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  1. Okay... This is NOT the finished version of the 1945 Readmore comics and magazine display that others and I have been "colorizing" by identifying and locating online scans and pictures of the publications displayed in the photograph. NO, this IS an actual "colorized" photo I uploaded to the My Heritage In Color genealogy website, using the DeOldify app to have its algorithm determine how to colorize the photo. I did this for a number of reasons: 1) Simply as a fun experiment to see what it would come up with. I am surprised it came as close as it did in spots. Plastic Man's outf
  2. I haven't seen it before. Thanks for sharing. That video appears to be a compilation of TV news segments and such. Does anyone know where the footage of the 1950s-1970s sections at the beginning of the video can be found in original form online?
  3. Link to large version over at FLICKR! I have decided to post another update, though I was hoping I could find a few more covers before doing so. It appears we may have ran into a standstill for the time being. Still, I am amazed you guys found so many as it was. Thanks again, all of you who helped. If you still look from time to time, and find anymore to add to the display, please share the covers here. I will be searching again from time to time, as I get the opportunity. I will share any new covers I locate here, too. This is, of course, open to EVERYONE who wants to help find
  4. Nice catch! --And I was able to get another scan with an uncurved version of the cover.
  5. FULL-SIZE picture viewable at FLICKR. The "Jungle Comics" cover didn't really seem to fit the spot in question, so I have not added it to the update. I have save the graphic of the cover in case it might still fit in some spot we may have overlooked.
  6. I'll try and see what it looks like, but the right side of the cover doesn't seem to match, and the logo would be more visible, I would think.
  7. Here's a tough one! See the center graphic above? The magazine to the far left in that photo could be "Detective Novel" from August 1945. There is very little to go on, and it is in a dark corner. What do you guys think?
  8. Speaking of the titles in the back row, another frustrating one, not because I can't ID it, but because the cover isn't apparently available online, is "Love Fiction." Just like the "Love Book" in the front, it's just a matter of finding the image somewhere since we know the title. Sigh.
  9. So far you guys have helped to find more than 30 title! Very nice! It's both fun and frustrating trying to fit the color versions into the original photo. It really is like a puzzle, but each cover is going to have varying degrees of twists and bends and such that make it impossible to perfectly place the color pic atop the black and white counterpart. I am also limited at how many times (two, btw) I can warp an image after shrinking it down already, before the pixels turn to mush. LOL! I really appreciate all the assistance. We've honestly gotten further than I thought. I kno
  10. By the Atlas? One has an American flag on it, and I think the word "united states" is on the cover, but I may be wrong about that. Sad thing for a Google search is writing "United States" or "America" 1945 and not getting a deluge of WWII stuff to sort through. Eep! Still, that is one I have especially been trying to figure out for some time now.
  11. The "Leading Western" just doesn't quite seem to fit. I did a search of Western pulps and found this scan of "Lariat" from September 1945. While it's hard to match things up perfectly, it seems to me that all the "pieces" match... What do you guys think?