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  1. You'll get first dibs should I decide to sell it.
  2. Here we go. I bought this copy many moons ago from Harley Yee.
  3. The Heritage copy has a large miswrap. Most copies, including my one, don't have that defect.
  4. [CLOSED] Mostly G, Some S, 1 B: CLOSED

    I will take this as well...
  5. Above average copy for that book. As they used to say on eBay back in the day, vivid!!
  6. Rest In Peace, John Verzyl

    Always an upbeat and positive force at all the San Diego Cons I attended, and without question one of the cornerstones of the hobby. Dreadful news, more so because it was unexpected. What a loss for the hobby. Condolences to his friends and family.
  7. Bryant and Fuje were both terrific artists and storytellers. Great stuff.
  8. [CLOSED] Mister Mystery 2 CGC 9.4

    Book is sold. Thanks all!