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  1. A few TV rumors floating around and books moving because of them Sheltered #1 (Comicsheatingup is saying they overheard Ed Brisson at NYCC saying he had secured a new TV deal) Sonata #1 (Artist Brian Haberlin posted on facebook saying this had recently been optioned as well as the book under it) - There are two regular covers that seem to be selling well and a comicspro ashcan The Marked #1 (Came out this week and according to Brian Haberlin it is also optioned.) There is a one per store "secret" variant that seems to be selling very well. Grass Kings #1 (apparently this title has been acquired by Legendary Entertainment according to Keycollector)
  2. Because its amazing and a great example of what should be done with the Elsewhere universe stories?
  3. Isn't Keya Morgan going to jail? He's going from sleeping next to a dress he bought at auction to sleeping next to a guy named Bubba.
  4. That's weird. Almost as weird as when I got an e-mail this week from instocktrades.com (owned by DCBS) about how the books I ordered weren't in stock and were backordered.
  5. Diamond sent a recall notice to all retailers telling them to destroy any copies they received this week because there was an error with the paper stock. I ordered a few online and they have all been marked as shipped.
  6. I feel like there were way bigger fights in that thread over the last few years and mods would punish the participants and delete the posts.
  7. September 16: Bleeding Cool did an article saying Benji Parker was the main character in the new JJ Abrams Spider-man Comic and that the first appearance was Spider-girl #59. September 21: Bleeding Cool posted an article saying Last Avengers Story #2 features Benji Parker and predated Spider-Girl #59 by ten years.
  8. If this conversation died four years ago when it originally started we would never have hilarious gems like this.
  9. Did anyone figure out who lives in the condo that was purchased with money stolen from one of Stan Lee's bank accounts? https://comicbook.com/marvel/2018/01/04/stan-lee-stolen-money-used-to-buy-condo/
  10. My Brother in law saw it at TIFF. He isn't a critic and I would say he isn't biased. "I feel mixed. I really enjoyed watching it like really entertaining, amazing performance from Joaquin, very dark, but I think it might be stigmatizing to mental health". Take from that what you will.
  11. Crazy Rich Asians did 1.5 Million in China https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/12/crazy-rich-asians-box-office-flop-china-181213051542239.html
  12. Three and a half years ago I started doing the Unpressable Defects podcast on youtube and I merged my Jimmy Linguini account that had like 100 subscribers or something with the new UD one. When I did that I lost all of the content. So unless someone saved them or I boot up my old computer they're gone forever.
  13. Yeah the matrix book was recalled because of "adult content" and was never republished. Geoff Darrow did a bunch of the artwork on that comic which is interesting considering he worked on the original matrix films and he's working on the new one as well.
  14. Have you watched the episode of him on Howard Stern? Its amazing. Blind Adam is also amazing. He writes for Comicsheatingup and I love him. He currently has a podcast with Demon Seed Radio which I believe is some kind of porn website. Awesome guy.