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  1. Journey into Mystery 639 SpiderMan in Motion Variant NM $50
  2. Milk and Cheese #1 1st printing NM - NM- $190
  3. Amazing Spider-Man #4 - 1st Silk Moon NM $135
  4. Normal Rules Apply -Payment made through PayPal. -Shipping is $12 USPS for 1 CGC book, $14 for two+, outside please PM for shipping cost. -Shipping is $7 USPS for 1-5 raw books, $9 for 6+ books -PM for negotiations, first in thread wins. -No Returns on CGC Books.
  5. I'll have to check my comics and see if they are still there. Gimme a few days.
  6. Might just get my pristine crisp copy and send it in for the covenant 9.4 spot and see what it sells for. Then I could sell this beater copy for a few dollars and buy a new comic with it.
  7. 1981 Flaming Carrot #1 in what looks to be NM condition. 1st appearance of the carrot.. er.. flaming carrot.. um the man himself! There are some non-color breaking creases on the back that can easily by pressed out. The last one of these I sold was CGCed as a 9.6. This is from the same group. Thus I'm asking a firm $225.