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    Skis to skis
  2. OtherEric


    Beach to Beach
  3. OtherEric

    Copper Age on the forum

    Nope, near Seattle. The store has awesome dollar boxes on occasion, though... I guess they figure if they're selling a comic for 3 Million, their standards for what isn't worth bothering with are different than normal stores.
  4. OtherEric

    Copper Age on the forum

    I wonder if I got your copy; I got a SA X-Men 24 from that store a few months ago as well. Two books doesn't prove anything, but it's at least a slightly odd 1-2 combo...
  5. OtherEric

    YEAR IN REVIEW: What's New In Your Collection...

    Trying to select the best of my pick-ups for the year. As is the case the last few years, I've been leaning into the Pulps quite a bit. They're just so much more affordable than comics right now it's hard to resist, although it seems like more and more people are figuring out what a deal they are and the competition is picking up for them. Mystery in Space #1 is a book I was crazy happy to get. The Frazetta story is amazing, and like all the DC Frazetta stories, they've never looked better than their original printings. (As far as I know, that's in part because almost all the reprintings had to go back to the printed books to source the material.) The Mad #24 is the first Magazine issue; an extremely historically important and very, very funny book. I actually got Mad 24-31 this year; which gives me all the Kurtzman edited material (including some inventory stories) in the Magazine format. Classic stuff that hasn't had multiple comprehensive reprintings like the comic book issues (although large chunks have been reprinted.) September 1927 Amazing Stories, with first publication of Lovecraft's The Colour Out of Space. A classic story, and it's almost a half decade older than my next oldest Lovecraft pulp. Not a grail like the 1st Buck Rogers I got last year, but still one of the three bedsheet Amazings I really wanted and I'm delighted to have all three now. (3rd was the other Buck Rogers issue.) Add in a Tales of Suspense #52 for the silver age side, and illustrations by Adam Hughes, Todd Nauck, and Ty Templeton for my Legion sketchbook, and this has been a great year for my collecting interests. No absolute grail pickups, but an unusually high number of high profile items that fall just short of grail level.
  6. OtherEric

    Tips on Collecting Golden Age!

    Look at some of the books here: https://digitalcomicmuseum.com/ It's only Public Domain material, so no DC, Marvel, or EC books. But it will let you get a good look at a LOT of material before you dive in deeper.
  7. OtherEric


    Marvel Science Stories to Marvel Stories. (Same series, just renamed)
  8. The "Doc Savage Science Detective" covers near the end of the run are all pretty oddball.
  9. OtherEric


    Duck to Duck
  10. OtherEric

    Multiple covers

    Here’s an oddity I’ve had for a long time, never sure what to do with it. Only a double cover, but the outside is newsstand and the inside is direct:
  11. OtherEric

    Canadian Mark Jewelers Copy

    I have no idea. While I suspect I own several more, the only Mark Jeweler issue I know I have for sure is Logan's Run #6, and I only know that because I ran across the issue in storage a few weeks ago. BUT, if somebody had the 75c version, it would give us some info, one way or another. I'm also curious if the 75c MJ version exists at all; I'm not clear on how completely documented every possible issue having the variant is.
  12. Two books in this week. I already have the Nov-Dec 47 issue, but the price was too good to miss. I know someone who will appreciate it as a Christmas gift.
  13. OtherEric

    Canadian Mark Jewelers Copy

    A quick oddball question: Does anybody have this issue with a 75c price and the insert? That would seem to be the obvious question to ask at this point.
  14. Do you know what books there are that don't actually have the logo, but would be AA books from the era? Obviously the Big All-American Comic Book, but I wonder if any of the Picture Stories from the Bible collections actually came out in the relative time frame, as well. Mind you, I fully respect using the lack of the actual logo to not include the Big AA book as part of the run; it's not what I would call an easy book to get. (I've actually got 3 tearsheets from the book so I've got the Scribbly story; otherwise the reprint will have to do for me for that one.)