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  1. I have had this since issued. Not sure if this is a good one? Any help would be appreciated. Thx
  2. You take the good , you take the bad and there you have a 2.0. Great book. Congrats
  3. Ordered mine from midtown. They seem to be only place that stocks the big big guide. Not spiral anymore and has no ads or commentary. My #1 is a bound copy I found in a collection.
  4. long story short--got pictures of a small 12 book or so collection for sale. 1st 3 books were FF1 old restoration and Ghost 4 and Ghost 9 both Bethlehem pedigree. Arrange a meeting for yesterday. I flip through the books all still in original old bags or old mylars..no boards.. I look at back of Ghost 4 and see the back cover is now dogeared to the tune of 5 inches. he says I guess that happened after I took pictures for you last week. I am visibly upset. I was able to buy the collection and brought them back to my office. I pull the Ghost 4 out of the mylar and just cant get over the new damage. Whatever, I put it back in the mylar and proceed to catch the dog ear and rip the book along the crease for a good 2-3 inches. Double whammy..i will never forget this series of events. The other books were Mad 3, 7, 8, 9 ,10. Silver surfer 1, Captain America 100, Sub mariner 1,2,3(1968) ,Captain Marvel 1,2,3..before and after pics below
  5. Update. I bought the book. Clearly pieces added and was told sent to Anthony’s restoration 20 plus years ago. Not sure what I am going to do. A friend wants the book as is , because it makes it affordable.
  6. I'm still hopeful..The first thing he said was this book has old restoration..The other books(about 12 keys and minor keys) looked pretty good but all had the same lighting. e.g.
  7. Well kid colt 101 has correct back cover and multiple copies can be had for under 20 bucks on eBay. on me securing the book.
  8. Thank you @The Lions Den That is amazing info. I will bring my personal copy to show. I’ll keep you all posted.
  9. thanks- to me it looks like the entire spine is sealed and possibly color touched on the black line down the front spine. Trimming is also possible. Have not talked price yet, trying to set a time to see collection. He is 90 minutes away. definitely sorry about the pictures I have, but that's all I have at the moment.
  10. Tough to grade and tough to price--These are all the pics I have. Looks like old restoration , but owner not sure extent of work(dads book). Please help on grade and pricing. Happy Monday and thanks.