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  1. So, something a little different. I just got in a lot of 11 issues of GALAXY from 1958 for dirt cheap. An extra, coverless copy of the September issue was included. Since it was already coverless, and I had a second, better, copy in the lot, I decided to take it apart to scan some of the interior images. They're all by Wally Wood. I'm also including a scan of the August issue cover, rather than the September, because it's by Wood as well.
  2. Always useful. As near as I can tell, if you look around the internet (and archive.org is the best starting place) there are only a dozen issues of the original Weird Tales run that haven't been scanned and shared.
  3. Avon Fantasy Reader really is a fun book to track down. In a lot of ways it’s almost a “best of weird tales” series, only not just drawing from that magazine specifically. Thanks for posting the other half of the run.
  4. And, finally, just a few more Avon Fantasy Reader covers for fun. I really do need to track down the last 6 issues I'm missing one of these years.
  5. And they even managed to track down a never before printed Robert E. Howard story for the last issue. No clue if that was what Howard originally called it, though:
  6. Conan got away without editing, though. These do have the honor of being only the second times the stories ever saw print, though, before the collections started being released.
  7. They even switched titles on Robert E. Howard stories. These were originally "The Gods of Bal-Sagoth" and "The Voice of El-Lil"
  8. Avon Fantasy Reader loved giving stories new titles. The story was originally called "The Body-Masters". They got even more extreme on this one; the original title of the Weinbaum story was "Flight on Titan".
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  10. A couple more books with uncollected Harlan Ellison stories. Note that one of these has the story "Assassin!", which is not to be confused with the story "The Assassin" which I posted the cover of not long ago.