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  1. I do not believe any stores received copies of this book.
  2. Correction: is that book going to be hot because of the colour "error"? No.
  3. These books are uncomparable. The Saga book was recalled because two interior pages were unreadable and the publisher asked for the printing not to be sold. Edge of Spiderverse 2 was never recalled. I went through 50 copies of the new Empyre book yesterday and every other copy had a darker shade of red on the cover. Is that book going to be hot? No.
  4. Richard Comley - 11 https://www.myslabbedcomics.com/GalleryRoom.asp?Page=1&GSub=2155
  5. GCPD #1 will probably be a good book as well since the series is supposed to be called "Gotham PD".
  6. CGC is grading Magic Cards now. Cool. Where is the announcement about how does one send in cards? Is it just Magic Cards or all cards? POKEMON? Digimon? Baseball? Basketball? CFL?
  7. Legend optioned Animosity in 2018 - https://deadline.com/2018/06/animosity-legendary-apocalyptic-comic-murderous-animals-aftershock-media-1202419666/
  8. There seems to be people still saying that the Taskmaster showing up in Black Widow is female. That is where the female taskmaster spec train started. There also appear to be two distinct costumes of the Task Master character in the Black widow trailer.
  9. have the other books Liefeld has refused to sign gone up in value?
  10. The switches were a brief period. But Nintendo gave a statement about how they had to ramp up production because it was out of stock everywhere. That was in april and the stock has only recently been replenished. https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2020/04/15/when-will-the-nintendo-switch-be-back-in-stock/#4d19c88188e8
  11. Yeah - Switches and Wii's have been going crazy with all the kids out of school and at home. Looks like Switches have been restocked at most big name retailers and prices have started to drop.
  12. Amazon is crazy. Best bang for your buck is combining games like the mario kart wii combos.
  13. Yeah Nintendo Switches were easy $100 flips for a few weeks. Now most stores have restocked and prices have dropped. Wii's can still be found for under $50 and sell for $160 online. Tony Hawk games are going insane with the new Tony Hawk games coming out in the next few months. Underground and Underground 2 are the highlights as are the Tony Hawk 2 and 3 for N64. A good item to keep an eye our for right now is the Ring Fit Adventure for Switch - sells for $130 to $200 - can be found for under $50 at retail. Amazon did a presale this morning and sold out in a few minutes.
  14. Marvel Action Avengers #10 didn't sell out until on Diamond some time on Wednesday so I would expect more copies to show up next week. Also the IDW website didn't sell out until Wednesday as well.