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  1. Last bump - $3450 for the Weird Tales, 10% off for the two pre-codes. 15% off if you buy ‘em both.
  2. Strange Mysteries 8 5.0 OW. $550. The white line that goes across the main ghoul's nose is part of the artwork.
  3. One book sold - I may post a couple more tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll do a one time 10% discount on the Weird Tales of the Future 7.
  4. Weird Tales of the Future 7 FN-. Very gnarly (and influential) horror cover from Bernard Baily. Classic PCH. $3950.
  5. Detective Comics 76, CGC 5.0 Slight B-1. Presents well, with the main resto being the tear seal from the bottom that goes through Robin. Strong colors. Selling at what I paid for it. $1100. SOLD