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  2. There are 161 issues and 3 Annuals . I am Missing the last couple It goes up to issue 133 due to the Strange Tales in the run this is a great resource
  3. Just discovered your thread Great Books!! I am barely on here anymore but keep posting and I will be hanging around more
  4. I collect La Prensa as well. I am down to 28 issues to have the complete FF run. I pick up others as well but my focus is FF and westerns
  5. I sold a lot of my Westerns years ago sadly, but I have been rebuilding my collection steadily since I started in Foreign. I just Picked up this KCO 102 which I remember seeing or having years ago as the star stands out. Anyway, this is a side by side with La Prensa's Flecha Veloz 90 which came out less than a month apart. Indica in U.S. is January 1962 and the Mexican is February 15 1962.
  6. It's great to see someone else appreciate these great books. Pictures don't do them justice you have to have them in hand to really to fully experience how wonderful they are.
  7. That is pretty cool book. Great to know may need to see what I can turn up.
  8. I don't know. There are quite a few people who will see it as just a reprint. When its actually its the first Mexican/ Spanish edition of Action 1 (Superman story) even though its spread across issues. What is nice is while I consider these as extremely important books and rare they tend to be very affordable.
  9. I am hunting for them, but with this being one of two known copies of this issue it may be a while
  10. Yeah these were true throw away books, Plus when you consider the environmental conditions are much harsher, economic factors of the country and the social aspects ( people really didn't collect like in the U.S.) Its kind of a miracle any survived.
  11. I wasn't sure where to put this and I really don't post here that much let alone the GA section. I want to share something of historical importance and extremely and I do mean extremely rare. Paquito 255. This issue came out August 15th 1938 . About 3 months after Action 1 in the U.S. So this book was on the stand at the same time of Action 3 or 4. The back cover contains Action 1 page 3 . Printed in Mexico and the entire book is newsprint. It was a weekly series that broke up Action 1 so each week you got a page. This is an anthology book that has continuing stories from various characters including some Mexican original material. The Action 1 story in this comic is unknown even my many collectors in Mexico its so rare. I figured you guys may get a kick out of seeing it. It would be something to be able to find each issue for the complete story. I find it historical in the Fact a Mexican comic may very well contain the 3rd or 4th appearance of Superman in comics even though its a Spanish edition of the Action 1 story.
  12. Well I had to sell my old Los 4 Fantastic 1 I showed on here to buy this . Its quite the upgrade. Its in near unheard of grade for this book. The fact that there are less than 25 known copies and to find this one. Its a keeper. My scanner sucks so sorry for the weirdness.
  13. Another side by side. Today is Fantastic Four 89 and Los 4 Fantasticos 116. A bright fun action packed cover featuring the Mole Man. I am showing the Pence as its same as the U.S. This one actually surprised me of all the differences. I love them both. Beyond the La Prensa layout there are "7" art differences between the two. This is not including coloring. The finer inks etc.1. La Prensa has a shadow for Reed. 2. U.S. has a broken picture by Reed. 3. The telephone in the corner of the U.S. is a box in the La Prensa. 4 . There is a object being smashed at Thing's hand. 5. The lamp to the right is plugged into wall in the U.S. copy. 6. There are extra shards by the Thing. (Knowing that the La Prensa was likely the original concept we now know where the shard in front of theThing is from). 7. There in a pen set on the desk of the U.S.
  14. Joe Some/ very few can be found on ebay. Most are bought and sold privately through building connections with people in various countries. My friends on Facebook look like I belong to the United Nations
  15. it can vary Los 4 Fantasticos 1 was released 9/1962. Some titles the same month to a few months apart.