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  1. Not necessarily my favorite; it’s hard not to put the Shock #6 or WS-F #29 at the top of the list. But my favorite sleeper EC cover:
  2. Not sure if it’s my favorite... I’ve got a lot of love for most of the titles... but MAD was the first one I fell in love with, before I ever heard of the others: I need to update the 2nd picture, thanks to @RazeI've upgraded my 17 since I first put together the set.
  3. Welcome! We always have room for more here! If you’re not sure where to start, I would track down some reprints and figure out what you’re most interested in to start. I think the War books are a great place to start right now, they’re super cheap compared to the other genres. Panic and New Direction books are also cheap, but mostly aren’t as good as the other titles. They’re still better than 98% of the books from era, just not as good as the rest of the EC’s (with some exceptions.) You might also look for covers you like that haven’t made the classic cover list, there are lots
  4. This small run has parts 3-7 (of 7) of The Chessmen of Mars. It's not that I was actively seeking out the Burroughs issues, it's that most of the box my LCS got in was Burroughs issues. They certainly have a higher appeal than the issues without any names I recognize, though! I think the 3/11/22 issue does cross the line from "annoyingly out of register" to "fascinatingly out of register", at least.
  5. It looks like, as the #181 becomes impossible, the #180 is gaining momentum as an alternative... and, of course, the fact that it's the actual first appearance. I'll need to dig my copy out of storage, even missing the marvel value stamp it's looking more and more like that was a well spent $5 back in the day. (I've never had the #181)
  6. Right, just going to post a few of the issues I've already got scanned each day, since i still haven't replaced my scanner. I think some of them are already on the previous page, but I'm just going in order. These three are all from 1921, so a century old now. They each have part of the original serialization of "Tarzan the Terrible"; but I've only got 3 of the 7 parts:
  7. The only one I'm sure of the source on; although I think the one in the upper left is a colored version of art from the first issue?
  8. Not a super difficult run to put together once I started looking, but not a series where all the issues are available instantly if you want to throw money at people either:
  9. Congratulations! In honor of your pick-up, I’ll wear my shirt today
  10. In today, this gives me the whole run. I’ll post a group shot in the 100 years thread at some point: