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  1. miraclemet

    Who's Who and Marvel Handbook

    The style DC used for the Who's Who pages were always overlays of multiple images, so the Wraith example is probably what they all were like. By comparison the OHotMU (Oh-Hot-Moo, as it is colloquially pronounced) were usually stand alone images for their index. So the OA is far cleaner. I see OHOTMU pages far more often than DC pages, but there were more OHOTMU issues than Who's Who issues... and maybe Marvels artist agreements (to be able to keep their own pages for later sale) was better and thus there are more in the market.
  2. Random thought popped into my brain on this topic that I hadn't heard about before... Do any publishers require their artists to create digitally? I know one could always scan a penciled page thus making the art (in its most basic sense) "digital" but I wonder if there is some process benefit to the publisher (or any of the down stream publishing steps) to have the creation originate in a digital format (maybe if there are needs for future edit/manipulation?)?
  3. Someone's taking an all caps moderator shout out approach to his sales thread...
  4. miraclemet

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    Has your situation changes drastically from what it was on the old boards? Cause my recollection was you couldnt afford much... (I do hope it has changed for the better, but didnt really have any expectations that it was going to change significantly enough to be able to afford to lose money on crypto currency.
  5. miraclemet

    Am I the only one

    Was just going to say this. Im fine with the books I sold that are now worth 4-5x more and I cant afford them. Im NOT fine with the books that I sold that are now worth 4-5x that I cant afford AND WANT TO REBUY! Seriously, Im never gonna own a mid-grade Strange Worlds 4, and I regret selling my 6.5 every day. And dont even get me started on my 7.5 Captain Science....
  6. Yup. ! Almost impossible to "quote" and take and I cant bother trying to cut and paste... and then it's always the question of do I just post my "takes" once I see something, or do I go thru the whole list first? And nothing worse than making it to the end of the list just to see someones already taken the stuff you were about to take.
  7. I dont care about the price. Its your book, you set the price. What ya did was first say "no returns" and then "Im not gonna give you a good scan or picture" leaving the buyers to have to put faith in your grading reputation..... ....and you just joined the boards on Monday. if ur gonna say no returns, there should be air tight scans and descriptions. If you arent gonna bothrr to show the books clearly, then you should allow returns at no cost to the seller.
  8. I saw that and though "oh this guy is posting a ton of books in the sales thread" nope. Just one book.
  9. 4 hours later I just got the pun in the title....
  10. miraclemet

    Grail Question

    Two thoughts. 1. A back cover might have better resale value down the road with someone looking to marry a book that only has a front cover (or they have a front cover to marry to an interior but no back cover). 2. Neither, and I save my money for an interior page that comes from the key story. Dont let the desire to check the box of having part of your grail cloud the goal...
  11. maybe before you start buying books you try to understand the rules. and yes this board "makes a big deal" out of people standing by their agreement to buy a book... just like we make a big deal out of sellers fulfilling their sales obligations.
  12. take fantastic four (1). mike weiringo art (signed by mike weiringo, mark waid, richard isanove) $10 beat me to it...