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  1. Great book- The blue stain will be hammered by cgc. I'm going 3-3.5. You sure its not for sale?
  2. 1st Mr. District Attorney and 1st John Carter cover. Didn’t see this posted yet, maybe because only 6 on census?
  3. Double nickels 5.5 hope I’m low. Congrats and good luck!🍀
  4. Great looking book. I’ll guess 8.0. Right edge looks a little off. Maybe picture angle? Maybe trim? Congrats
  5. Sparkling Stars - Holyoke Publishing from the 1940's. I have the entire run but no # 32. Its listed in overstreet, but is believed to not exist. Anybody know the back story ?
  6. Prize 89. Greggy. Never met him but now maybe
  7. Smooth transaction, Wayne is a great seller.