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    "The Shark" to choking a shark.
  2. I was just thinking "RIP inbox."
  3. Action #13 4.0 Blue

    Couldn't agree more. It's especially silly with newer books. People chasing 9.8 copies willing to pay absurd amounts of money compared to 9.6/9.4/9.2 copies that 99% of collectors can't differentiate between. It's all about the number. You can't argue the genius of CGC to pinpoint and capitalize on people's obsessive tendencies though. Hats off for that.
  4. I'll take the Big Shot and the Don Winslow.
  5. OAFCON -- October 6-7, 2018

    Plane ticket has been booked. Flying in and out on Saturday, but hope to at least shake a few boardie hands.

    Number 4 back to Number 3
  7. If you could only keep 5 books

    Double cover Power 3?!
  8. 'PLANET COMICS' (is deserving of its own thread)

    Another addition to the run.
  9. If you could only keep 5 books

    @c0micbooknerdgirl It's not very sporting of you to keep both of those Power 3's...just saying.
  10. Okajima pedigree

    The minute they get a facility in Tennessee is when my Heritage days are over. I'm not paying another 9.75% premium on top of everything else.
  11. Okajima pedigree

    The Boy Okajima hammered at $3,600. Pretty strong results for a non-war cover.