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  1. um, that's because we want to buy the CGC graded copies? Are you speaking ze english? Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth?
  2. Aw Shucks! Now no one will know that I was the first memeber whom joined the boards in 1996...
  3. You should participate in an auction where the underdog bidder accidently bids $1000. Thus seeing your max bid is $75 he recants his bid and bids a cool $74.75 just missing out on winning the item. "Aw shucks! Just missed it you lucky winner."
  4. I need more CGCed Darkhawks. Why are you poeople not CGC'ing other issues of Darkhawk?
  5. Only if he sells them at $50 a pop. Otherwise we want to pour on the hate due to our jealously.
  6. They'll come back in 9.2 cases. Just you watch.
  7. It apears your're getting some sort of server error. Maybe try clearing your cache or even logging in with a different browser. If that doesn't fix it let me know and I can investigate further.
  8. https://www.lyriacomicexchange.com Works for me. Anyone else having troubles?