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  1. If i found these 2, I would consider my collection now done & complete:
  2. NOW UPDATED (after a few completed trades). There is doubt that the red cards even exist? #Help
  3. Thanks! I just got a lead on someone who might be able to fill my entire list (crazy!) If it falls apart, I'll be in touch. Cheers!
  4. I'm on a hunt for GOLD ... Back in the day, Wizard Magazine sent 1 gold card for every 25 copies of the magazine a comic shop ordered. — I have a crazy goal to make a Wizard Gold set. — If anyone want to trade me their Wizard gold cards, I'll trade in your favor ... NOW UPDATED (after a few completed trades). There is doubt that the red cards even exist? #Help
  5. So my family is considering a home-move, and it got me thinking ... even if I love all my books, and take time to organize them, is there a point when it is all "too much volume"? I'm thinking of loosing (selling) half of it during the move, so that the whole collection fits in a walk-in closet. So the question is: Even if the collection brings you joy, is there "too much of a good thing"?
  6. I'll play. Thanks all. (15) signed/autographed comics ... Tim Sale, Adam Hughes, Greg Land, etc. + (1) 9.6 CGC comic of "Brotherhood 1" / Marvel. Thanks again. (NOTE: shipping to US only)
  7. This weekend I attended a local ComicCon where I bought some old hobby magazines. One called “Superman & Batman Magazine” really captured my attention. There were multiple pages dedicated to the “Mask of the Phantasm” film. Originally planned for a direct-to-video release, Warner Bros. ultimately decided to give Mask of the Phantasm a theatrical release. The film was released on December 25, 1993. This magazine pre-dates the film. You can tell because the back cover says, “coming this holiday season to theaters everywhere.” The interior pages were more than just a passing advertisement. The content dug deep into preliminary sketches, and the Mask of the Phantasm voice actors. It also included a jumbo-sized centerfold poster. In a world where collectors try to define “first appearances” and early cameos, I would like to submit that this magazine is just as important as the “official movie adaption” comic book. This could be the first time The Phantasm was ever in print. Anyways ... that's just my two cents.
  8. (#1.) I have a comic with a mostly white cover. While the corners & spine are sharp, there has been some color-rub deposited near the staples (from the back cover of a different comic). How does this usually effect an otherwise great-shape comic? (#2.) I have a comic that has holes in the spine from what looks like a re-staple. I assume this was a production error, but can't find any other copies with a similar problem. Will this kill the grade? Thanks!
  9. Full story here:
  10. If you have a nice Comic Book that was signed (unwitnessed), what is your best option? Can you have a company like PSA/DNA or JSA "certify" the signature before sending it to CGC? If the signature is inside the book, will CGC make a note on the label? I think JSA puts a "sticker" on the back of the book as a COA with a unique number you can research online. I have no desire to send it to Voldemort. Does anyone have samples of what they have done? Thanks!
  11. Good Day; Feel free to move if the wrong forum/page -- How do you feel about this Jack Kirby signature?
  12. Here's my 2018 sketchcard review -- feel free to ask questions --
  13. Agree with the above. Good fine show. I didn't spend a lot of money (but that's cause I'm hunting a bargain, not content with eBay prices). Chad Hardin -- $5 per sigWhilce Portacio -- 5 sigs free Adam Hughes -- $40 head sketches Pic of artist prices: Here's my blog link to a pair of sketches I got: