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  1. I'm at a bit of a loss as just how to respond to this whole new level of stupid - New message from: fers1977 (734) Hello The last expensive graded comic I got from you was Conan number 2 m, 8.0 graded. Arrived covered in hard plastic grading displayed on the top amazing. I’ve just bought Conan number 3 for £93 and it’s arrived just in a sleeve with no mention of anything. Is the grading just made up or where does it come from? It just seems a bit pot luck as to what I get from you?? Thanks Need I add that the Conan # 3 in question was clearly pictured in it's raw, non slabbed state...?
  2. Is there no set for the Golden Age Timely Red Raven Comics ? I can see it's in the full Timely set, but that's all I can find... Sets can only be created for a comic series, whereas Timely's Red Raven Comics is limited to one issue.
  3. Do you find that he delivers in a reasonable time frame ?
  4. Just wondering if anyone has ever done any business with this company at all ?