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  1. Is this one as rare as people say it is? Part of a new OO collection.
  2. @nickwirereally delivered! The whole package made me smile and all the goods I do not own or have read! Fun times ahead! thank you Paulie
  3. I was very nervous on delivery time and shocked at the speed it made it to Germany from New York. Im glad you liked the package. Merry Christmas and I hope you incur no more sad times.
  4. 2nd to last never felt so good! Elves are the annual highlight for me! Merry Christmas and happy holidays all!
  5. Low grade Batman 251 and a Super Friends T shirt(brand new never worn). Two items , one prize. Shipped anywhere Fedex delivers.
  6. I bought the shelves specically deep enough for longs and no overhang. My guess is 90 longs and 50 shorts and a bunch of cgc and magazine boxes. Im 6 ft tall and can reach and slide the boxes up top with minimal issues. Heard about the amazon warehouses and Carvana building some giant ones as well.