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  1. Knew I remembered this one....finally found a picture!
  2. This is the thread to request full set additions to the CGC Registry. (Requests for expansions to existing sets can be made in the thread dedicated to those requests) Below is the list of sets currently up for addition based upon previous requests, new requests will be noted as sets are added. As before, each set will be marked as DONE when they are finished. (or if I have any notes or questions, that will be noted instead). You can add your request to this thread, just please only request a title once and check to make sure that the set does not already exist on the registry (it helps to skim through this thread and make sure another user hasn’t requested it already, too)…thanks! Just to clarify: - There must be more than one issue/book in the set or graded by CGC to create a set. As a rule, if there is only one issue graded (even if the issue & variant of the same issue are graded) we will not make the set. We prefer that there be evidence of someone collecting the series rather than just having passion for the one issue. You are welcome to display these books in the custom registry sets until you are able to obtain and grade additional issues. -Any request for a "custom" or specialized set that is competitive will need a list to be provided. The complete list can be posted, PM'd or e-mailed to me. If a list is not provided by the time I reach the request it will be moved to the end of the list. Competitive "Custom" sets are currently limited to Cover Artist complete sets & Mini-series/One-Shots sets for a character/title. Any others should be created using the non-competitive custom set option now available. Jack Kirby Cover Set (DONE) Siya Oum Cover Set (DONE) Rob Liefeld Cover Set (DONE) John Buscema Cover Set (DONE) Arthur Adams Covers set (DONE) Michael Turner Ashcans (need list) Jenevieve Broomall Cover Set (DONE) Bernie Wrightson Complete cover set. (DONE) John Tyler Christopher Cover set (DONE) Jamie Tyndall Cover Set (DONE) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- X-O Manowar vol 2, 1997, acclaim comics (DONE) X-O Manowar (complete) (DONE) Power Man #17-49 (DONE) Tokyo Ghost (DONE) Ninjak 2015 (DONE) Hot Rod King (Dell) (only one issue - not a set) Emergency! from Charlton, 1976 (DONE) Amazing Spider-man Vol.4 (2015) (DONE) Great Lakes Avengers (DONE) Legion of Monsters (2011) (DONE) Uncanny Inhumans 2015 (DONE) Mars Attacks (3rd series) IDW Publishing (DONE) Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows (DONE) Midnighter (Complete) - 2007 and 2015 series all books (DONE) Wildstorm (Complete) - All Wildstorm books (DONE) Rise of Apocalypse (Marvel Comics) (DONE) Legend of Oz: The Wicked West (DONE) 3 Little Kittens: Purr-fect Weapon (only one issue - not a set) We Stand On Guard (DONE) Ghost Racers (DONE) Grimm: Tales Of Terror (DONE) Wonder Woman '77 (DONE) Gambit (Marvel 2012) (DONE) Vader Down (only one issue - not a set) Hogan's Heroes (DONE) Mighty Thor (2016) (DONE) Spider-Gwen Vol. 2 (DONE) Lantern City (DONE) Lady Killer (DONE) All New Wolverine (2016) (DONE) Dark Knight III: The Master Race (2016) (DONE) Damsels in Excess (DONE) Haunted (Red 5 Comics) (DONE) Bad Dreams (Red 5 Comics) (DONE) World's Finest (1990) (DONE) Zero Tolerance (First Comics) (DONE) Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (DONE) Alien: The Illustrated Story (added to One-Shots set) Marvelmania Magazine (DONE) Convergence (DONE) Unbeatable Squirrel Girl volume 2 (DONE) Armor Hunters (DONE) I Love Trouble (DONE) Space Riders (DONE) Witchblade Demon by Image/Top Cow (only one issue - not a set) Deadpool (2016) (DONE) DARKNESS V1 (DONE) Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars (DONE) Back To The Future IDW (DONE) Frozen. (DONE) Fawcett's Funny Animals (DONE) Great Comics (Great Comics Publications) (DONE) Suspense Detective (Fawcett) (DONE) Wrath of the Eternal Warrior (DONE) Postal (Image) (DONE) Monstress (DONE) RAGNAROK from IDW (DONE) Civil War 2015 (DONE) Atomik Mike Vol. 1 2006 (only one issue - not a set) Beetle Bailey Vol. 1 1969 (DONE) Doctor Strange Vol 4 2015 (DONE) Ex Sanguine 2012 (only one issue - not a set) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 4 2015 (DONE) Howard the Duck Vol 5 2015 (DONE) Hero: Warrior of the Mystic Realms 1990 (only one issue - not a set) Hardcore (top cow) 2012 (only one issue - not a set) Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 2015 (DONE) Lieutenant 1964 (only one issue - not a set) Sovereign Seven 1995 (DONE) Tor 1975 (DONE) Tex Farrell 1948 (only one issue - not a set) War Machine Vol 1 1994 (DONE) Vault of Horror Vol 2 1991 (DONE) 13 Chambers (only one issue - not a set) Scooby-Doo Team-Up (DONE) 1963 Image Comics (1993) (DONE) Superman Adventures (1996) (DONE) Old Man Logan, Vol. 1 (DONE) Old Man Logan, Vol. 2 (DONE) Elektra Limited Series (1984) #1-4 (DONE) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2016 (DONE) Harvey Classics Tom and Jerry 1993 (DONE) Casper and... 1987 (DONE) Crash Dummies 1993 (DONE) Mad Max: Fury Road (DONE) The Incredibles: Family Matters (DONE) Human Torch (2003) (DONE) Sensational Spider-Man (2006-2007) (DONE) Obi-Wan & Anakin (DONE) FF (Complete) (DONE) Heckle and Jeckle (St. John Publications) (DONE) DRAWING ON YOU NIGHTMARES, DARK HORSE, 2003 (only one issue - not a set) HEROES, NBC STUDIOS, 2008 (already a set) His Name is Savage, Adventure House, 1968 (only one issue - not a set) Spirit (DC 2007) (DONE) Howard the Duck (2016) (DONE) Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death (DONE) DC Comics: Bombshells (DONE) Seaguy (DONE) Black Widow: Pale Little Spider (DONE) Black Widow 2 (DONE) Black Widow: Deadly Origin (DONE) Black Widow (2014) (DONE) The Punisher (2014) (DONE) Joker/Mask (DC comics - Dark Horse, 2000) (DONE) All-New Captain America (2015) (DONE) Deadpool Vs. X-Force (2014) (DONE) Silver Surfer (2016) (DONE) Rocket Raccoon & Groot (2016) (DONE) Rick and Morty (2015) (DONE) Fantastic Worlds (Standard Comics, 1952) (DONE) Lost Worlds (Standard Comics, 1952) (DONE) Stan Lee Meets … (DONE) PREZ Volume 1 (1973) (DONE) Grayson (DONE) The Beauty (Image Comics) (DONE) Ame-Comi Girls (2013) (DONE) Fly Man (Archie) (DONE) Judo Master (Charlton) (DONE) Thunderbolt (Charlton) (DONE) Son of Vulcan (Charlton) (DONE) Dracula (Dell) (already a set) Frankenstein (Dell) (DONE) Werewolf (Dell) (DONE) Super Green Beret (Lightning Comics) (DONE) Western Outlaws (1950s Atlas) (DONE) International Iron Man (2016) (DONE) Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises (2016) (only one issue - not a set) All-New Captain America (2015) (DONE) Space 1999 (DONE) Space 1999 Magazine (DONE) Felix the Cat (Harvey) 1991 vol 2 (DONE) Lenore Volume 1 (Slave Labor) (DONE) A-Force (2015) Marvel Comics (DONE) Cavewoman: Hunt (DONE) Venom (2003) (DONE - 2003 is not ongoing) Harley Quinn and Power Girl (DONE) Ultimate Daredevil and Elektra (2003) (DONE) Elektra (WHICH? 