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  1. But using your framing the queation would be is it better to date a 9 or a pair of 7s? Both scenarios have their advantages...
  2. Can't read the notes... What do they say? Color touch to cover Pieces added to cover Cover detached, tape on cover, interior. Missing centerfold Did I miss anything?
  3. Wow that Archie 50 is going to be a Mylar All-Star for someone. Can't find a copy of Archie 50 that presents so well for that price anywhere!
  4. Beautiful copy of the #1. Imoressed yiu had the willpower to wait for just the right book. I would have just taken the first 4.0 home from the bar that gave me a second look.
  5. I put one wishful bid in at 2x Overstreet, but that didn't last long... This one checks All the boxes. Camp? Yep War subject? Yep Superhero? Yep Racial stereotype drawing of Japanese soldiers? Yep Heck it's even got bondage/ torture thrown in for good measure! Hmm maybe another bid...
  6. Currently over $2k (after Ha premium) and we still have live bidding to go. Already 2x market and more... Image for posterity...
  7. Well I missed on another FF213 because of my non-standard location... If I didnt have a job I'd just shift my sleep schedule so I could be awake when the boards are most active... Speaking of things I missed on, CC had a big batch of Space Adventures listings a few auctions ago, and I wanted to document some of the crazy realized prices. I was really surprised at the high prices, especially for less than stellar gades. The one book #32 was both high grade (9.4) and a pedigree, and went for even more than I expected (considering I knew what I'd paid for other similar 9.4 and 9.6 pedgree SA books). Less than a month later I paid less for an old label 9.4 bethlehem copy of issue #17. So lower number issue, for less money! Im still scratching my head over the results of the ComicConnect auction...
  8. That's Space Adventures 36 (if it's from the US).... Is it a foreign edition?
  9. This is a good approach. DO USE completed eBay sales (especially auctions), but if you see an outlier, look at the listing. Condition matters, and undergraded books go for more than their listed grade, and overgraded books go for less. GPA (https://www.gpanalysis.com/) which tracks completed sales/auctions from a wide range of outlets (including eBay) but limits their scope to CGCed books. Heritage Auctions has a long history and good search engine if you are looking for big key books. Watch the auction houses that dont list with GPA (Comiclink and ComicConnect) and track books you are interested in to see what they go for compared to what you thought they would go for. our marketplace (use the search engine and see what books have had takers and at what price) Dont Use Overstreet for actual price expectations (it's a good overview, and gives some relative value assessment, but OPG has it's blind spots, and its overvalued spots (where the market has dropped, but the guide hasnt caught up) eBay listings (Im talking about Buy It Now listings) many of them are over inflated asking prices, and have sat for years.... Mile High Comics. Just dont. In general be leery of asking prices, and accepting of selling prices...
  10. Welcome to the hobby! This is the golden age comics subforum, so we talk 40s and 50s comics here. You will get responses and a better audience in the silver age subforum here... https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/forum/15-silver-age-comic-books/ Have fun!
  11. I sometimes toy with the "scare them off strategy".... Gets rid of the lookie-loos and the looking for a bargain bids by getting the price up to near market fast and then all you are competing with are the bidders willing to go all in.
  12. Also Gga collectors don't have a ton of targets...
  13. I think of the second one but then again I am a kid of the 80s and that's the one that was shown during 80s events like Marvel Super Hero Secret War... What era is your requester from? that might inform what he's expecting...
  14. Bidding opens today for the first part of the collection... Is there enough money in the hobby to eat up all of these amazing books at full market prices?