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  1. it says it sold on April 4th 2021
  2. 10 years ago the guy I bought a 3.0 Af15 from used the funds to buy a TMNT 9.6... around $5000 bucks @USArmyParatrooper I did ok--he did better
  3. I actually like it better than my other copy with better page quality. Both subbed a long time ago and neither pressed.
  4. Here is mine- happy with the C/OW in the old label.
  5. Hi- Thanks for coming on and saying hello. Best wishes to speedy recovery!
  6. Paid 800 about 4 years ago in a burger king parking lot. He needed the money because he was getting some baseball autographs at the mall. It was Raw
  7. This thread motivated me to go to the framer. Will update when complete.
  8. 12/22/20 received 6 books 2,400 $value ECONOMY tier Finalized / Imaged / Shipped 1/25/21 shipped way earlier than expected--Can I make it without looking at grades?