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  1. Just out of curiosity, why would you contact the seller?
  2. What would you consider to be the other top ped from the SA? Don/Maggie?
  3. Got the hard one out of the way finally!
  4. Always loved the perspective technique in this book. One of the better covers, in my opinion. Nice pickup Billy!
  5. Seems like this one has eluded me for quite a while now. Finally got a nice looking copy.
  6. I'll take the Ms. Marvel 6 & 9 as well.
  7. I'll take the Iron Man 12 and the Cap 162.
  8. Still accurate.
  9. Or Hulk 180-182, Giant Size X-Men 1, X-Men 94, Marvel Spotlight 5, Iron Fist 14 and a host of other valuable bronze keys.
  10. Certainly didn't last long!
  11. This is the only Curator I've owned, and I can tell you the scans don't do the book justice. Unrelated, I've found that sometimes (not always), posting books on auction sites that you plan on going after isn't always in your best interest, as you're just giving the auction house free advertising. I'd love to upgrade my 9.2 to this Curator copy.