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  1. Another lithograph (acetate) finally framed and about to be mounted (Just realised how terrible the picture is, so will retake)
  2. Darn it!!! Need to catch up properly with this thread - some AMAZING rooms to look at.
  3. Nice book and the signature is a super bonus
  4. I have not seen one of these for a while. https://www.ebay.com/itm/X-Men-Legacy-211-Sketch-Variant/401463608678?hash=item5d79188566:g:zo8AAOSwdnZaOzNr
  5. CGC do not accept the COA as evidence of signature and thus, I would and have, taken out the original certificate and kept it, then if needed, send a copy of the cert with the book. If you're worried about the DF seal, again its meaningless.