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  1. That sale was a week ago so it should have shipped by now but, yes, you raise a good point. I'm more just curious if that score is real or not.
  2. Before anyone freaks out, MCS does tend to catch those mistakes before fulfilling the order. @mycomicshop
  3. I'd guess a lot of people would pass on a GA book signed by an actor, myself included.
  4. A properly window bagged book really shouldn't drop in grade unless it is removed from the bag or handled particularly egregiously. I've only ever had one book drop in grade, from 9.4 to 9.2, because Rick Veitch decided to take my book home with him from a show because he couldn't decide how he wanted to remark the cover.
  5. Is this in regards to pre-graded, graded, post-graded, or reverse-graded books?
  6. I assumed pre-graded was just a weird way of describing raw books but then the OP shouted at me for referring to raw books in one of my response posts 😢 So now I have no idea what extremely narrow and specific point the OP is trying to make other than overcharging for comics is evidently evil.
  7. I recommend looking some of the annual sales threads of some of the big time dealers on these boards. Common raw books routinely sell for well over FMV. Why? Well, feeding frenzy psychology is an interesting phenomenon.
  8. Wouldn't that just make the seller with the high priced book ahead of the curve? As @Buzzetta said, you get into weird territory when you start assigning presumed FMV to collectibles because they are not a commodity anybody NEEDS but simply WANTS and many, many collectors will happily pay more for a book depending on who is selling that particular copy. Convention pricing is basically built on that philosophy.
  9. How do you control for books like ASM 300 or Ultimate Fallout 4 that are common and may be posted in a sales thread for, what today, seems like an overpriced amount but literally in a week or two might be FMV?
  10. Kevlar made some pretty well-reasoned points in that thread...
  11. When I see your username I read it as PokeYaMom. @porcupine48
  12. I've listed stuff for sale, sold it at the list price, and had third parties PM me after the fact to tell me my price was too high(!). I've also had people PM me after the fact to tell me I sold something too low. Ultimately I does my research, I sets my prices, and the free market moves of its own volition.