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  1. Not sure what grade you want but. . . https://comicanadirect.com/#titleCode=S 00029181&volume=0&issue=3.00 @Flaming_Telepath
  2. As an X-Men fan I hear you but, the main reason GSX1 and X-Men 94 are as hot as they are (and will forever be hot ) is due to that badass Wolverine (the others introduced like you said about x-Men 1 - non-mega key superheroes). X-Men 1 is the first appearance of the team of the mutant concept and for what that has done for Marvel comics, should always hold its place as a Mega Key. p.s. I do rate X-Men 1, and all the silver age books to 63 (great books), but that's my personal opinion.
  3. This thread has been an interesting read. I am a X-Men fan first and foremost and thus hold my X-Men 1 on a pedestal. However, I do appreciate that its not the No. 1 SA 'Key'. 1. You have AF 15 - the uber SA Key in my opinion, best comic character and the dark cover makes it even more sort after in high grade. 2. FF1 - the book the launched it all, so this the grand-pappy of the SA Keys. 3. Hulk 1 - any great key, great character and again due to the dark cover extremely hard to find in high grade. 4. X-Men 1 - in its own right a great SA Key, and other than Spider-Man, the X
  4. Each row is about 190 - 200 comics (with room to look through them) over 200 comics is a bit tight. I will DM you the internal drawer measurements, thought its a standard foolscap side filing cabinet.
  5. My 2021 goal is to decorate my Man-cave. I want to expand my empire, but She Who Must Be Obeyed has declined my requests, even though I bought her a new kitchen.
  6. The Vampirella is awesome. I have a six foot Shi poster I want to frame, but would like Billi Tucci to sign and remark it. But living in the UK, finding that hard to get done
  7. @Buzzetta a UK boardie, but I have access to a USA address - so hope that is ok. Comic 1 - 8.0 Comic 2 - 4.0 Comic 3 - 3.5 Comic 4 - 5.5 Comic 5 - 4.5 Comic 6 - 6.0 Comic 7 - 3.0
  8. Two more. . . one of my favourite series, Planetary, signed (and remarked inside)