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  1. I scored some books from Frank at the VCC. Everything was spot on and he was great to deal with. Buy with confidence.
  2. As the title says, looking for a raw FN+ To VF Savage She Hulk 1. Not looking to trade a kidney for it though. I am in Australia.
  3. Thanks Lizards. Most of what I wanted is gone already. I should have whined a couple of days ago. But I’ll call on you to be my huckleberry next time around. And, don’t worry, I never F over my huckleberries.
  4. This thread is pure torment for an overseas buyer. So many bargains that I can’t have.
  5. I have just bought a couple of largish lots from Jim of mostly silver age books. I can only compliment the transactions and can find no reason to complain. A great seller and a very friendly guy to boot. I will be buying again from Jim.
  6. Savage She-Hulk 1 7.0 Production crease front and back below midway is more noticeable in the scans than in hand, IMHO. $65 $55 Detective 308 GD/VG $9.00 a small pc tape and residue at upper staple Detective 311 GD- $9.00 several pieces of spine missing 1st app Catman, intro Zook in John Jones Detective 316 FN $18.00 2nd Terrible Trio Detective 329 VG/FN $15.00 Detective 336 GD/VG $7.00 Detective 339 GD/VG $7.00 1st app The Outsider; subscription crease Detective 340 GD/VG $6.00 subscription crease Detective 341 GD/VG $10.00 Joker cvr/stry; name & date stamp on first page; some slight raggedness along bottom of bc Detective 342 GD/VG $6.00 subscription crease Detective 343 GD/VG $6.00 subscription crease ($100) Detective 355 VG/FN $10.00 Zatanna x-over in Elongated Man Detective 356 FN- $11.00 Alfred brought back Detective 357 GD+ $5.00 Detective 358 FN $12.00 X-Men 044 VG+ $14 $9 Silver Surfer 009 FN- $15 minor to moderate foxing edges of back cover Silver Surfer 010 GD/VG $7 cover and 1st page wrap loose from top staple Tales to Astonish 061 VG- $12 All Ditko issue; 1st appearance Glenn Talbot as per pm
  7. I had my eye on those lots too, I think.