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  1. Hello all... I just recently picked up a small OO collection locally. Nothing too fantastic but some decent run filler books that are in decent shape outside of a few. This is the last book from that collection and I'm gonna offer it here before it's off to a plastic tomb. No HOS or PL or my personal list. I reserve the right to not sell to you if I so choose. If you think you're on my personal list, PM first. This book is unpressed and in hand. Domestic shipping is included and will be via USPS Priority in a box. I'll take PayPal on this one. I'll accept returns but you'll cover shipping both ways. This book is raw and is unrestored. This is definitely a gambling man's book....its very solid and has nice paper....if it hits 7.0, then good for you I feel it's a 7.0 after a press but what do I know
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #22 CGC 7.0 White $185 Batman 227 CGC 7.5 Off-White to White $450 Both books are very nice examples for the grade.....will post scans tomorrow. Thanks everyone
  3. Hello all... Two books on their way back from CGC. Will arrive tomorrow but I'm gonna toss'em up and allow a " pending scan" if you want. If you want to outright, you trump any pending take it's. Domestic shipping will be $5 per book. Not looking to ship international on these at this time. Let's just do PayPal on these....much easier. I'll accept returns but you'll cover shipping both ways. All books are CGC graded so you know what you're getting. I have GPA and know what the last sale is...or was...but I don't know what the next one will be. Maybe it'll be mine. If you buy both books, I'll knock 5% off the price of each book and ship for free. And here we go...
  4. Tales of Suspense 83 Copy B 1.5/G- $5 poor copy; cover completely split and detached. Run filler