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  1. Well, I guess so. I have a couple of U.S. boardies who you can ship to.
  2. Almost redundant to say how awesome the USA 7 cover is.
  3. goldust40

    JANUARY 2019 Blowout THREAD ....

    I will take it.
  4. The top piece is one of my favorite cartoons ever. Just brilliant.
  5. Merry Christmas, fellow GAers.
  6. goldust40

    Anybody have any pre-SOTI books?

    Just read through this thread - a wonderful bit of work and some great archivism! Fascinating articles and finds.
  7. goldust40

    Three years of purchases piled up

    Just about every book in this thread would be in my wheelhouse - great books. Nothing like going through a large batch of goodies like that.
  8. Rarely see people leave a bid until the last second. That rival bidder is cruel!
  9. Let me be the first to say, Attaboy, Billy!
  10. Total for the first 25 Planets was around $500K.