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  1. Wipple

    Storage in NY garage without Heat or AC

    I live in New York and have moved a few times with collection in tow. For 3 years I had boxes in an attic that had extreme hot/cold swings from season to season. All my books are bagged and boarded and are exactly the same as far as I can tell. Common sense would tell you to not store raw books in that garage during the extreme seasons. I did have a storage unit that was climate controlled( I doubt it really was) and left many longs of raw books and those fared fine as well.
  2. I should have done one. Next time.
  3. Took ten trips to bank for these bottles.
  4. I knew there was a logical answer.
  5. 6000 dimes? Explain? fun contest. Thx for doing it!
  6. How about a dirty old bag of man things?
  7. Got a call to check out a 500 book collection that his "uncle left him". Highlight of the collection was a dirty old bag of she hulks.
  8. Key bump to 6.0. Besides the normal spine wear and stains the book looks amazing. congrats.
  9. Hi bird - You were my secret Santa last year and you certainly were acknowledged. Must be confusing me for some other contest or year. We had a PM exchange as well after. also, I live in New York so no international.
  10. Wipple

    1975 San Diego Comic Con

    Admission tickets still in my 75 guide