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  1. If Modern Star Wars Comics that heat up can have its own thread you guys should think about moving the Marvel Previews #95 discussion as well.
  2. I have held off long enough. I am looking for a Boy Comics #9, Lev Gleason 1943
  3. Actually one time I had books coming back from the other guys company and they opened my package in a way that the blade cut the plastic on at least one of my graded books. They ended up compensating me but it was kind of a headache. Still way faster and more reliable than Canada Post though.
  4. Yes. My only issue with Crossborder pickups is they can take up to a week to process items once they arrive at their US warehouse. They also don't have someone there after 4 so if packages don't have signature confirmation and they get delivered after 4 they just get dropped at a unsecured location. But I have had no issues getting CGC to drop ship to them.
  5. Yeah this entire thread is cringeworthy. Very embarrassing from several parties.
  6. Today someone showed me a bunch of facebook posts where he is back selling sideshow statues out of Vancouver. This is the only public posting I found on my own but I have seen several posts in various "canadian" comic book for sale groups.
  7. Hey guys! Crossborder pickups will let you ship the books to them and you can pay for them to ship the books to you in Canada. Pretty sure there are several services like this in Canada.
  8. It should be noted that Marvel started hyping this series in February of 2020. They had a large ad on Diamond for several weeks pushing it before FOC as well.
  9. It was December 7. Final Order Cut Off was December 7. I do remember seeing several store variants get announced after the Disney Investor call on December 10 that announced the TV show based in the High Republic.
  10. Has anyone found the One per store Crossover #3 foil variant? Not seeing any on my journeys
  11. There are what? Three different High Republic books that come out today? It will be interesting to see if the novels end up catching on like the comic books.