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  1. I miss him every day. Tough coming home after a long day to an empty house. You people are all incredible. Thank you for your generosity, friendship toward my husband and now me and your sense of community.
  2. That's a lovely picture Dorothy, thanks so much for sharing, it's been nice to meet you, but I'm so sorry that your terrible loss was what caused you to come here. The other people helping were comicartfan,Larryw7 and w very new member who volunteered Pedro1974.5. We were all happy to help, but I know that none of us, could have done the packing and listing that Junkdrawer took care of. He's simply amazing. These are always a group effort, they are impossible without the forum members joining in. If we didn't have such wonderful caring people buying and donating, I'd be sitting and staring at an empty spreadsheet. So, as always it's the forum together that accomplishes what none of us alone could do. the balance is now $24k + a little, I expect the total to be about $27k by the time all the donations are paid. Please do drop by and say hi if you can. Sharon Thank you Larryw7, comicartfan, and Pedro1974.5. . . . . You make a great team.
  3. Thank you for letting us do what we could. You'll always be welcome here as that goes without saying. Thank you very much. I am honored.
  4. Hello Hector. I was Greg's short order cook, maid, bellboy, sounding board, and his "rock" as he liked to call me.
  5. Hello Everyone, It looks like things are winding down in this incredible charity thread you all put together. I wanted to thank everyone involved, the generous members who bought books from me and Greg and the other members on the board; skypinkblu (a.k.a. Sharon) for handling everything and the thousands of details that went along with it and her partners in crime (cbk) and Junkdrawer. Im sure there were many others, but I'm afraid to look too far back into the thread to collect all the other names, I'm afraid I'll lose my place here. I have to tell you, when the E.R. doctor sat me down to tell me that my husband was killed in a car accident, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Greg meant the absolute world to me. I would rush home from work because I just couldn't wait to see him. I work 12 hour shifts and sometimes it seems like an eternity. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!! I know Greg will find some comfort knowing that you all had his back and took good care of me when he couldn't. You have all done me a huge favor in running this charity and I will never forget it. You saved me. Just one more thing before I close, please remember to hug and kiss your wives, husbands, lovers, significant others and children. You just never know when they will be taken from you. Here is a picture of Greg and me on the happiest day of our lives together. Now you can put faces with names. I think it's going to come out as a link. Godspeed. Love, Greg and Dorothy
  6. Greg was a huge Scooby Doo fan. I can't part with it right now. Too painful. D ..... smart move, D......... it will only continue to mean more to you as time goes on. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus) (thumbs u Thank you, jimbo
  7. My hero Aren't you wonderful . . . . . I can't say enough good things about this experience. You are all truly amazing. You have an incredible community here at the Collector's Society.
  8. Such a big loss when someone young dies so unexpectedly. No way to prepare for the emotional fallout. He will be missed for a long time. He played such a large role in everyone's life. Thank you for the nice memory in your post. Dorothy & Greg