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  1. I see a niche market opportunity here for a crinkling service.
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #135 Avengers Annual #10 Daredevil #131 Marvel Spotlight #32
  3. For collections/TPBs, off the top of my head - Welcome Back Frank The Authority Watchmen Tales Designed To Thrizzle The Comic Book Holocaust
  4. What a bummer. If it happened to me I wouldn't waste more time blocking them. I would just not "deal" that way with them again. I still remember the name of someone who tried to defraud me 3 years ago.
  5. Saw the film last night. It is not bad. I liked it more and more starting with the origin sequence. It's better than the bottom third of Marvel Studios films. Kind of liked it actually.
  6. Every other day it seems I get an alert that one has been listed in an upcoming ComicLink auction
  7. Avengers 1 was the best movie they made. Avengers 2 was the weakest. Psyched for Dr. Strange and Panther. I don't think the Infinity Stones was thought out ahead of time. That and the break with Marvel TV (AoS i.e. Coulsen still dead in movies) have been their biggest missteps IMO. Really looking forward to the see what Warners is going to bring.
  8. There isn't really a first SA Aquaman worth noting, same as Batman, Superman etc. characters that never went away