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  1. Looking for a Werewolf By Night #32 in 9.0 or higher and I have a few GA comics I can trade, For starters I have an Action Comics #21 with the back cover missing..
  2. There are still collectors who freak out when they see this one! Personal Collection!
  3. Just watched the movie with my wife and I enjoyed it immensely. Well worth the cost of admission. 9/10
  4. A colleague and friend of mine posted this on the google plus social page and I thought to share it with everyone here. It was well written and caught me off guard. ** Warning - this is all speculative and something of a shameless plug ** Modern Comics to Yap About - Brought to you by LyriaToday's topic is less about a specific book and more about a character: Kate Bishop. Many don't know her, but it seems she could become a household name as the replacement for an aging Clint Barton as Hawkeye.Why Now?Recent news/gossip is Marvel Studios is working on a Hawkeye project and actress Katherine Langford secretly joined the cast of Avengers 4. Moreover, Renner (the current actor playing Hawkeye) has acknowledged he's not getting any younger and won't be able to play the character forever. This has spun up into some interesting speculation that a protege for Hawkeye is coming and that, per the comics, Kate Bishop is that protege (to be played by Langford). What books?In just the past few days, several books have skyrocketed in sales volume and price. - Young Avengers 1: This is the 1st appearance of Kate Bishop as well as the 1st appearance of various other members of that team (Hulkling, Iron Lad, Patriot, and Asgardian). There is a 1st print, a Director's cut, a Wizworld Sketch cover and a Toybiz reprint. Currently, the Sketch cover is getting the most attention followed by the regular cover. The Director's cut is selling pretty well but at a lower price. From my experience, the Toybiz reprint is the absolute hardest to find in any grade. Another poster thought people could just buy Young Avengers box sets and get the comic, but my research shows they are including the Director's Cut version in current box sets, NOT the reprint. Perhaps someone else can chime in on which Action Figure boxes actually have the Reprint because I'm not seeing any on Amazon, eBay, etc. Overall, there just aren't a lot of high grade copies out there right now, but if you want a 9.8 of the reg or Sketch you'll be paying $300+ (and maybe even $500+ for the sketch). My guess is people are scrambling to get their copies graded so we'll see a major inflow of the books and the prices will come down. Now is a good time to sell if you have 9.8 copies.- Young Avengers 12: This is the cameo of Kate Bishop as Hawkeye. Captain America (through another character) gives Kate Barton's bow & quiver AND gives her the codename "Hawkeye". This book is still a bit under the radar but is picking up. This book came out almost 2 years before the 1st full appearance of Kate Bishop as Hawkeye.- Young Avengers Presents #6: 1st full appearance of Kate Bishop as Hawkeye. This one is a bit more well known, but I actually like YA 12 as the better sleeper/value.Personally, I think we're at about the peak right now. Remember, its Hawkeye after all. A long time staple of the Avengers, but not a tier 1 character. The prices are as they are because its new and exciting. There may be another bump if we see a preview with a woman holding a bow, but I still think we just got the big bump. While I still like the spec longer term, I'd sell what you can now, wait for the major inflow of books, then perhaps buy as the prices drop. However, the days of finding the dollar bin books in this list are coming to an end. Grab them now!! More about LyriaI spotted this one sale of YA Presents 6 on Lyria, but expect more will pop up for this and the other books very soon. If you want to stay on top of hot eBay sales trends for graded books, go to:lyriacomicexchange.com create an account, and sign up for the twice weekly email notifications based on comic age (Silver, Bronze, Copper, Modern). If you really want to support the project, check out the hottest active eBay items for sale through the Lyria page (filters that show you the most expensive, most active, etc. slabs on eBay), click through to eBay from a Lyria link, and purchase the book you're interested in. We're a free service to you as our only revenue stream is through eBay click throughs. Full Disclosure: I own many copies of YA 1, YA 12 and YAP 6, although I sold all my graded copies right after the news broke.
  5. WTS Amazing Adventures #12 and #15. Asking a mere $75 for each. Will ship via USPS which is an extra $10.95 to all United States bound members. Beautiful CGC books looking for a new home. Gimme a pm if your interested in scans.
  6. I'm going to jump in here and say that I own Thanos The End #1-6 and it is an enjoyable read. Do they have these in a TPB anywhere?
  7. Punisher Limited Series #1 9.8 now a $375 comic? Wow! Still off from it's all time high in 2009 but it's a nice steadily climb if your look at gpa. http://www.ebay.com/itm/292144753173?rmvSB=true Also, Darkhawk #1 9.8 hits $170. Actually, it's been a bit higher but I'm celebrating none the less. The days of it being under $100 seem to be over. http://www.ebay.com/itm/112442240052?rmvSB=true