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  1. If you just want to read the issue, it's at the Internet archive: https://archive.org/details/Unknown_v02n03_1939-11_PDF_unz.org The copy they have was scanned from the "Weeks collection", has anybody else ever heard of that? I've got several issues from it, they turn up all over the Puget Sound region it seems. I'm actually just starting to read some more Chandler, gathering up some books so I'm ready to go soon:
  2. And a few more. Valor is right in the middle of my rankings of the New Direction books... the scripting and plots are pretty dull, but the art is beautiful and the subjects are exciting even if the stories they go to aren't always.
  3. I understand that impulse. I went for a somewhat easier target, though. This one has the first appearance of "The Bronze Door" by Chandler:
  4. Had slacked for a few days, but I'm close enough to the end of my run that I might as well press on:
  5. Thought maybe one or two people would like to see my fix on this; I got an eyeglass repair kit with a suitably small screw and washer. That actually went perfectly into the other half of the joint; although I'm not 100% sure even now if it was just soft metal from the original joint, or an actually threaded connection of some sort. But it will do, and if not perfect it looks and works far better than I hoped:
  6. If that was a VF/NM copy then what does this one I found for $10 at Half Price Books last year before grade as? 9.6?
  7. Nice! I have a copy but mine is pretty rough. I personally prefer this eye-popping cover to the Bergey, but am happy to have both. The PKD is uncredited but it's tentatively attributed to Valigursky.
  8. Here’s an early Whitman comic... in fact, I think it’s the very first. 1922.
  9. As far as I know, they won't slab this one yet. Although the 60's magazine size Analog's would be one of the obvious runs for them to start with if they do start slabbing pulps; as published it's squarebound and trimmed, so really not much different than most of the Warren mags, actually, in format:
  10. We can tell it was produced first, at least. But I'm not sure anybody is 100% positive on printing/release order.
  11. Second, I’ve been saying every time this one comes up I need to upgrade, because it’s a spectacular cover, and a copy in my wheelhouse finally turned up. A spine split to just below the lower staple and very slight discoloration along the spine dropped the price on this copy way down but it’s still a gorgeous book:
  12. Two books in today. First up is a Weird Fantasy: