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  1. Wipple

    Ask Gator

    Bounty? ... Prayers with you and your family!
  2. I use CIS as well and never have had a problem or a claim. I did get an email this week stating that new policy is a schedule is only needed for items or sets worth over 25k. That was a great update.
  3. via a quick PM exchange. thank you!
  4. 20-30 plastic bins full. Going to ask for some pictures. thx
  5. I ran into a collection of 500 or so 1990's - 2000's toys. All still NIB..looks like just run of the mill superhero stuff. I think he wants original retail price for them. Worth pursuing? I am not a toy guy. Anything I should look for specifically? thanks
  6. Wipple

    How do you keep track of run collecting?

    Found these in my 1975 overstreet.
  7. 5.0. Beauty. Congrats
  8. Wipple

    Safe Deposit Box Question ?

    Yes. you have to list the places where your collection is stored.
  9. Wipple

    Golden Slabbage some peds

    “I’ll take it”