problem selling to you in the future
  7. I unfortunately had this same thought... If it was me I'd resend the check priority mail with sig verification. And which ever one gets there second, stop payment on it, or just trust rhayt Rick will rip it up.
  8. Its not, but then neither is a check (granted you can stop payment on a check), which I think was the point.
  9. Until the issue is resolved (ie book is sent) or the wronged party decides to release the offender from the PL. The difference being there is no path off the HOS, and the HOS doesn't require any individual to be wronged, it can just be the community at large.
  10. @thewritestuff from your perspective is there any other way that @RICK STARR can "make you whole"? (knowing that the best solution is that he just sends you the book once your check arrives) Offer you a different book/s worth the value of the BB113? Pay you in the future what ever the book increases in value above the $1900 you were to have paid for it (essentially meaning he gets his $1900 whenever in the future when he sells it, and you get what ever he makes over the $1900 value that is "frozen" at due to the failure to complete the transaction)? Refund your money (or just tear up your check) with a penalty? (Like an inverse restocking fee?) (caveat: None of these a GOOD ideas, just trying to think of other routes for the buyer to get made whole in some way, that de-incentivizes sellers in the future from reneging on agreed upon transactions)
  11. Seems like we're in a "B" situation here. Conditions of the transaction (assuming that the check was sent, and does eventually show up within a reasonable time, which may be more than 30 days since we're on COVID time at the moment) are not being met. The path off the PL is pretty simple. Send the book to complete the transaction. I'm not sure what other path is possible in this situation. If RICK can find another copy of the book in the same grade and proctor a $1900 transaction for it, I suppose that would also work.
  12. well in this case "usual rules" Means 30 days to complete transactions... so it hurts Rick's case in this situation.
  13. I'd also suggest this isn't the way to deal with this topic/issue. So far I think you've been given plenty of benefit of the doubt, 1/2 an answer and a declaration of being done talking about this before you've even started doesn't help the way things look.
  14. isn't timely payment 30 days unless othewise stated? (I know we all do better than this, but...) per the probation rules... 1) 30 Day Rule a) If a transaction between board members is not completed within 30 days, the offended party may submit the offender's name for inclusion to the HOS/Probation List (hereafter called the PL) Sounds like Rick can nominate the buyer for the PL if the check doesnt arrive within 30 days, of course the recourse is to send another check (or pay via another acceptable method) One thing I dont see is if the seller can void the transaction (wihch I assume @RICK STARR would want to do) if the 30 day rule is not met... I'd suggest that the seller send a replacement check in 2-3 day mail so that it can be tracked AND assure it arrives within the 30 day requirement.