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  1. Unreal. I'm shocked this isn't part of a pedigree.
  2. Just one book in the mail today, but it was a good one!
  3. This is as Steranko as it gets for me.
  4. Bumping this thread with a new acquisition from a great boardie! From what I can tell, a very early camp book.
  5. I hereby nominate Bonnett's as a secondary pedigree. I bet I've seen 500 of their stamps.
  6. These two turned out pretty nice.
  7. Recent returns from CGC. The Straight Arrow is the lone highest graded for now.
  8. I don't understand jumping from "Okay, send it back, no problem" to "YOU'RE FULL OF IT, YOU DID SOMETHING TO THE BOOK" in the amount of time that passed. I understand being upset about damage to a book, but that's certainly not going to help resolve anything.
  9. 1 more tonight, I'm done for this auction!
  10. Really thought about going after that. Nice pickup!
  11. Excellent report! Really hoping to go here or Baltimore next year!