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  1. NEW eBay listing: INCREDIBLE HULK #234 1st appearance of WENDELL VAUGHN as QUASAR! With QUASAR reportedly going to appear in the upcoming third installment of the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY movies from Marvel Studios, this issue has become a HOT commodity, sometimes fetching as much as $100 on eBay. I am selling a lot of ten copies of the comic in varying condition. All are raw, unrestored, and not pressed. Most are pretty sharp, and even the lesser copies look nice overall. Some copies have edge wear, or light foxing, soiling, of light creases. A couple have small nicks. The grades range from VG to VF. All will come with a bag and board.
  2. The area in the scan below is the area where there is a light indentation by where some machinery is drawn. Again, the defect is the indentation, not the drawing. The drawing I refer to is the artwork by Jim Starlin and Joe Sinnott. Thanks.
  3. The scan is seen above, and at the auction link. I am referring to the artwork by the cover artist when I wrote "drawn," not that the art "drawn" is the defect.
  4. IRON MAN #55 (1973) -- 1st THANOS eBay auction listing! I just put up this baby on eBay: IRON MAN # 55, the very first appearance of THANOS and DRAX, THE DESTROYER! No reserve price, LOW starting bid, ends Sunday evening! :-)
  5. Most of the Buy-It-Now comics have sold (Thanks to those buyers), but the auctions will all in in one day's time from this post. So, if interested, now's the time to bid.
  6. NEW eBay auctions and Buy-It-Now Comics! AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #3 (1st Doc Ock); #4 (1st Sandman); #6 (1st Lizard); #50 (1st Kingpin); and #300 (1st full Venom) All are on auction until Friday night, LOW starting bids! BUY-IT-NOW comics include: AVENGERS ANNUAL #7 (Thanos); IRON FIST #14 (1st Sabretooth); MARVEL SUPER HEROES SECRET WARS #8 (Origin of Spider-Man's black outfit, AKA Venom); MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #5 (1st Ghost Rider); SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #64 (1st Cloak and Dagger); and TOMB OF DRACULA #10 (1st Blade, The Vampire-Slayer)! I will be listing more items very soon, as well! Comics Unlimited's eBay shop!
  7. I listed nearly 50 comic books as "Buy It Now" listings on eBay tonight! DEADPOOL, HARLEY QUINN, WOLVERINE, THANOS, STAR WARS, SPIDER-MAN, AVENGERS, AQUAMAN, JONAH HEX, WARLOCK, MS. MARVEL & MORE! Many key issues! Give the listings a look at the COMICS UNLIMITED eBay shop! Thanks! Comics Unlimited's eBay shop! Below are some images of some of the comics I listed this time around....
  8. I listed a number of "Buy It Now" comics at the COMICS UNLIMITED eBay shop! It's a batch of Golden-Age era comics, including two Platinum-Age comics from 1919 (nearly a century-old), and one Bronze-Age comic! AIRBOY #85 WHIZ COMICS #50 WILD BILL HICKOK #1 BRINGING UP FATHER (1919) #3 ROGER BEAN (1919) Baby Grand #2 and others (see pictures below)! These comics were all part of the basketball hall-of-famer coach Jerry Sloan's collection! Most are low-grade, but all are complete! Some cool stuff, along with many other cool items I already had listed!
  9. I have been listing more items on eBay, both 'Buy It Now" listings and auctions. In regard to auctions, I listed some that will end Sunday night, after the Super Bowl: THE AVENGERS #1 (1963); AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #135; IRON MAN #128; FIRESTORM THE NUCLEAR MAN #1 (1978); WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #33 and #37 (early Moon Knight appearances); X-FACTOR #92 (1993) signed by Joe Quesada , and with a weird, but kinda neat printing error on the hologram; BATMAN #200 and BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS #4 (versus Superman)! Those are the auctions, and there are many cool comics among the "buy It Now" listings, too, as well as other nifty items! Comics Unlimited's eBay shop! Thanks!
  10. Comics Unlimited's eBay shop! I listed over 20 new auctions on eBay that include 1950s' crime comics, Jesse James (with double covers!), superhero Dracula, some sci-fi fare, and FANTASTIC FOUR #52 (1966) featuring the first appearance of THE BLACK PANTHER! All these auctions end on Sunday night, January 21, 2017. Some images below. Thanks!
  11. An update: I don't know if it was the result of opening a non-paying bidder case, or whether the buyer always was intending to pay on the date he did, but the payment did come through. Also, the buyer left me positive feedback, so the transaction in fully completed and overall went well. Honestly, the only reason I opened the non-paying bidder case as soon as I did (a day later than when I was first able to do so) is that the buyer's feedback was disconcerting. If the book had been a few bucks, I wouldn't have sweated it so much. Admittedly, when we are talking about a book that fetched a few thousand bucks, I get a bit more concerned when I see other sellers leaving comments about how the buyer failed to pay on their transactions. NewWorldOrder wrote: "... I have been selling on eBay since 1999 and I have to be honest some of you guys as sellers put yourselves in these situations by not setting your eBay settings properly or just plain old common sense. I have had maybe 2-3 terrible transactions and I have done prob 10,000 sales. .." Firstly, I have seen people in this thread tout how long they have been on eBay to others like myself, as if I haven't been using eBay for as long as they have. For instance, I have been on eBay every bit as long as NewWorldOrder. Now, I agree with one thing: I (inadvertently) put myself in my last situation because I hadn't double-check my settings and realized that my block on bidders who had strikes on their account was only set to a one month period. I did, however, have a block in place, it was the specifics that weren't attributed properly as I would have had them set. Now, as for common sense, in my situation I did use common sense, as much as it could be applied. I have done more sales than my feedback ratings suggest (as we all likely know, a good number of people don't leave feedback of any kind), and I, too, would say I've only had a few terrible transactions. The key word is "terrible." I don't see how you can be a seller anywhere (online, or at a shop -- I owned and operated my own shop for 18 years) and not had to deal with the occasional headache from a buyer. Maybe not a "terrible" thing, but the law of averages suggests that at some point there's going to be some issue with a buyer. If you can go nearly 20 years and 10,000 transactions and never hardly dealt with some annoyance with getting paid, or shipping, or any other trouble with a transaction, then you are truly blessed and I envy you that. But, people being people, and bad sorts being bad sorts, yes, even sellers who use plain old common sense, and even having their settings properly set can run up against a buyer who causes them headache, grief, and even loses them money. So, in my particular recent situation, I stand by what I did and why I did it. I am happy the buyer came through, naturally, and he might be a great guy. I am certainly appreciative for his business, but I think most people understand how something like the negative "positive" feedback he received from several sellers might be reason for concern that I might have been facing a similar issue. Thankfully, my transaction ended well with him, though.