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  1. Amazing Spider-Man #100 CGC 9.0. Asking $500
  2. Pre-Pressing world. I doubt this was ever pressed. Asking $850.
  3. Normal Rules Apply -Payment made through PayPal. -Shipping is $12 USPS for 1 CGC book, $14 for two+, outside please PM for shipping cost. -Shipping is $7 USPS for 1-5 raw books, $9 for 6+ books -PM for negotiations, first in thread wins. -No Returns on CGC Books.
  4. Since I own one the answer is YES! Gimme silly money!
  5. Whatever I'm buying is selling well. Whatever I'm selling is cold as ice.
  6. Looing for NM copies at about the $20 price range.
  7. Adding a TMNT #1 2nd printing CGC 7.0 to the lot. Needs a good press.
  8. Looking for my grail - Werewolf by Nigh #32 in 9.0 or higher grade. Thanks in advance!
  9. There aren’t any ashcans right? Just saw in another thread that these things can fly under my radar.
  10. The heck with gobbledygook, I want Kevin at my wedding! That would be sweet. The theme song would be tmnt cartoon from the late 80s as my future wife walks down the isle.
  11. I have never heard of scud ashcans but for a collector who 5 mins ago had a complete collection, I must find a copy of my own. Crazy because I always am scouting out for new scud books on the bay and never saw these before.