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  1. I'm very excited to send a few books off for Todd's signature, but I had a question about sending the actual books in for the signing.  The instructions specifically say to submit books in window bags, but what about CGC Graded Books or even CGC Signature Series books with another signature?  Will CGC crack a holder for this type of private signing?  If they will open the slabs, should I include a window bag for each book once it comes out of the slab?

    Also, how would you go about requesting a certain color of pen for the signing?  Would they typically have the standard Sharpie in black, silver, gold, etc...  Should the exact pen/marker requested be included in the submission?

    Would love some insight to the process if anyone has ever participated in a CGC Private Signing before!  Thanks!


  2. Eeeh...FC and BC are about equal IMO.


    Some foxing on both sides and a few dings and bends but nothing terrible. Solid 6.5. 7 may be possible...


    Could use a press!


    So, truth be told, I left the world of collecting in the early 2000's as my career and family life took more and more time (and money) so the idea of slabbing and such is relatively new to me. This is really my first return to the hobby, although it's mainly to sell what I can and make some space in the house... :)


    Pressing seems to be hot topic and it's something I was reading up on last night a little bit. It seems to me that the greatest rewards might be in trying to push a 9.X up a grade or two, but at something like a 6.5-7.0 is it really going to make a marked difference?


    Looking at Ebay, the 6.5's and 7.0's look to be within a $100 of each other when they sell. And the pressing service looks to run anywhere from $10 to $50?


    Could this book maybe get bumped up a little more than that with a pressing treatment?


    Again, I understand the controversy and I'm all for full disclosure, but I am interested in hearing about the pressing experience from anyone out here...


    Thanks again everyone, these boards have been a great help so far!