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  1. Yes that's the fella thecornishwarlock, I'm qscomics.
  2. Hi Thanks for your reply confirming the good and unopened condition of sea devils no 1 cgc 9.0Can you give me an additional 10% discount and if so I will pay immediately on receipt of an amended special price offer. I will pay by paypalregardsclive qscomics: So, I checked on GPA and the latest sale for this grade is $720 (screenshot attached) - that means at my sale price of 40 % off, this is almost £200 below that price. From: thecornishwarlock To: qscomics Subject: Re: thecornishwarlock has sent a question about item #311457899111, ending on 03-May-20 14:06:12 BST - Sea Devils # 1 The Sea Devils Battle the Octopus Man ! CGC 9.0 scarce book! Sent date: 03-May-20 19:45:25 BST Dear qscomics, Im sorry but I have decided not to buy the comic. apologies for any inconvenience caused. I looked extensively at Sea Devils history and sales and decided it was a bit of an obscure title although the comic and its Heath artwork is fantastic. Thank you for you excellent help and communication and sorry again. No problem, I've really appreciated having my time totally wasted - who would have thought it ? And this was at 40 % 0ff. -qscomics
  3. I had a long chat with Chris one night at dinner in NY. It was quite fascinating hearing about some of her experiences. She did have a store in Vermont, and Joe V used to help her in putting together the collection. She was not impressed when Ian called her up one day though.
  4. I would have linked to the CC auction page from my account, but that doesn't seem to be possible any more...
  5. I remember missing out on that four years ago. Zooming in with HA's huge scans, it looked bad enough that I already had a re-resto quote for it, and couldn't believe it went so high. Considering the $55 K difference between that and the 7.5 Mod (P) copy I got, I certainly prefer mine for the price.
  6. CC had two restored copies in a row last year, an 8.5 in the May auction I think it was, and a 7.5 in the August one...glad I bought it now.
  7. I'm at a bit of a loss as just how to respond to this whole new level of stupid - New message from: fers1977 (734) Hello The last expensive graded comic I got from you was Conan number 2 m, 8.0 graded. Arrived covered in hard plastic grading displayed on the top amazing. I’ve just bought Conan number 3 for £93 and it’s arrived just in a sleeve with no mention of anything. Is the grading just made up or where does it come from? It just seems a bit pot luck as to what I get from you?? Thanks Need I add that the Conan # 3 in question was clearly pictured in it's raw, non slabbed state...?
  8. Is there no set for the Golden Age Timely Red Raven Comics ? I can see it's in the full Timely set, but that's all I can find... Sets can only be created for a comic series, whereas Timely's Red Raven Comics is limited to one issue.