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  1. I have one that's a 6.5; not 100% sure of the PQ but it's not C/OW..I think it's OW/W if you're interested. dB
  2. yeah but we both know that the buyers here are cheaper than ANY convention!
  3. Hello all: Listed many WATA games last night on eBay at no reserve. Happy to discuss them via PM if someone is interested. Here are links to the various games. Again, if you see one you like, shoot me a PM. N64 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask WATA 8.0 B+ NES 1943: The Battle of Midway WATA 9.4 A NES Castlevania III Dracula's Curse WATA 8.5 A NES Tracy WATA 9.4 A NES Friday the 13th WATA 9.2 A Sealed Black Circle NES Heavy Barrel WATA 9.2 B+ NES Kung Fu Heroes WATA 9.4 A+ NES Mega Man 3 WATA 9.0 A NES Predator WATA 8.5 B+ NES Tec
  4. Take 5% off all two, take 7% off the second book. Closes at midnight
  5. Witches Tales 20 CGC 3.0 Off-White $375 An Lyft rider's nightmare....which is why we prefer Uber :P
  6. Vault of Horror 16 CGC 7.0 Off-White $750 Will consider offers on this one as well; pretty cool zombie cover
  7. Mister Miracle 2 CGC 9.4 White $235 First Granny Goodness; speculators dream book
  8. Haunt of Fear 15 CGC 7.0 Cream to Off-White $475
  9. Haunt of Fear 6 CGC 8.0 Off-White $800 Bought this one raw; had it pressed and scored an awesome grade. Not sure where to price it so I'll definitely listen to offers. If you're interested, shoot me a PM
  10. Batman 62 CGC 5.5 Off-White to White $1,750 Very pretty Catwoman cover
  11. Hello all... Been absent for a while but now I've got some time to list some books that have been lying around. As we all know, is king and voids any negotiations via PM or otherwise. I will consider offers via PM if you'd like... Domestic shipping will be $10 per book; will combine shipping. Not looking to ship international on these at this time but PM me if you're interested and we may be able to work out something. Let's just do PayPal on these....much easier. I'll accept returns but you'll cover shipping both ways. All books are CGC graded so you know what you'
  12. Hello all... I just recently picked up a small OO collection locally. Nothing too fantastic but some decent run filler books that are in decent shape outside of a few. This is the last book from that collection and I'm gonna offer it here before it's off to a plastic tomb. No HOS or PL or my personal list. I reserve the right to not sell to you if I so choose. If you think you're on my personal list, PM first. This book is unpressed and in hand. Domestic shipping is included and will be via USPS Priority in a box. I'll take PayPal on this one. I'll accept