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  1. Full story here:
  2. If you have a nice Comic Book that was signed (unwitnessed), what is your best option? Can you have a company like PSA/DNA or JSA "certify" the signature before sending it to CGC? If the signature is inside the book, will CGC make a note on the label? I think JSA puts a "sticker" on the back of the book as a COA with a unique number you can research online. I have no desire to send it to Voldemort. Does anyone have samples of what they have done? Thanks!
  3. Good Day; Feel free to move if the wrong forum/page -- How do you feel about this Jack Kirby signature?
  4. Here's my 2018 sketchcard review -- feel free to ask questions --
  5. Agree with the above. Good fine show. I didn't spend a lot of money (but that's cause I'm hunting a bargain, not content with eBay prices). Chad Hardin -- $5 per sigWhilce Portacio -- 5 sigs free Adam Hughes -- $40 head sketches Pic of artist prices: Here's my blog link to a pair of sketches I got:
  6. saved as many screenshots as i could find -- LMK if you have more ...
  7. Thanks to those who have visited by BLOG so far. It's all about SketchCards and NonSports trading cards. I can use some help. Only 6 of my 303 visitors have come from "search engines." Is this just a product of being new? Will it take time? I would love feedback from any other bloggers! Thanks. P.S. -- another magazine published a sketchcard article of mine. It's on shelves this week, so new blog post soon.
  8. For trade as a full set. Infinity Gauntlet 1-6 value is about $120 Thanos Quest is about $60 Infinity War is about $10 Priority box is about $13 shipping So looking for about $200 total trade value.
  9. First 30 days were great. I posted six interviews with artists, and was published in Beckett Magazine. Thanks, all!
  10. I'm sure these aren't rare; But had to buy when I saw them. Were these "big box store" bundles? No "DC Logo" variants showing. Should i assume they are better left sealed?
  11. Hey friends -- I started a SketchCard blog to tell a few stories no one else seemed to be telling. Eventually I will start posting original comic art, too. (In fact, I got 2 new pages in the mail today). So if you like WordPress stuff, follow along, & thank for your time:
  12. I live in Atlanta (Marvel filming capital of the world). I know exactly where the primary film studio is located (only a couple miles from my house). I don't think I could get in for all the money in China. It's a fortress.
  13. So, is it fair to say the HIGH POINT (profit wise) was 1989; And the LOW POINT (loss wise) was 1999?
  14. I was debating; When was the heyday, & when was the recession? Is now (with all the comic book movies) another win for comic stores? Are they living large? Thanks!