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  1. I just started watching Iron Fist and really like it. I have no problems with it at this point. On the other hand, Luke Cage and Jessica what's her name lost me early on. Self indulgent baloney.
  2. Shield is unable to get on. He no longer has the same email he registered with. He asked me to mention this.
  3. Timely can't seem to get on the new boards. Profile for Timely Member #: 1323 Title: TOTAL NEWBIE Total Posts: 8650 Registered on: Thu Jul 10 2003 04:35 PM
  4. Now if I could only get rid of the A with the squigly mark above it that comes after my screen name and before my trademark.
  5. If I'm the only one complaining about then it could just be me. Have there been other similar complaints? Looking at it now the white seems more muted. I'll keep checking on it.
  6. Can the white be a more muted white? It's blinding me.
  7. Help.......
  8. I agree. Best thread ever.
  9. This
  10. Love those Montana covers! Pretty copy.
  11. Mature adults!
  12. I enjoy making Tapioca now that I've been neutered.
  13. I think you're out after strike 3. Island of Lost Toys? Or The Cornfield.