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  1. We all know what kind of list the OP wants to make. My feedback is, I would not consider every issue of a run to be on that list. X-23 #1 maybe, but not the full run.
  2. Is this from the lot that was recently on eBay?
  3. Movie was a mixed bag for me. Some very funny parts, some very moving. Some of the filmmakers’ choices I did not like at all. Thor and Hulk were the best things in the film. Chris Hemsworth is just amazing in that role. Plot-wise, the bold way Infinity War ended required them to really pull the rabbit out of the hat on part 2 to satisfy. For me, I don’t think they nailed it. Speaking as someone who saw Avengers I in the theater six times, and Infinity War probably the same number of times over the past year, I may never watch this one again. In fact, I may let it be my MCU swan song and let it all end with 22. I can’t see it ever being the same again. Thank you Marvel, it was a great run and I enjoyed every minute.
  4. @TellItToTheJudge Got the max Economy value wrong; as you say it’s $400. Just as an example I was using the threshold between Economy & Standard. Disagree on the 2nd to last point.
  5. It is tedious, but I look it up in Overstreet, eBay recent sales and GPA (not always all places), plus I throw in my own opinion if it happens to be a book I think might set a record next time an auction comes up. You may now have a range of arguable values, or all sources may more or less agree. If they point to the $325-$500 range, I’ll “slide it down” to $300 so it will fit in the Economy tier to save on grading fees. If it’s in the $650 to $900 range, I’ll “slide it up” to $1000 to get maximum insurance value in the Standard tier since I’m going to pay $65 a book anyway. In addition to considering a range of possible values for a given grade estimate, an added dimension is to vary the grade estimate itself from conservative to loose. What CGC asks of us (to know what a book will grade, and know what it would sell for) is impossible when you think about it. Never been told I put a book in the wrong tier. I’d guess it would have to be wildly off in estimated value for CGC to hit you with a higher fee. I also doubt they refund you if you put it in a tier that post-grading is clear was too high.
  6. I don’t believe there is one “the” Mile High II copy of Hulk 181 - couldn’t there potentially be thousands of such copies, some graded & labeled, some graded & unlabeled, others ungraded?
  7. Thanks for purchasing this from me on eBay last week. Do let me know if you are still displeased with it and thinking of returning it. Nice pics if I do say so myself.
  8. In return for the privilege of selling on these boards, I think it should be a rule that sellers should state and publish the final sale price. Such info could be a resource for the community in a similar way to GPA or auction site sales data. Sellers - or volunteers - could record the sale data (book, seller, buyer, price) in a separate thread so that such data could be more easily found. I have seen opinions on these boards that data from sales here don’t belong on a site like GPA, and thus, don’t belong in the realm of public knowledge. I disagree with this. A sale is a sale whether you are selling to a friend, priced a book inaccurately, or took a low offer because you are desperate for cash. In fact, I think all CGC sales here should be reported to GPA, given as how support for that platform seems overwhelmingly positive, and how we seem to often shame sites like ComicLink that don’t report data to them. In the case of a trade, seller should state that a book was traded. If a seller wanted to obscure the sale price, he/she could simply say it was traded, or that it was withdrawn from sale. Such workarounds should also be prohibited, however as it’s impossible to enforce we’d have to rely on the honor system.
  9. Some things that seem so inextricably tied to comic collecting these days - third party grading, eBay, the Internet - are relatively recent phenomena. Some people just don’t care about them. Some are just as happy enjoying their hobby in private, and staying anonymous.
  10. Better to judge on inspection if you wanted to post photos here rather than base it on a grading year IMHO.
  11. Saw it today. The movie was excellent. It takes you to not just one fantastical world but ten. I can see why Marvel is going to outer space because with this film DC owns the earth.
  12. What is it about so-called "movie hype" that seems to irritate so many people, so often? Can anyone explain (a) what "movie hype" is and (b) why it is such a bad thing? Comics have always risen in value, sometimes a large percentage over a short period of time. "Movie hype" is not driving the values of pre-code horror. It isn't driving the value of good-girl covers. Before comic book movies were so common, what was driving these rises in value if not some other type of "hype"? Do you not want comic books to rise in value at all? Is that the issue?
  13. By golly there is an Ace Comics 11 in the current ComicLink auction
  14. It would be interesting to know if they have a deadbeat buyer rate on the same order as eBay
  15. Action "caught up" with Detective with issue 445 in March '75. Action passed Detective in Feb '77 with issue 468, a month Detective was not published.
  16. Could be OtherEric’s reason. By the earliest issue I found labeled “Weekly” (601) Action had already passed Detective.
  17. Actually it was $450. So for one thing, I'm not out that amount by letting him keep it, but the amount I paid for the book a couple years ago. And there's no guarantee I could sell it again for $450. You're right, the return shipping cost would be maybe $10-$15. It's principle. My description was thorough and had all the information an experienced comic buyer needs to make a decision on whether to bid or not, including the terms "sold as-is". If he mis-read the description, he should admit his mistake and keep the book. I've done it many times before. He bought the book. I don't want it back. And I will likely not sell a book like this again on eBay or anywhere else. I don't think I even have any others like this.
  18. I sold him the 400 book to him and he wants to send it back... I'd have to pay for HIS return shipping. It's automatic. apparently - if I accept the return through eBay's site, it says I'll pay for the return shipping.
  19. It's not generosity, it's principle. He owns the book. I've offered partial refunds twice. I'd apparently have to pay for return shipping. If he wants to ship it back he can do so at his own expense.
  20. I agreed with people here that a return is the best course of action because of the headaches otherwise involved, but I have not yet agreed to it on eBay. I will see how it plays out for a couple days. Then, I will probably refund the $450 and let him keep the book.