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  1. Well I had to sell my old Los 4 Fantastic 1 I showed on here to buy this . Its quite the upgrade. Its in near unheard of grade for this book. The fact that there are less than 25 known copies and to find this one. Its a keeper. My scanner sucks so sorry for the weirdness.
  2. Another side by side. Today is Fantastic Four 89 and Los 4 Fantasticos 116. A bright fun action packed cover featuring the Mole Man. I am showing the Pence as its same as the U.S. This one actually surprised me of all the differences. I love them both. Beyond the La Prensa layout there are "7" art differences between the two. This is not including coloring. The finer inks etc.1. La Prensa has a shadow for Reed. 2. U.S. has a broken picture by Reed. 3. The telephone in the corner of the U.S. is a box in the La Prensa. 4 . There is a object being smashed at Thing's hand. 5. The lamp to the right is plugged into wall in the U.S. copy. 6. There are extra shards by the Thing. (Knowing that the La Prensa was likely the original concept we now know where the shard in front of theThing is from). 7. There in a pen set on the desk of the U.S.
  3. Joe Some/ very few can be found on ebay. Most are bought and sold privately through building connections with people in various countries. My friends on Facebook look like I belong to the United Nations
  4. it can vary Los 4 Fantasticos 1 was released 9/1962. Some titles the same month to a few months apart.
  5. Wanted to do a side by side so you can clearly see the editorial changes made to Kirby's original art on the U,S, edition. I Assume they thought the debris and Monster shadow added to much clutter.
  6. Hi Joe, Its the same reason I collect U.S. books they are cool. Some consider these reprints , but the really are not. They are the 1st printing/ editions for the Spanish/ Mexican Market. A lot have the original cover art prior to editorial changes on the U.S. editions. The Foreign book market is starting to get bigger and bigger here in the U.S as people realize how special these are. Just like FF 1 introduced the Marvel Universe to the U.S. this Introduced it to the Spanish speaking world. They are a piece of history. There is only a few months difference in release dates and that is because Marvel didn't want cross over competition in markets that bordered each other. for the same material. I also love the hunt. There are only about 12 known copies of this FF 1 and an estimated 100 to exist. So part of the fun is the challenge as well. I have started to learn Spanish and have made friends in various parts of the world tracking down books. This has introduced me to more cultures and dig deep to build relationships I would have never done just with U.S. books. I talk to guys in Venezuela buying books learning about their hardships not having electricity postal strikes etc. That FF 4 is rarer than the #1 . In no way do I consider them as valuable as U.S. copies although some do command higher prices. If I have the money I can complete the entire U.S. run again in weeks where as no matter how much money it takes years for these. I can ramble on for hours explaining various aspects of collecting these. In the end you have to hold one of these in hand and flip through it. Once you do you will realize how cool they are.
  7. There is one other American that I know of that has a better collection than mine his collection is in the 80's. He has been tracking these down for years longer than me and actually helped with connections and networking outside of the U.S. to track these down. We know of possibly 3 collectors in Mexico that have the full run. Its near impossible to complete the run whether you are in the U.S. or Mexico as the culture wasn't preserving / saving these books like the U.S. and with the harsher environmental conditions etc. , they just didn't survive.
  8. So here is my group shot of the first 20 I own. I am missing/ hunting for 6 and 7. The 4 and five are flipped. I added a couple others to fill in the gap I did a count and have 76 issues of the 161 + 3 annual run.
  9. Here is the last one I got from this collection FF 9. I will put together a group shot in coming days . As well as posting some westerns I got from this as well in the other thread.
  10. I got my other two Los 4 Fantasticos in. To go with Steviehuv66 beautiful 14. Here is the 14 with a side by side comparison with my U.K. copy. This illustrates how much art has been cut from these great books. Sue can be seen much better.
  11. I have 9 and 14 coming in next week from this same collection. Once I get them I will take a group shot. I am just missing 6 and 7 from the first 20 issues. It took a lot of help from various collectors who have connections all over the world.
  12. 2 is pretty common which I have I just picked up 3 which is the first copy I have ever seen. I have seen a 1-2 copies of issue 1. My 3 is in this picture from the books I bought from the collection as a lot
  13. I mainly am focusing on FF and Kirby Westerns. I do have other keys Like DD 1-3 etc, Avengers 1 Captain America 100 and more I have a few hundred foreign books at this point. There are several grails FF 1 which I have is probably the most expensive and most sought after Mexican Marvel, 5 is a huge Key and issues 4 and 7 are the rarest with 4 being extremely sought after this is the first copy to surface in years