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  1. Hey I put this on ebay this week and I thought I would make a thread here to promote it. $300 or best offer. https://www.ebay.com/itm/133337297249
  2. Countries don't charge duty 100% of the time. That is the biggest problem with the global shipping program. Why are they charging every package for duty?
  3. Auteur #1 is heating up. Cover A, B and the "NYCC" early preview variant.
  4. LOL LOL I just can't stop watching clips from this show. She did go to the Doctor to get checked BTW. It really sucks that Little Women didn't win any Oscars this year.
  5. You can return an item on ebay for any reason as long as its within the stated 60 day time period. A buyer can return an item for any reason, even due to buyers remorse. The seller still has to pay return shipping.
  6. This is interesting. While Ebay would remove the feedback if he sent that post in a message to you on their platform I'm not sure if they would connect the dots for his account on here and his ebay account. Very interesting.
  7. I don't necessarily disagree with you but he has a pretty solid track record for reporting movie and tv news before anyone else - that's all I was trying to say.
  8. I don't agree with everything on the key collector app but they did say Memetic was optioned back in November before anyone else - a book that has since gone from $4 to $40.
  9. Was pickycollector taken off the list? Ebay user pickycollector isn't CGC board member pickycollector.
  10. well all of the later signings were done at his house where he would sign a few a day but that really has nothing to do with Little Women.
  11. are we seriously going to go from ancient alien eternals to batwoman beyond spec? That isn't what this thread is about. BTW Fear Agent just got optioned so get those #1's ready.
  12. Toy Story #4 NM Blank Cover $3 The Muppet Show #7 NM $3 Disney - Pixar; Cars #1 ECC NM $3 The Muppet Show #6 NM $3
  13. Well heres the thing, When the Eternals came out Erich Von Daniken was all the rage. He wasn't taken seriously by scientists but his book, Chariots of the Gods, was selling like hot cakes. What is Chariots of the Gods? Well its the astronaught theory nonsense that the Ancient Aliens TV Show is based on. Apparently Kirby was a fan. now before anyone says this is hogwash, what does it say on the cover of Eternals #2? "More Fantastic Than Chariots of the Gods!". Jack Kirby got his ideas from ancient astronaut theory.