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  1. Come on. Embrace the Ray J / Steel sequel / "Black Superman movie" movement.
  2. Why would I argue about if Steel is superman with someone that claims Lex Luthor was also never superman?
  3. Only one of these people pushed Princess into the pool.
  4. The only other skin offer I can remember is the Android / Samsung skin that you could only get if you could prove you had a samsung android phone. Three years ago people were selling their accounts for large money when they said they had that skin but I can't find anything comparable. DC did this before with another title but it was for their digital DC game and that never went anywhere. Fortnite is a different beast all together. Just look at how much the physical versions sell for.
  5. NONE of the skins in the EPIC game store are discontinued. ALL skins are eventually brought back into the store.
  6. Frankencastle was so good. Is there a more recent comic book within the Marvel Universe that incorporates Monster island from the Godzilla universe?
  7. So you don't think Lex Luther was ever superman either right?
  8. Yeah I'm not going to get into a big thing about this but Superman Man of Steel #22 is pretty clear that Henry Irons becomes the man of steel but whatever. Ray J and the creepsquad will rise again.
  9. I don't understand how you can say Steel isn't a version of Superman. Anyways here is Ray J throwing Princess in the pool.
  10. superman man of steel 26 has the title" Reign of the Supermen" on the cover with Steel and Superman side to side. Who do you think that is talking about?