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  1. With Silver Age, a purple label is a scarlet letter. With GA, it's more accepted, especially if the resto is light. But the trimming would immediately make me think twice. Been collecting for decades, and always avoid trimmed books, even if they look great. Trimming is mutilation in my book.
  2. Nobody's taking my copy of Rifleman 10!
  3. Both books sold via PM. Cheers William!
  4. Menace 8 CGC 8.5. Offering it at considerably less than last time. $995 shipped. SOLD
  5. Captain Aero 11 (1943) CGC 6.0 OWW pages. Basically selling the book for what I paid recently. $995 shipped. SOLD
  6. Just a couple of CGC'd items for sale. Payment - PayPal preferred, bank transfer also okay. Packing - Book will be sent boxed, and shipped by International Signed For. Price of each book includes shipping. Returns - No quibble as long as it's sent back within two weeks of receipt and is in the same condition as sent. First boardie who states that they'll take it gets the book. No naughty folks. Books in a moment.