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  1. 2/21 recd 9 book economy( who uses economy anyway?). 2/24 billed and SFG
  2. No rush , but I will have company to help open it when it arrives.
  3. all the damage says 3.5 to me..maybe clean and press moves it to a 4 and makes it better on the eyes. cool book!
  4. 6.5 with a needed press. Unless stains. Hard to tell as pics are darker on the bottom. Great book!
  5. same seller as the suspense 3..scammer left feedback also
  6. I was able to pull a 1.0 on this baby. I say you have a 50/50 shot between a .5 or a 1.0. congrats
  7. Wipple


    Good luck dude!
  8. Best of luck Joe. Quick full recovery!
  9. Finally got around to bagging this book. Been unbagged since issued. Glad I peeked inside. Aparo i believe.