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  1. The Black Hand ®


    Thanks for all your great posts!
  2. There's a lot of great Anime out there if you're discerning. Samurai Champloo Aria the Animation A Blast of Tempest Death Note Rurouni Kenshin Moribito Sword Art Online Lupin The Third
  3. The Black Hand ®

    Question about MANGA

    Aria the Animation. Aria The Natural and Aria The Origination. For the whole family. Sweet, beautiful slice of life/science fiction series. Very uplifting .
  4. Just got back from seeing and it was fun. Enjoyed it.
  5. The Black Hand ®

    Zip A Dee Doo Dah....MLJ Zip comics 8-35 finished!

    I always loved 35's white cover by Montana.
  6. I had high hopes but the first half didn't work for me and it wasn't until the second half that it took off and there's good reasons for that. Sometimes you just can't go back.
  7. Man was I disappointed in this movie. All I could think about was recasting the two leads, the guy especially. This film could have used Dominic Cooper and Emily Blunt or any other combination of fine British actors. There's plenty of them out there. That would have saved this visually stunning film.
  8. I just got back from watching Wonder Woman. Great film! Gal Gadot is a wonderful Wonder Woman and Chris Pine a fine Steve Trevor. The supporting cast is top notch and it's good to see DC really get it's footing again. The only decent DC film in the past couple of years other than WW was Suicide Squad. ... IMO.
  9. The Black Hand ®


    Saw it yesterday and liked it almost as much as the first. I don't really try and compare sequels too much and just look at them as continuations of the first film. One thing that bothered me were the previews for upcoming Marvel movies. Every one looked like they were jumping the shark.
  10. The Black Hand ®

    IRON FIST on Netflix

    I just started watching Iron Fist and really like it. I have no problems with it at this point. On the other hand, Luke Cage and Jessica what's her name lost me early on. Self indulgent baloney.
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  12. The Black Hand ®

    Golden Age Collection

    I agree. Best thread ever.
  13. The Black Hand ®

    Is anything well made anymore?