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  1. Comics starring characters with comic strip origins seem typically worth little compared to those with characters created specifically for comic books.  The Phantom being another example, there are probably dozens more.

  2. 3 hours ago, entalmighty1 said:

    This x 11ty billion.

    You see a thread with dozens of pages and hundreds of replies, with zero hurt feelings, no hackles up, and everybody enjoying themselves discussing books they think are cool.

    What's wrong with just minding your business and moving on?

    No issues with the content of the threads at all.  I enjoy reading them too.

  3. A few thoughts: The book will turn up, and if it does, seller owes buyer the completion of this transaction.

    If this is not a PL-worthy situation, what is?  Because anyone could simply claim loss of book.

    When seller lists book, he advertises that it is for sale and it can be produced upon sale.  “Losing it” is not an excuse, even if it really happened.

    How does he get off PL?  He does not.  Seller should not be allowed to sell on the boards again.

  4. One of the most common mistakes old school raw graders make I think is not to mark down enough for things like non-color breaking stresses / dings and surface dirt.  If you have the books dry cleaned and pressed they may well come back with your pre-assessed grade or better.  IMHO you should accept the advice of the stalwarts here and adapt to the times and learn how to mix CGC into your business.

  5. 7 hours ago, ExNihilo said:

    And even then, what happens in 10 years when the memory of the movie has long faded or been eclipsed by something else?

    what happens in 1000 years when the memory of Spider-Man has long faded or been eclipsed by something else?

  6. We all know what kind of list the OP wants to make.

    My feedback is, I would not consider every issue of a run to be on that list.  X-23 #1 maybe, but not the full run.

  7. Movie was a mixed bag for me. Some very funny parts, some very moving.  Some of the filmmakers’ choices I did not like at all.

    Thor and Hulk were the best things in the film.  Chris Hemsworth is just amazing in that role.

    Plot-wise, the bold way Infinity War ended required them to really pull the rabbit out of the hat on part 2 to satisfy.  For me, I don’t think they nailed it.

    Speaking as someone who saw Avengers I in the theater six times, and Infinity War probably the same number of times over the past year, I may never watch this one again. In fact, I may let it be my MCU swan song and let it all end with 22.  I can’t see it ever being the same again.

    Thank you Marvel, it was a great run and I enjoyed every minute.

  8. It is tedious, but I look it up in Overstreet, eBay recent sales and GPA (not always all places), plus I throw in my own opinion if it happens to be a book I think might set a record next time an auction comes up.

    You may now have a range of arguable values, or all sources may more or less agree.  If they point to the $325-$500 range, I’ll “slide it down” to $300 so it will fit in the Economy tier to save on grading fees. If it’s in the $650 to $900 range, I’ll “slide it up” to $1000 to get maximum insurance value in the Standard tier since I’m going to pay $65 a book anyway.

    In addition to considering a range of possible values for a given grade estimate, an added dimension is to vary the grade estimate itself from conservative to loose.

    What CGC asks of us (to know what a book will grade, and know what it would sell for) is impossible when you think about it. Never been told I put a book in the wrong tier.  I’d guess it would have to be wildly off in estimated value for CGC to hit you with a higher fee.

    I also doubt they refund you if you put it in a tier that post-grading is clear was too high.