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  1. Those survived. The run isn't totally complete, but it's close. Life in a biocontainment lab during a pandemic is an adventure.
  2. I think any data helps. At least it gives you a starting point, right? If you really want to find out what they're worth, send them to auction.
  3. The meta of getting sigs on the back page is definitely my favorite new trend. Beautiful book BP!
  4. That ST 89 is my old copy. Still a beauty!
  5. Always a pleasure to read your book descriptions Robert. So concise!
  6. Literally every book he posts is a mic drop. Constant exercise in humility.
  7. I hate that somebody let 5-7 get a suntan for a while, but at least they're all Gaines!
  8. It was billed as the Chinatown copy when I bought it. CGC say 1944 in the article, and we all know they've never been wrong. That said, it's still a Mystic 2 with white pages.