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  1. A very nice start! Some great Bill Everett work in that one. I actually prefer lower grade books when it comes to Golden Age; they're more affordable and you can actually read them without being terrified you'll drop the value.
  2. I want to say I have 16 of those? 17 if you let me count my 3/4 cover Savage Tales 1.
  3. Just got this in. Noteworthy for part 6 of Genius Jones, a rare non-Doc Savage story by Lester Dent.
  4. Jack Davis doing some SF work is one of the many little gems found in the last year of the EC comics.
  5. Nice. I think I need to find myself at least some small Arkham House run to try and work on beyond the Arkham Sampler run I have. Maybe the Solar Pons books would be a good project...
  6. I have to agree with you, that's clearly a horror story. It reminds me somewhat of the Hero/ Horror hybrid stories in VENUS, actually. Now I'm wondering what the first EC SF story and cover are...
  7. And this one speaks for itself. If this isn't recognized as a classic cover yet it's certainly working it's way there quickly, I think almost everybody who has seen a copy on this thread has instantly wanted one for themselves:
  8. Two items in today. The first is this, which is actually pages from six issues put together to form a complete copy of the story. Pretty nicely done, and was only $10.
  9. I think it's quite possible that a Halloween cover could also be a Horror cover. I think trying to identify the first EC horror cover is actually an interesting discussion, and a Land of the Lost cover is as likely a candidate as any. I do not require that the creators of the book actually consciously thought "This is horror" to count a cover as horror. I also think that, if we do pick a Land of the Lost cover as the first EC horror cover, 6 or (less certainly) 5 are probably better candidates for the honor. Scans from GCD, if anybody has better ones I would love to see them:
  10. An odd question: a listing online claims this is the first EC horror cover. I was wondering if this was generally agreed, or if it was just a certain dealer trying to double their already high price tag on the book.
  11. Today's book. No back cover, $10, sold by the original owner, and a gorgeous Williamson cover & adaptation of Bradbury's "A Sound of Thunder"
  12. This. There is also the long term historical inertia... even the Famous First Editions included Sensation 1, not All-Star 8. There may also be a small element of it was not considered the key book of the run for ages, All-Star 3 was.