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  1. Yeah, thanks. I was actually working on it.
  2. Grades are usual pulp grades, not comics. I am picky when it comes to grades. Minimum 3 pulps (because I live far away), but the good thing is that I ship free of charge, home-delivered and with a tracking number. But you need take 3 minimum for that to work. Otherwise, it's 12 Dollars postage per. Paypal only. No returns, but I answer every question you may have and send as many scans as you need! Adventure Magazine / Oct 1933 / F/VF: $70 Adventure Magazine / Nov 1933 / F/VF: $70 Adventure Magazine / Dec 1933 / F/VF: $70 Fantastic Adventures / Oct 1941 / F/VF / $20 Astonishing Stories / June 1940 / F / SOLD Fantastic Adventures / Oct 1941 / VF- / boobies on cover! / $70 Future Science-Fiction / Jul 50 / F/VF / SOLD G-Men / Nov 1938 / F / $50 G-Men / March 1939 / Fi / $50 Out of this World / Dec 1950 / "Crom the Barbarian" comic book section / F/VF / $95 The Shadow / Apr 1941 / 10th Anniversary issue / F / 100 Thrilling Wonder Stories / Apr 1938 / Clark Ashton Smith / F / $60 Thrilling Wonder Stories / Feb 1947 / F / SOLD Thrilling Wonder Stories / Dec 49 / F/VF / Bradbury / $50
  3. Here is a little something which I acquired recently. It was part of a lot so I didn't pay close attention at first, but then a) I realized this was REH's handwriting and not the teller/banker's. b) Then I checked the dates, sales and payments received by Howard, and voilà: this is very probably the bank receipt for the check he cashed for "The Shadow Kingdom".
  4. And one I had never seen before, in excellent condition, to boot.
  5. Recent Fight Stories haul. Only two REH issues missing now.
  6. Ultra nice Wonder Woman! Congrats. Can't believe it's been nine years already. Here's my Dave Stevens sketch, done some 25 years ago at Angoulême in France.
  7. Several pages of the third issue of Rocketeer Adventure Magazine found their way into the market, probably sold by the various people who had helped Dave meet the deadline on that issue (Art Adams, Sandy Plunkett and others). Not saying the auction is legit, or not, but yes, there are pages out there. Dave had also sold a few pages of art over the years when he was in need of money. He told me he had sold the original cover to Comico Chistmast Special because he needed cash to pay his income tax.
  8. And here's one edition of "The Tempter" that I am pretty sure nobody has ever seen: a clipping from Its very first appearance in The Cross Plains Review, 18 June 1937, one year after Howard's death.
  9. Since everyone is showing their Howards, my two latest REH acquisitions:
  10. The mind boggles. Why own so many different copies of the same issue(s)?
  11. Beautiful. I was watching it, but I have been spending too much lately. Glad it found a good home!