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  1. Kirby Museum had a free Kirby walking tour of the Lower East Side. Took us to house his family lived in at the time of his birth, and site of their next home a few blocks away, which is no longer there. https://kirbymuseum.org/blog/2019/08/19/102-years-of-jack-kirby-walking-tour-mixer/
  2. Had been wondering if they would go that way. I like it better
  3. I was a big GoT fan and am looking forward to Eternals. After watching Kit act for 10 years though I have seen only one facial expression and one voice tone from him: lonesome urgency. He has had one movie role that I know of - Pompeii - I don’t believe it generated any Oscar buzz or exactly lit the box office on fire.
  4. Going forward Sony has Tom Holland though. That is big. Production and storyline-wise hopefully they will up their game from the Andrew Garfield days.
  5. Anyone know off the top of their heads the origin of the Namor/Panther feud (from the comics)? It’s a storyline from the last few years if I’m not mistaken but I forget the details.
  6. Sony will try and make 3 Spider-Verse films a year I bet. More than Disney’s appetite in a co-production deal. Sony can’t ignore the potential to make more money on their own.
  7. I would be fine with him playing an older leaner Namor (like Nereus in Aquaman), but not the hero in his prime who will be around for 10 years of movie appearances. Keanu is part Asian BTW. I think a multiracial actor would be perfect.
  8. My take is it’s just one episode of the What if Disney+ cartoon
  9. I think this might be a questionable site? If it's true - WOW https://cosmicbook.news/spider-man-deal-7-movies-avengers
  10. 10,000 I say. The dollar though is arbitrary. Ask the question again in another currency, like the SuperCoin (1SuperCoin = 100 billion USD).
  11. Good article. Never heard of this site before: Marvel Studios News
  12. If Sony has film rights to all Spider-characters from the comics, even those created in the future, I wonder if the comic division will intentionally sink the Spidey comics the same way they did FF. The end of this deal has huge implications. Disney must be scrambling to try and save it. What a huge mess they got themselves in by being successful.
  13. Great point. One I agreed with before the Sony/Disney deal that began with Civil War. Now he’s been introduced In the MCU, personally I prefer he stay there, and Disney maybe increase their annual output to 4 films.
  14. Throughout much of the course of the MCU, I've been saying I would go and see one of these movies every month. I enjoyed them that much (in the early- to mid-years. Post-Endgame, we shall see). If Disney's proposal was to co-finance one Spider-Man film every 3 years (or maybe one Spidey and one spin-off every three years), it's a pretty stingy offer as they'd basically be throttling Sony's ability to get their IP to market. I'm sure Sony would like 3 billion-dollar films a year, as would Warner, as would Disney. I'm sure studios are thinking even beyond that. Superhero IP right now, the Marvel brand in particular, is like a right to mint money. I wonder what CBMs are projected to do in business over the next 10 years. The potential upside is huge, and every studio wants a slice. I feel bad for the Godzillas, the Sherlock Holmeses, any other franchise trying to get a foothold in today's environment. Marvel is king of the monsters.
  15. I wish they could work out a deal, but in business you need to be aggressive, believe in yourself and always be ready to walk away or you will get pushed around. Whether right or wrong, Sony is probably thinking they can parlay this into 3 billion-dollar, self-financed Spider-Man Cinematic Universe (SMCU) movies a year. What incentive do they have to allow Disney to take profit that is potentially Sony’s which, with the current unprecedented CBM popularity, they have to believe is money already in the bank. Are they underestimating the importance of a shared MCU continuity and being associated with the Feige brand? That is their gamble.
  16. Can somebody make a meme of Tobey Maguire crying over this