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  1. Open to offers on the Conan? Can you provide pics of the centerfold on that book?
  2. I'm not buying anything, I just came to criticize your pricing.
  3. Not on my watch buddy. Long live the ComicLink retread thread!
  4. I'm just going to look at all the sites and get really salty when the books I want creep out of my financial reach a week before the auction technically starts.
  5. Can't be too many of these still floating around...
  6. Don't forget the "mini" spots Andy. A lot of these clowns will run mini-raffles to get into the big raffle. So the main raffle is 20 spots at $50 bucks for a book worth maybe $750, then they'll have a couple of mini raffles where you have 20 spots at $5 each for another entry. I've seen as many as 20 mini raffles for one book. The only people making money off these things are the ones raffling the books. It's criminal, and the mouth-breathers that are participating deserve everything they get (usually nothing).
  7. I seem to remember Richard telling me he saw a pretty big part of that collection at one point. Maybe he can shed some light. @MrBedrock
  8. I have a few books that passed through this secondhand shop in Davenport, Iowa. Not as prolific as the Bonnett's books, but still cool. Good luck with the sale!