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  1. I remember the line for Dark Knight Returns 1 was round the block when it was released in 1986, from St. Giles Circus through Denmark Street onto the Charing Cross Road. It did help that Frank Miller and Lynn Varley were doing a signing that day at Forbidden Planet. Still have both signed copies.

    Apart from that, yes, Death of Superman. Usually a small line that barely got outside the store, and customers were restricted to two copies (it was the original speculator era).

  2. 2 minutes ago, Dr. Love said:

    A remarkable book, arguably more realistic and less comic booky than any other.  Anderson's masterpiece.

    With this price for an 8.0, CR-OW no less, and that should be factored in, would that make this the highest priced PCH to date?


    A Venus 19 in 8.5 sold a while back on this forum for somewhere around $20K. I suspect that if 9.2 / 9.4 copies of Black Cat 50, Weird Mysteries 4,5, etc. appeared on the market they would crack the $20K mark. Not that I've ever seen copies of Weird Mysteries 4 and 5 in such grades...

  3. 2 minutes ago, herc2000 said:

    I was talking to one of the biggest sellers of comics, he said they have done this because they want us to see things in all categories and not just select categories like silver age. 

    That way, we might buy other stuff, lol. No I will not, I just won't bother to look at all anymore, I did try to have a look earlier, there was lots of manga, British comics, British annuals, graphic novels, more manga, quite a few modern comics , quite a few cups, autobiographies, cook books and within the first four pages I found one bronze age comic, Black Goliath 4, lol.

    So effectively they are telling us how to shop, which, given the broad amount of stuff on offer, is ludicrous.

  4. 49 minutes ago, Sauce Dog said:

    Why had no one crapped all over on Blade: Trinity yet? Cause that beats pretty much everything.

    Also, the newest Godzilla flick was a triple B threat - Bland, Boring, and Bad - so I think it's going to find its way to my top 5 worst "hollywood blockbusters" ever.

    Godzilla was awe-inspiringly bad - with a few -script tweaks and even worse acting (if that were possible) it could've been a comedy.

  5. 17 minutes ago, Ken Aldred said:

    Beat me to it. 

    As an Eisner fan, amazing I could actually finish watching it.

    Worst of all, is that I knew it was going to be soul-destroyingly bad after about twenty seconds.

    After the cringeworthy initial dialogue, I realized what I had let myself in for but carried on watching anyway. Everyone in it was so bloody awful, it was surreal - and none of it made much sense.

    Even the presence of Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johansson couldn't detract from the nightmare. And when the film finally finished, I still had six hours of the flight left. :tonofbricks:

    A tip of the hat by the way to the all but forgotten Dck Tracy, which is a close second to the Spirit for me for being so similar - wooden, zero depth, self-indulgent and so poorly directed you didn't care what happened. A vanity project for Beatty and Madonna.

  6. 9 minutes ago, Get Marwood & I said:
    20 minutes ago, goldust40 said:

    Usually their methodology involves making it impossible for anyone to datamine anything, although this latest move is just contemptuous, really.

    Indeed. It's getting harder and harder to find what you want lately. There were always occasions where books wouldn't show up in searches but it seems to be much worse now. If someone posts a listing called "Dog Pot Yoghurt", I expect that to come up if I search for "Dog Pot Yoghurt" in 'All Categories', whether they posted it in the Yoghurt category or Fish Fingers category. An exact wording title match should always appear regardless. And surely, they'd get more sales if it did?


    Dog Pot Yoghurt - great series! Although I favour the Sanskrit variants.

    As I said, it's refinement for the sake of it. Whether the move is counter-intuitive is beside the point, as it's all about "progress".

  7. 4 hours ago, Get Marwood & I said:

    What is it with ebay? I wouldn't be without it, as it's almost singularly responsible for the majority of my research. But every change, every time, is a step backwards. Every tinker is a stinker. Let's hope this is a temporary step or a mistake of some kind. 

    Usually their methodology involves making it impossible for anyone to datamine anything, although this latest move is just contemptuous, really.

  8. On 6/11/2019 at 4:20 PM, herc2000 said:

    Can't believe what they have done over here, they have made it so that all the comics, graphic novels, manga are all in one section ;-(

    So I can no longer just click on the silver age section or bronze age section, you have to scroll through all the modern stuff among other things as well!

    What a joke, if you click on the silver age tab, it just keeps taking you around in circles. Was easy to use how it was before (up until this morning), newly listed, then I would pick between silver age, bronze age and browse.

    Thought that was just me - can't figure out why they need to continually refine the system for its own sake.

    Maybe they wants less deals, or maybe No Deal. :whatthe:

  9. 6 minutes ago, mustang33guy said:

    Black Phantom #1

    Very scarce book from Magazine Enterprises!

    a very neat book that doesn’t come around everyday. Some paper loss on the bottom right corner. And back top left edge. Amazing good girl art inside! Off white to white pages.