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  1. Just updated the Catskill Comics website with 15 Amazing Spider-man Sunday strips original art by Paul Ryan, Alex Saviuk & Joe Sinnott. many are signed by Stan Lee. You can view all the strips along with other Joe Sinnott art at
  2. We just updated our website with 9 new Frenz/Sinnott Thor pages from issues #402 - #428, check them out at
  3. Just updated the website with 45 new pieces of artwork by Ron Wilson, Al Milgrom, Keith Pollard and Joe Sinnott! Interior pages from the following series, The Thing, West Coast Avengers, Avengers & Fantastic Four. You can view all the new art at
  4. David Michael Beck is having a Holiday Sale, 25% off, all original art , from Nov. 26th to Jan. 1, 2021 Prices do not reflect discount and does not include commissions, you can view all the art on sale at
  5. Catskill Comics is having a Freedom Sale with 40% off on all original art & Painting by David Michael Beck. Many Star Wars, GI JOE , Lady Death Covers, Many paintings, all 40 % off! Prices on website do not reflect the discount and Commissions are not part of the sale. Sale runs Through 4th of July Check everything out at Michael Beck.htm Cheers, Scott Kress
  6. 4 more artists have joined David Beck in the Catskill Comics Holiday Sale, Mike Grell, Pat Olliffe, Chad Hardin & Ron Wagner. You can view all available artwork at
  7. Well, it's that time of year and one of our artists, David Beck, has already contacted me about having a sale.. So with that, David is having a 20% Holiday Sale on all his original art starting Nov 25th , ending Dec 31st. Prices on the website do not reflect the discount and commissions are not included in the sale. You can view all his original art at Cheers, Scott Kress
  8. Ron Frenz has been getting a lot of requests for comic book signatures. Ron has decided to accept a limited amount of books from fans to be signed. We will not accept requests of books being submitted to SS CGC this time around, just for fans that been wanting a book signed. We'll be doing CGC list later this year. So, if you have been wanting a book signed from Ron, Here is your opportunity! Email me us to set up your signature at Pricing and details are as follows: - price : $20 signature per book, limited to 2 books per customer - shipping in USA $10 prio
  9. Catskill Comics is pleased to announce that artist, Jose Delbo, has joined our artist stable for Commissions. If you wish to get a commission from Mr. Delbo, please visit his page on Catskill Comics. Cheers, Scott Kress
  10. We've reduced the prices on Sal Buscema's ROM #2 interior pages, you can check what pages are available and their prices at
  11. All of Sal Buscema's ROM pages are on sale at 50% off, check out all the pages at Make sure to refresh the page to insure you see the discounted prices. Again, Best way to contact me is via email
  12. David Michael Beck is having a Spring Sale!! 20% - 40% off on all original art & paintings, Prices in Red 20% off, Prices in Yellow 40% off. Prices shown do not reflect the discount, Commissions & anything Marked "New" are excluded, Sale ends May 7th at 3pm. You can view all his artwork at
  13. Brett Breeding is having a sale on his original art. 60% off prices on all original art except for commissions or anything marked "NEW" Sale ends 3pm (est) Sunday April 21st. You can view all his original art at