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  1. FOdom12

    WTB Modern Runs

    I have the full set of kingdom come in near mint condition; what are you desiring to pay?
  2. FOdom12

    WTB Tribe #1 CGC

    I have I believe a #1 (not Graded) and Signed By Strom in mint condition if you are interested. I would have to look for it as I have 3,500 comics in various boxes-let e know! FOdom12
  3. FOdom12

    WTB: Omega Men CGC(80's)

    I have 2,4,6,7-not cgc-never opened -raw-could not attest to being 9.8 but certain it would grade out 9.5-also #1 uncertified-raw but 9.2
  4. FOdom12

    I Want WOLVERINE and I Want It RAW

    I have Marvel Comics presents #7,#3,#8,#96,#71,#62, #142 and Wolverine #50.All I estimate would grade 9.0 except #50 which is 9.6 (all raw.) Tell me what you are willing to pay since I don't know values. I haven't posted here in about two years. So I hope the picture materializes. I always read the wants and also comments on a regular basis but I don't post.