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  1. Great book hard to find but conserved with cover clean married back cover and centerfold pieces added tear seal ? I'm sorry Hey thats great i was just saying. I would love to have that book and go fishing for G.A.tor. This was a project I have been working on for almost 2 years. I found the various pieces to this book form different places all over the country and had Kenny breathe life in to it. Its complete, and putting it together was one of the most satisfying adventures I've had in this hobby. I'd be happy to show you the before and after pictures if you are interested - it was really amazing work done to this book. Worth all the time and effort - what a book.
  2. Harvey were E.C. copyists, perhaps more than any other PCH publisher. I've read a fair amount of the stories, and some of them are pretty decent, but lacking E.C.'s edge. But then again, there were some pretty impressive covers...
  3. GLWTS. That book has probably my favourite PCH cover, and should be snapped up post-haste.
  4. Maybe the Misfits reunion concerts in September is adding to the attraction... Not to mention that it's a rough black cover and one of the more sought after covers in the run. Can't justify the price for all lower grade copies but maybe this was a case of two or more collectors just wanting it badly! I don't think so. This VG copy on HA just sold for $478 including BP: I'd say the Ebay buyer overpaid. I wouldn't say, judging from the scan, that that was a VG copy.
  5. Let's say USD. Which will soon be stronger than the UK£.
  6. This thread is rapidly becoming the business.
  7. Great reports. Would love to go to one of the more local, smaller shows like these ones. It all looks old school (apart from everything being carefully assembled in mylars and acid free boxes).
  8. 8, 15 and 30 would be in my top five for that title, with 12 and 26.
  9. Yeah, that's pretty unreal. It's a tough book, but not THAT tough. Then again, nothing should surprise me anymore with the market the way it is. Anything I'm interested in on Heritage in their Sunday auctions goes for above GPA, sometimes way above.
  10. Ah what the heck .....hopefully some of these will be too good to pass up..... GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus) I'm on for that and the two Witches Tales. You're keeping me glued to the computer...
  11. It ain't against the rules, although that flip is certainly pushing the boat out. It's a sought after book but it isn't that hot.
  12. There are no words, obviously. My condolences to two great people who I've been fortunate to know who are now in the midst of a tragedy.