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  1. goldust40

    Batman DAMNED #1

    What a cockup Just pants.
  2. goldust40

    Batman DAMNED #1

    Damn. Missed out on another new book that has spiked.
  3. goldust40

    JollyComics Kudos Thread.

    Great, reliable seller - tight grader and speedy service. Can’t ask for more. Cheers Michael!
  4. goldust40


    Take it
  5. I'll send you a wants list Shep.
  6. Agreed. As an Atlas war collector of many years, it’s one of a handful of books I’m still after to finish all the runs.
  7. goldust40

    Dark Mysteries # 19

    You may not be alone there...
  8. goldust40


  9. goldust40


    Here we go - Planet Comics 13, bought from you on September 13 2016. An awesome book indeed.
  10. goldust40


    I’ll take it.