1995, 1996, 2014?) Chewbacca (DONE) Journey to the Force Awakens: Shattered Empire (DONE- Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens created) Poe Dameron (DONE) Han Solo (DONE) The Ringo Kid, (70s Marvel Westerns??) (DONE) Nova (vol 4... 2007- 2010) (DONE) Astonishing Antman (DONE) Batman / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (DONE) DYNAMITE: Swords of Sorrow (DONE) Scooby Doo Where Are You (2010) (DONE) Punisher (Complete) Punisher (2016) (DONE) Unbelievable Gwenpool (DONE) Monster World (DONE) Daredevil (2016) (DONE) A-Force (Marvel) (DONE) Grimm Fairy Tales Alice In Wonderland (PLEASE USE: Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Alice in Wonderland) Tales of TMNT vol. 2 (DONE) TMNT vol. 4 (DONE) DC New 52 Future's End (DONE) Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes (DONE) Flash Gordon Comics – Harvey (DONE) A&A – Adventures of Archer & Armstrong (DONE) Marvel 70th Anniversary Frame Covers ( Oct / Nov 2009 ) (IN PROGRESS) Marvel 70th Anniversary " Hero " covers (IN PROGRESS) Women Of Marvel Frame covers (IN PROGRESS) Women of Marvel " Hero " covers (IN PROGRESS) The Heroic Age " Pedestal " covers (IN PROGRESS) Classics Illustrated Special Editions (DONE) Classics Illustrated - Original Editions (IN PROGRESS) DC’s Adult Coloring Books Set (DONE) Black Panther (2016) (DONE) Marvel Hip-Hop Variants (IN PROGRESS) All-New Captain America (2015) (DONE) Captain America: Steve Rogers (2016) (DONE) Captain America: Sam Wilson (2015) (DONE) Silk (2016) (DONE) Spider-Man (2016) (DONE) Spider-Woman (2015) (DONE) Spider-Woman (2016) (DONE) All New All Differnt Point One! Marvel (12/15) (Only one comic in set) Feelgood Funnies (DONE) Snarf (DONE) Best Buy Comics (DONE) Kurtzman Komix (only one comic in set) Tales of the Beanworld (only one comic in set) Doc Weird's Thrill Book (Only issue #1 graded) Starjongleur (DONE) Strange Days (DONE) Journey (Aardvark Vanaheim) (only issue 1 graded, 27 in set) Neil the Horse (DONE) Snoid Comix (only one comic in set and reprints) XYZ Comix (only one comic in set and reprints) Beauty (Image Comics) (DONE) Invasion by DC Comic (DONE) Daredevil : End of Days (DONE) Deathstroke (2014) (DONE) Harrow county (only issue 1 graded, 16 in set) NYX:No Way Home (DONE) Adventure Comics Digest (DONE) Insexts (only issue 1 graded, 8 in set) Magneto (1993) (Only one comic in set) One-Fisted Tales (Slave Labor) (DONE) Space Ghost (1987) (Only one comic in set) Space 1999 (ALREADY AVAILABLE) "Phantom Lady - Golden Age Complete" (DONE) Alien Worlds (ALREADY AVAILABLE) "Harley's Little Black Book" (2016) Spider-Man/Deadpool Crossed +100
  3. Here is the Set Expansion Thread – This is where you can request that issues or titles be added to existing sets in the registry. (if your request is for an entirely new set, this is the wrong thread) Please list in your post the set the book(s) are being requested to and the complete title of the book. It is preferable if you use the exact wording that is on the CGC label for title & variant. (Please note that books must be shipped from CGC and appear on our Census before they can be added to the registry) Here is an example: Set: Spider-Gwen Book Requested: Spider-Gwen #4 Variant Edition Any extra information is helpful (Year, Date, Certification number ect.) If a book is being requested and there is a discussion or disagreement with the removal or addition of that book, then more time will be allowed for the discussion to take its course before the book is added or removed.