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  1. Wow! 7 years living on the marketplace board and this is the first time Ive seen this book offered. wow.
  2. Started a journal on one topic... then thought I'd start a journal on a different topic (since it would make no sense to have the two topics in the same journal. But can I create a second journal? Or is it one per customer because it is tied to UserID?
  3. miraclemet


    :O those colors!
  4. miraclemet

    ALL I DO IS WIN! Post your eBay wins here

    Won a group of Hardcovers from a guy who had listed and relisted them a few times, but had crazy shipping listed ($20 for priority mail) at almost the cost of the opening bid for the books, which was why no one was bidding on them. I contacted him and said they were media mail eligible and asked if he would be willing to ship them that way and charge me that price (like $10 due to weight). He said sure and so I threw in an opening bid and no one put in a second bid. Got a nice stack of oversized hardcovers for less than $10 a book (which is always my goal) Of course it helped that he never changed his listing to offer media mail and it still showed the crazy shipping costs...
  5. miraclemet

    Are trades and hardcover reprints "collectible?"

    I have collected "collected editions" for as long as I've been back in the hobby (2008). I like reading complete stories all in one book rather than having a pile of floppies to unbag, read, rebag and then work thru the separate issues. As others have said there is a niche secondary market for these collected editions due to them in some cases being limied in their print run, and then going out of print. Going OOP (out of print) is more common with Marvel than DC, but it happens with both. As someone else said, the risk with collecting these books is that a publisher can, at any point, go back to print and your OOP book is now readily available for far less than what your version was worth when there was not availability. I remember this happening back in 2009 or 2010. Marvels Omnibus line had quite a few titles that had gone OOP and were selling for 2x-3x their cover price (and you have to remember that often when people pre-order these books they are getting them for 30-50% off cover price, so it's more like 5-6x what they originally paid). Marvel decided to do a new printing of them, and there was a rush in the market of people who were collecting for value to try to unload their copy (that they had likely bought at "collectible" prices after it went OOP). Some of those volumes have again gone OOP (the Thor one comes to mind), while others are still in print (ASM). Again, DC and Marvel are different. Many of the "Absolute" editions like Watchmen and such are still easy to find because DC keeps them in print. I actually sold 90% of my CE collection when I moved to Europe, and now that Im back in the states I've been working on rebuying much of my library. Some volumes that I sold (here or on eBay) are now worth 5-10x what I sold them for (because they went out of print in the subsequent years). I've told myself that I'll never pay "collectible" prices for any of these books, becuase they can so easily plummet with a publisher announcement, so I just have to let the idea of a few of them go. Something else that gets considered within the CE niche is production quality. Earlier prints of some Omnibuses are more valuable due to better production quality (more binding stitching, less glue) leading to one edition being valued over another. Sometimes it's even the printing quality of the pages (some books have over/under saturated colors and are less desirable to the collector than other editions). Again, its a super small niche section of the hobby, but there's a passion among us that keeps it interesting and competitive. It's not unlike say when people were collecting price variants before everyone decided on the valuation of those price variants, or Whitmans... its niche enough that you find treasures from time to time because people don't necessarily know the "value", but wide enough that there's still competition and community out there. And dont even get me into the niche of binding your own comics to make your own collected editions.... that's a whole different can of worms! Here's an old picture of my bookshelves.
  6. miraclemet

    Are trades and hardcover reprints "collectible?"

    agreed. I call TPBs and Hard covers that collect runs of issues for an overarching story "collected editions" graphic novels are something else (books that are conceived as a single tome and are issued as that single tome)
  7. miraclemet


  8. I love "ALL BOOKS ARE CHECKED FOR RESTORATION" and " Reader copies are not checked for restoration" all within 10 lines of each other.
  9. remember some guys on a comic podcast who had been loving and supporting the series and the creators from issue one were trying to decidw.if they should sell the OA they had from the first issue (including the cover), they were getting high 4 figure offers...wonder what they ended up doing...
  10. miraclemet

    USPS drops the ball

    with all the automated sorting routing problems like this happen all the time. scanner on a shute reads a bar code wrong and off they go to a different hub.
  11. miraclemet

    USPS drops the ball

    they found it. it had not actually gone out for delivery. i asked then how it was signed for and how they were able to show me a signature confirmation, and they couldnt answer that and just hemmed and hawed... do i got my book, but have zero faith in the local post office
  12. miraclemet

    Okajima pedigree

    great book and great cover subject matter! Captain Midnight "3R" 5-24-44
  13. miraclemet

    [CLOSED] Culling the GA herd

    Take it per pm
  14. miraclemet

    Okajima Adventure Comics #91 on Clink

    guess the market decided this was one of the "Mid-grade camp era books: 5-7x market for non-ped copy" congrats to the buyer!