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  1. Artwork used for other mediums What other artwork can you find that was used beyond the original comic? For instance, Transmetropolitan #2 page 20 was arguably the inspiration for the statue. What other pages are out there (besides the solo character standing alone)?
  2. The Marvel chipping killed my grade. Otherwise it would have been at least 9.2...
  3. That would be my guess as well. I love Spy vs Spy vs Spy. No one ever talks about this series so I never have a chance to share
  4. I will eventually start selling here but in the meantime some of those I have purchased from might be nice enough to post their thoughts here. Thanks
  5. Very pleased with my purchase. Would not hesitate to buy from again.
  6. I don't want to spend the time cropping this image but the bottom middle panel "Unorthodox... Economic... Revenge" has always been a favorite of mine. Although the following panels "Hssss" also cracks me up. I love the way Dave does his word balloons. But the rain is so well drawn you can almost feel wet when reading it.
  7. I have a few covers. You cannot have the Darrow ones but I would be willing to discuss selling or trading the others. Are there any in particular you are looking for?
  8. I have not had a chance to get this graded but it should turn out good. I need to find someone to press it as the picture does not show some unevenness on the cover that will easily press out.