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  1. Always a pleasure to read your book descriptions Robert. So concise!
  2. Literally every book he posts is a mic drop. Constant exercise in humility.
  3. I hate that somebody let 5-7 get a suntan for a while, but at least they're all Gaines!
  4. It was billed as the Chinatown copy when I bought it. CGC say 1944 in the article, and we all know they've never been wrong. That said, it's still a Mystic 2 with white pages.
  5. It was already graded, and I bought it here on the boards a couple of years ago (at least).
  6. Finally! I might actually resubmit this one for the designation/label.
  7. I was very excited when I saw a Blue Bolt 4 listed in the title. The volume 2#4 is a super cool book. Wrong #4 though.
  8. I have made significant progress. Now who has a Prize Comics 18 they're willing to let go? I'm motivated.
  9. A man after my own heart. Waiting for the mystery book...