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  1. This one may be posted somewhere back in the thread. Heck, it's not impossible I posted it somewhere back in the thread...
  2. To be fair, the Startling cover is more "Halloween" than "Horror", but I'll go with it today.
  3. Weird Tales had less covers that I would actually consider Horror than I might expect.
  4. It's written by Christopher Priest, who is writing the main Vampirella title right now as well. I'm a little behind on my reading; particularly since I had forgotten the title was coming out and didn't have it on my list until #2. I'll sit down and read them (and get caught up on the current Vampirella series) sometime this weekend.
  5. That, and everybody knows that the Honus Wagner card is the most valuable baseball card. It has value from its own fame at this point. Which is arguably utterly ridiculous... but it's a very real factor in why the card is still famous and valuable. Or, if you collect old paperbacks: Ace D-15 is not the rarest paperback by a long shot and if you compare sales it probably wouldn't be the most expensive. But it is, hands down, the most famously rare and valuable paperback; and pretty much every paperback collector wants a copy because of that. The rarer and more expensive books are not as universally wanted by the collectors. Collectors are weird... and I say that as a collector. Some items collectors want because collectors have always wanted them. Comics are actually a bit more sane than some hobbies; as you suggest Action #1 has far better reasons to be the top item in the hobby than what some hobbies elevate.
  6. When I looked closely, the staples were nearly perfectly aligned on both of the Mad #17's. So I pulled the 4 center wraps from the damaged cover copy and put them in the intact cover copy. It actually came together as a complete book better than I had hoped. Which leads to the next point: if anybody needs parts from a Mad #17 with a damaged cover and the 5th, 6th, and 7th wraps incomplete; let me know and I'll pass them on.
  7. Time for some thread necromancy. Here's a pair of books to a good home; the 23 is in nice shape (I wound up buying a small lot to get a couple other issues I needed); the 25 has some slight water damage on the back that bugs me more than it really should. Probably because it was my own damn fault for leaving the book out; on the up side I was able to report the very small leak to my landlord. But I felt the need to replace it when I've kept far worse books happily. Rules: First I'll take it takes the pair. Shipping in the US is on me; if you're not in the US you're welcome to them as well but we'll need to work out you paying for the delivery. Also: If anybody wants the UK Savage Swords I offered a couple years ago, I can try to dig them out as well; they were never claimed. Same rules as with the pair of Hulks. If you want both lots, please wait 24 hours to claim the second one; I want to give more people a chance. UPDATE: Hulks are claimed, the UK Savage Swords are still up for grabs.
  8. So, as I mentioned over in the 100 years thread, I'm regretting not having finished off my Rampaging Hulk run earlier; they're trending up right now, particularly the Moon Knight issues. I figured I should deal with this hole in my collection before it got worse. Here are the first couple books from that effort, neither of these have Moon Knight but most of the others I have on the way do:
  9. So, my local store missed my pull on Sacred Six #3. Since I was mostly getting a copy to read, I figured why not go for the VF copy of the 1:20 ratio cover MCS had for less than cover, particularly if my local shop finally came through with my reorder after I broke down and got it else where. Glad I did, since my LCS finally did get my reorder in. (No Vampi on the main cover, so not posting it here).
  10. Honestly, you can't go wrong with the Goodwin edited run on Detective, all the way through. Since you were asking about Batman issues, I won't even mention the incredible Manhunter series by Goodwin & Simonson, other than the amazing conclusion in 443 where it ties in with Batman. But the other issues: 438: A nice Aparo story that acts as something of an epilogue to the original Ra's al Ghul storyline. 439: Great Adams cover 440: ... they can't all be winners... 441: Howard Chaykin art and (arguably) first Harvey Bullock 442: Alex Toth Batman story. A horribly underrated issue.
  11. A fun, goofy issue? With some oddball crossover appeal? And enough of a rights headache over the story that it hasn't been reprinted in decades, and never in English? I think the number of people who think it's goofy will keep it from ever being a super-hot book, but for the reasons I listed I think it will always have people grabbing it when they see it. Reader copy I snagged in a dollar bin a few weeks ago, to add some color to the post:
  12. Just found this while looking for something else, had forgotten I had it.