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  1. Rick took these boards by storm and never put a foot wrong - it’s all about the work ethic and knowing the market, which takes time and dedication. Salutations to one of the very best.
  2. Seamless transaction and comms, couldn't ask for more from a buyer!
  3. It's there if you look to the left of the first scan, halfway down.
  4. Will most likely close out the thread now and start a new one later in the month. Will send out outstanding invoices asap. Take 10% off whatever's left.
  5. Witches Tales 25 VG+ 4.5. C/OW pages. Howard Nostrand gets ahead on the cover art. Tight and supple copy. $1850.
  6. Another couple this evening. Will close out the thread tomorrow. Weird Tales Of The Future 7 FN-. OWW pages. One of Bernard Baily's best and most influential pre-code works. Tight with strong colors. $3950.
  7. Make that two more. Phantom Lady 14 GVG 3.0 $925. SOLD
  8. One more for this evening - Tales To Astonish 1 FVF $7950. Rich colors and inks, and seldom seen in nice shape. Pricey, but this book is really nice in hand. Back cover wear looks worse in the scan than in hand.
  9. Mystic 18 FN- $1395. Sought after issue in the run. Classic Everett cover.
  10. A couple more nice (raw) pre-codes this evening. Ghostly Weird Stories 122 VG+ $2400. Strong colors, classic LB Cole. SOLD