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  1. I remember seeing the 64 on Ritter's website, but thought about it too long.
  2. entalmighty1

    The Cosmic Aeroplane Pedigree Thread

    I only have one example of this one too, despite my best efforts! Here's my double ped Berk/CA.
  3. entalmighty1

    Okajima pedigree

    Man, I would pay for something like that. @MrBedrock, should your name be Professor Bedrock?
  4. That's really cool! I don't think it looks like a stamp to me though, looks like he just printed his name on it. I see what you mean about the ink surrounding the signature, which could indicate a stamp, but I still think it just looks like someone hand penned it. Are there any impressions or dimples inside the cover from the pen (if it's a pen)?
  5. entalmighty1

    Okajima pedigree

    My early camp book looks like a "g" as well.
  6. entalmighty1

    Top 5 UNDERWATER GA Covers?

    That copy has better color than any other copy I've seen Definitely better than mine!
  7. entalmighty1

    Top 5 UNDERWATER GA Covers?

    Figure there's no harm in reposting this one, especially in this thread!
  8. entalmighty1

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Here's one I never thought I'd get. One of the toughest underwater covers out there, if not THE toughest.
  9. entalmighty1


    It's never been easier to save money on these boards. Everything is bought before I even see them for sale.
  10. entalmighty1

    Ranking the genres

    I guess you could add pedigrees as a subset as well.
  11. Maybe it's lower grade, but the color is better than most copies I see floating around. Beautiful!
  12. entalmighty1

    Books from 1939 are 80 years old.

    Richard already posted the better version, but this one has some color.
  13. entalmighty1

    my g.a. pedigree run

    I wondered if that was you!