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  1. Liefeld had copies at ECCC, He also tweeted something about only getting part of the order and not the full order a few days ago, and since ECCC was only a few days after the release of Spider-Man / Deadpool #47 you'd have to assume Liefeld received his copies first.
  2. Thank you to everyone who has contributed. Since i purchased this copy directly from Ferry I'm just confused if these are some how warehouse finds that he kept (which would be weird) or if he's printing these to order.
  3. I'm hoping the friday gods bless this thread before it gets pushed into obscurity
  4. Picture first, questions after. I have been reading up about this magazine for a few weeks and I'm still confused about a few things and was curious if someone here might have a little information on this. Is this a bootlegged version? Were copies printed? Are they illegal bootlegs from Ray Ferry? Will CGC Grade this? Peace and Love.
  5. Ebay listings that stated they were Near Mint for Little Bird #1 started selling above cover on Saturday. There were still VF/NM listed or no condition listed copies for cover price on ebay but listings with NM or NM+ or "9.8" were selling above cover. The $17 sale could be shilled sale but over the past few days this book has been trending up.
  6. Last month a group of people started purchasing all of the Untamed #1 1:25 variants from ebay. The next day they started buying Niobe #1s and regular Untamed #1s. Today "news" broke that there is some kind of HBO deal and Niobe #1 has shot up to $20 and the Untamed #1 regular and the Untamed #1 variant are doing stupid things.
  7. Oh. I didn't see it on the census. I must have typed the wrong thing in.
  8. I'm sure this has been brought up dozens of times but I just don't understand why CGC would grade the counterfeit Cerebus #1 and not the "bootlegged" Cry for Dawn #1.
  9. This guy put a pretty detailed video together about the entire Seinfeld thing.
  10. Just a quick FYI "He’s not alone. In February, comedian Jerry Seinfeld was sued by Fica Frio Limited over the 2016 sale of a 1958 Porsche Carrera GT — for $1.54 million — which court papers call “not authentic.”" The 1958 Porsche in question is being called "not authentic" because of extensive restoration. The idea that Jerry Seinfeld would own a fake porsche and try to scam someone at auction is beyond laughable.
  11. Nope. Gotham Central will be there. I think Toronto Comic Shop (Hector) takes CGC subs. Paradise Comics won't be there. So I think there might just be the one option.
  12. US walmart exclusive. Walmart of Canada tweeted that when DC first launched the 100 page giants.
  13. I'm apparently on the wrong side of the room.
  14. It was a rumor I didn't believe until someone showed me books they had purchased at a con from a guy named Barry.