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  1. The technical aspects of survey design is relatively manageable, the data collection\survey instrument can be very difficult to develop, i.e., issues around validity, reliability, etc. It would likely be a good idea for CGC to revamp their instrument......I am basing my conclusion on the information presented in this the way what were the income ranges? Just curious.
  2. So a friend of mine who has a very different lifestyle than I passed along the following to me. Evidently, he ran across an escort's application for services and her last entry on the application was the following: "This is honestly the most important question on this form. However, I will not discriminate based on how you answer." This text was followed by a drop down menu for you to make a choice........ Marvel ____ DC______ Neither_____ Both_____
  3. Page 18....Tales to Astonish #59.....For some reason I’ve always remembered this panel, not necessarily a favorite panel, but one I like. General Thunderbolt Ross, not a fan of Banner.
  4. I am just curious, silver age forward, what other artists in your opinion do you feel one could attribute the "punching bag" descriptor too? I can think of two, likely Frank Robbins and maybe the early Luke Cage artist whose name escapes me at the moment. But again, the upshot for me is the work was being published. But then again I am not a fan of all of Salvador Dali's or Picasso's work either.
  5. As a "still learning" recreational sequential artist I am not fond of the man's art, however he is doing something I am not, having his work published. One thing of note for me is that a colleague of mine who is not a reader of comics at all is familiar with RL's art and the criticism which follows it. Regardless, to imply RL is on some level positivly compared to Kirby is a real, real stretch.
  6. It is....I loved it to a grade 2.0 but as a kid I thought of it as mint!
  7. Older brother picked it up off a spinner rack for me, guess I was 7yo (last day of school 1st grade). Recently purchased an upgraded copy but will always keep this first copy.
  8. My dream of being a grader in my retirement has been crushed! I guess shipping is a possibility though!
  9. Who would have "Thunk It" Kav likes 'em "Thick And Juicy".....I gotta admit that is the way to go! Thick comics are good too!
  10. Stains are brutal on grades....tear at the is, 6.5