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  1. One lot of three industry mags. Call them mid grade. Very interesting reading, including some nice history on crime books and a retrospective on LB Cole. Includes Comic Book Marketplace 53 and 65, and Alter Ego 117. $15 shipped for the lot of em.
  2. First takeit wins and immediately trumps all PM negotiations. Any variation of "takeit" counts. I accept Paypal, Venmo, check, money order or cash. No Hall of Shamers or Probies. Payment expected in 72 hours unless we work it out ahead of time. US shipping is included. I will ship internationally at cost. Three days' return shipping from receipt. Buyer is responsible for shipping cost back unless item was damaged in transit. Please do not edit takeits and please do not commit to buy unless you intend to follow through.
  3. I still buy at LCS', conventions, antique malls, etc. These places are all still viable for the collector's supply chain.
  4. This is good advice, and I will be revising my thread rules with something similar.
  5. Since I keep getting random PMs about this I may as well resurrect the thread.
  6. RIP. A colossus in our hobby.
  7. I've had books move half a grade in either direction but, generally, the grades stay consistent.
  8. The signature on the first page wouldn't affect the grade either way.
  9. The book could have been damaged after it was initially cracked out.
  10. If creators want to maximize their earnings, cutting out the CGC crowd is not the way to do it.