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  1. I think I'd give him at least a week or two unless I was in dire straits. After that, fair game. Especially if you give him a deadline via PM.
  2. I agree with the sentiment, and I think I read somewhere that they used to do that. I believe the current regime is looking to avoid long argumentative PM's over rule violations, so they just choose to yank them preemptively.
  3. Now if you add @Foolkiller and @october...we'd have to increase the debt ceiling again.
  4. entalmighty1

    Probation worthy?

    The only way to put a stop to stuff like that is sharing the individual's identity with the rest of us. You'd be surprised how polite people are when you remove anonymity.
  5. entalmighty1


    You beat me to that by about 20 seconds.
  6. Picked up another rivet, slowly but surely knocking them out.
  7. entalmighty1

    Statue Collections

    Details, man! Details!
  8. My tattoo buddy! Now I just need a copy of the book.
  9. I love your clear collection stickers Cat. So cool!
  10. I do the same thing when I cut prices! I think it helps the community overall. It kind of lets you know where you started, and what finally got it sold. Also, data mining? I can barely keep track of my inventory, much less know anything about data mining. Also, who cares if somebody is data mining price information? Isn't that what GPA does to a certain extent?
  11. entalmighty1

    Nominating JugHerNutz

    Or if you dare to try to point someone in the direction of actual information about the seller, you're viewed as being an instigator.