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  1. My favorite of JDM's SF/fantasy novels is "The Girl, The Gold Watch, and Everything". It's probably best described as Science-Fantasy and it's far more a comedy than his normal work. I still need to track down a 1st edition. @Pat Calhoun showed his other two SF novels, although Planet of the Dreamers is normally published as Wine of the Dreamers. It's arguably his actual first novel; although "The Brass Cupcake" was published as a book first the magazine version of Dreamers showed up in Startling Stories a few months earlier. My personal favorite of his SF short stories is "Final Mission", in the Nov. 1950 Planet Stories. 4 pages that packs one heck of a punch. Just in general, I like his SF more for the tone than the science... he's more interested in the characters than a lot of the authors of the time, and a lot of his stuff might almost be called Space Opera Noir. The other warning I would give is his stories in Super Science Stories tend to be of lesser quality than his other SF stories, although there are exceptions either way. And while I'll probably get 1st editions of his three SF novels eventually I doubt I'll ever track down the first edition of the last short story I'm missing. It's called The Spiralled Myth, and was first published in an APA type publication that was mostly circulated among pros. I just consider myself lucky to have read it at all.
  2. I actually ordered the extra-large Tales from the Crypt issue from him back in September. A beautiful book. We owe him an enormous debt for his keeping the EC stories available for the last half century
  3. How’s the paper? If it’s brittle at all I wouldn’t get it... but if it’s supple despite the yellowing I think I would tell myself I could blow my ECCC budget on that instead of the show
  4. The #110 is decidedly all over the place right now price wise. I’m happy with what I paid for my low grade but presents well for the grade copy, though. And in the wild finds are always fun.
  5. Here's a couple I have handy, skipping the August 1928 since @Ricksneatstuff already showed it... and it's possibly the single scan I've shared on these boards the most times. I still can't quite believe I own a copy.
  6. A couple more Strange Adventures today. The 53 is the last pre-code issue, and I think a lot of people would like to get a hand on the 110 these days.
  7. Found at a local store today; the copy I had previously was a total beater so it's nice to get a decent copy:
  8. Found in the wild today. Not a publisher I normally have any interest in, but I've wanted at least one example of their pre-romance books in my collection for quite a while. I've just never run across any in the wild before:
  9. He's one of my favorites as well; and prolific enough I've still got quite a lot I haven't read. I have a fondness for his science fiction, which a lot of people aren't aware of. I've managed to track down a nearly complete set of his SF pulps.
  10. The second half or so of the Planet run really is just utterly iconic when it comes to SF pulps.
  11. These are the four with the Scribbly backups. The 39 shows up a lot and the 34 took me years to track down.