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  1. Jumbo Comics 10 has sold! Taking offers on the Dead Who Walk. No judging here, the worst I can say is no.
  2. One more book for this thread - Dead Who Walk CGC 7.5. Awesome one shot pre-code book with strong colors. $4600 shipped. Edit - crease that goes from spine to the girl is on the slab, as is the schmutz in the lower left corner. Far less noticeable in hand.
  3. Jumbo Comics 10 CGC 4.0 OWW pages. Classic Lou Fine cover. Selling it for what I paid - $2200 (price includes shipping). SOLD. Payment - Paypal preferred, bank transfer also okay. Packing - Book will be sent boxed, insured and trackable. Returns - No quibble as long as it's sent back within two weeks of receipt and is in the same condition as sent. No naughty folks.
  4. It shows - his western covers became more and more baroque towards the end. Really detailed and filmic - you wonder where such energy would've led when Atlas morphed into Marvel.
  5. That was a decent looking copy that presented well. Not that many of those around.
  6. Thanks mate. Only need #15 for the set. I've certainly taken my time completing it.
  7. Finally got my hands on a Planet 2. Not in the best of shape, but not too bad. It'll certainly do.
  8. Fifties has already mentioned a great deal, but here's my two pennyworth. E.C. was unquestionably king when it came to art, story, content and identity. In the case of Shock Suspenstories the publisher went further by having several politically themed stories ("preachies") per issue. Harvey were the closest in terms of aping E.C.'s style and were reasonably consistent in their content, while Atlas was up there in terms of quality and their roster of artists (and were obviously the most prolific). Gillmor, Aragon / Media Publications etc. who did Mister Mystery, Weird Mysteries, and Weird Tales of The Future generally had the best covers as far as fandom is concerned, although Harvey had a fair few as well. Anything with Wolverton in it, especially in the first half of the 1950s, is worth checking out. Also recommended for their lurid, kitsch charm were the Iger Workshop produced Ajax-Farrell titles Voodoo, Haunted Thrills and Strange Fantasy. Always been a fan of that publisher. And let's not leave out Charlton, who did Lawbreakers Suspense Stories, Strange Suspense Stories, The Thing and This Magazine Is Haunted. A fair amount of early Ditko in those books, which are worth a look. Ultimately I'd search out some of the reprint books of quite a few of those titles before diving into the heady and ghoulish world of PCH. You may never escape...
  9. Anyways, book is sold via PM. Thanks all for looking!!
  10. what a shameless ploy to get us to post "gosh Andy how pretty". But.... yeah. SOOO lovely
  11. Thanks Andy. A lot of views (although they don't seem to be registering in the column, for some reason) but yours is the first reply..
  12. I've often gone back and forth between the two legends as to who was greater. When I first read the Enemy Ace run in SSWS and the SA / BA Rock issues in OAAW, I immediately thought that no-one could outdo Kubert. But after many years of collecting Atlas, not to mention the DC work Heath did, plus the Artists Edition of his work published by IDW, I'd say they are neck and neck. Either way, Heath was the man for the pre-code era when it came to war books. Kubert by his own admission took most of a decade to reach that level of brilliance we associate with him.
  13. Cheers Scrooge. Yes, buying cheap Atlas war books was one way of staving off the compulsion to buy stuff without breaking the bank (four or five years ago every book was $20 -25 in mid grade) but they also had such great content, art and covers.
  14. Haunted Thrills 13 7.0 / 7.5 for sale. Bright bold cover color and inks, beautiful book that presents really well. Off-white to white pages. $2600 shipped. Payment - Paypal preferred, bank transfer also okay. Packing - Book will be sent boxed, insured and trackable. Returns - No quibble as long as it's sent back within two weeks of receipt and is in the same condition as sent. No naughty folks.
  15. From the several dozen I've read, the stories are reasonably OK, but there is no gore. DC really didn't do horror as such, and their crime books were pretty tame, so they barely changed their content when the code came in. Ironic considering their Bronze Age horror output, which was far more graphic...
  16. Excuse the delay in checking out this list and providing feedback. I'm missing three of those books. Men In Action 7 seems to have slipped through the cracks, for some reason. I remember when Heritage a few years ago were selling Atlas war books in batches of four or five consecutive issues in each title, and one I got outbid on was the latter Men In Actions (this was in a Sunday auction before Heritage changed it to the signature auction format. Most of the books were in high grade. Yes, I wish I'd gone berserk with them). Some of the later Combat Caseys or Kellys are noticeably tougher to find (missing one of each). Battle Action 15 was a bear to find. None of the above books were super-hard to pick up at one point in reasonable shape, but the supply certainly has diminished - I have a few copies of Men's Adventures 13 (one of my favorite war covers, because it's so unusual - the view from inside a tank looking outwards at an imminent onslaught), which was a book that seemed to turn up fairly often, but certainly not now. My favorite Heath covers (if I had to pick any, as all are great) would be War Comics 23 (a CGC 7.5 copy of that book ended at $900 on ebay recently, and frankly the buyer did ok at that price - should've bitten the bullet), War Comics 26, and also Battlefront 15 (never seen a copy of this book above FN). Heath remains my favorite war artist, but then I suspect he's everybody's..
  17. Bought two books from Jim and they arrived promptly, really well packed and as described. Buy with confidence!!
  18. I admit I hadn't heard that (origin) story. The Lizard is certainly a scary character for a kid. And thanks for the praise re the book.
  19. He's weirding me out lately. Did you see him take that Marvel in another thread?! I missed that, but if the Lizard featured in the book, it would make sense...