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  1. Bought it from you during a weak moment on your part. I've had a few of those, on this forum, over the years. Including ones it appears I've forgotten about. Pass the resin.
  2. I can't remember the background of that book but I don't mind hearing it. In the end I have to doff my cap to you as you generally did considerably better than I did (although I didn't do badly considering I'm in the wrong country for this hobby of ours).
  3. Before Takeabot? Yep. I was the bot before takebot. In order to compete with the master F5er I'll need a faster machine and never sleep. That said, folks here often remarked that I'd be up until 3AM GMT buying books.
  4. It is scary how long we've been here. For what it's worth, it's still my home as far as the net is concerned.
  5. No but @golddust40 is It was just an in-joke between me and October - a long time ago the Bethlehem copy of Tomahawk 116 came up on eBay and I nabbed it just before he was going to (I still have it, for what it's worth, and it's a VFN+). Not in the running for Adams cover Tomahawks, as I have them all, but they are things to treasure.
  6. Sacrilege! How dare you besmirch the Sea Devils?! Even worse, Detective Chimp was smarter than the Sea Devils. Angel And The Ape could outsmart them all...
  7. Richard goes that extra mile to protect himself from Covid-19...