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  1. Got em all.... https://www.qscomics.com/issueslistHiRes.asp?Letter=S&offset=&TitleCode=1187&Title=SUPERBOY
  2. Marwood, you are an utter star ...both of you ! Thank you so much. 😁
  3. I'm trying to upload a new signature line in the Signature Settings, but I can't delete the old one...as you can see here. Every time I delete it, and click save, I go back in and it has reappeared again - what am I doing wrong ?
  4. Bumpy...I can assure everyone I'm a serious buyer, and can have books shipped to the US in case my location puts you off...
  5. Thanks Peter, I have seen it, would maybe prefer something a bit cleaner though...
  6. Looking for these in low to mid grade (must be complete, resto is fine,,raw or slabbed) All American Comics # 16, 61 Captain America Comics # 2,3 Flash Comics # 1, 92 Human Torch # 1 Marvel Comics # 1 More Fun Comics # 53, 54 Sub-Mariner Comics # 1 Superman # 1 Wonder Woman # 11
  7. Interesting...the 8.5 has less resto, both are trimmed...have any other copies sold in between these two sales ? I thought bidding was a bit slow on the 8.5 before the final throes...