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  1. entalmighty1

    Fiction house anyone?

    If I could only have 1 sci-fi book in my collection, it would be a hard decision between this one and Planet 1.
  2. entalmighty1

    my g.a. pedigree run

    Me neither. Very interesting.
  3. entalmighty1

    Fiction house anyone?

    He doesn't get near the credit he deserves. I think he's up there with the greats.
  4. You should come to Memphis this weekend.
  5. Bump for final price drop, $4,750 shipped/insured.
  6. entalmighty1

    Fiction house anyone?

    24k seems cheap for this book. Unbelievable colors.
  7. Bump for price drop, now $4,850 shipped/insured.
  8. Hulk 181 CGC 8.5 - $4,750 These scans haven't been juiced at all. Really nice looking 8.5, and this book clearly has no ceiling in sight.
  9. Just one book in this thread, at least for now. Payment is via Paypal, and due within 3 days. Shipping and insurance is on me in the US, Canada I'll chip in $15. International folks, check with me first. No returns on this one unless I ship you a box of German newspapers. No bad eggs or my people I just don't list. Lizards are allowed on a case by case basis.
  10. You might want to supplement that with some Binky.
  11. @batman_fan There was a thread dedicated to it in the Comic Events subforum.
  12. I could have gone home broke without leaving Richard's booth, but managed to restrain myself. I really missed @Weird Paper this year, as last year I got a ton of killer stuff from him.