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  1. The golden state are so good they could reslabe at 9.9
  2. This is cool but expensive -->
  3. This will be expensive till it brakes =\
  4. Check this non comic related RED Sonja Item
  5. Insane Price but well spent for someone
  6. Best that could be figured some one didnt ship to that area and they had to do a small reprint. I sent many emails no one ever answered back :( the 9.8 are far easier to find in the reprint I guess. :)
  7. Selling CGC Kull and the barbarians 1 and 2 In 9.8 payment using Pay Pal Price is 400 US $ Shipping is free to Canada (I am In Canada ) Shipping to USA will be exact (I am guessing around 40$ Canadian but will not know till it is boxed) I suspect at least 3 weeks to get to USA Probably longer to go 20 miles in Canada Books will be insured with tracking using Post Office (fed X would be more) Post I take it here only please (email very unreliable for me )
  8. posted om you tube by Dobby Dee a interesting link -->