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  1. Thanks for the responses. So if I am understanding the FMV limits, these dollar values per tier are the amounts that CGC will be responsible should something happen while the book is in their possession, correct?
  2. Guess I am part of a small group...I still buy and read it. If you have any interest in politics, given the current administration, you can land on some pretty funny stuff.
  3. Their offices are closed today (7/5/2019) and I would like to ship tomorrow. So "Economy" has a max value of $400 or "Value" at $200, if the book has a FMV of, e.g., $1750, does this force you to use the "Express" category? Any response would be appreciated. Thanks.....
  4. I thought that was aren't kidding....history behind that name that is.
  5. A 9.8 Daredevil #4....sold by "KellysSuperHeroes" is this the seller whose name has come up on the boards on more than one occasion?
  6. Totally makes Mother always said I didn't pay attention, damn, parent(s) right again.
  7. Am I missing something with this book's price?
  8. I too am in MD and while the following response doesn't speak directly to the OP's question, historically if I receive a slab(s) in the winter and it's cold out I generally place the box in the garage (garage is warmer than the outside temp) for a few hours before bringing it in the warmer house. I've always been concerned that very cold slab or any book for that matter could develop condensation if it gets warm to fast. I "ain't" a physicist so I may be completely off base. After more reading of this post, I guess my response is relevant to the gist of the OP's question.
  9. If I've read this right, what the heck happened to collecting comics for the love of comics? Another reason to stick with CGC? An effort to manipulate the market, in a number of venues isn't that considered illegal? At least they being up front about it. Has this kind of thing been done before?
  10. I wonder if mine is older, my "Robert Bell" bag doesn't present (For Current Comics)......I may be really OLD.
  11. My guess is this has been mentioned already, however I do think this 3rd season is great, but in season 1& 2 and now 3, Daredevil gets his butt kicked more often than necessary.
  12. Overall, I am okay with his take on many things but, in my opinion he get's it wrong on a number of things, e.g., religion and the military, and I think he is wrong with his comments for which Stan Lee's passing has served as a catalyst. In all likelihood he's frustrated that he isn't a avid comic collector.