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  1. The Crown and Captain Aero have sold, and the Archie 13 has been moved elsewhere. This thread is now closed but the Archie is still available if someone is interested.
  2. Take 10% off the listed prices. Will close this thread tonight.
  3. Added some more pics for the Captain Aero. I'll leave this open through the weekend.
  4. Archie 13 CGC 2.0. The original classic Betty and Veronica cover. OW pages. $425 shipped.
  5. Captain Aero 25. Classic LB Cole sci-fi cover. VG-. Bottom right corner is the worst issue. $250 shipped.
  6. Fairly tough book. Cool cover. This is a reader copy but it's all there and attached. $40 shipped.
  7. First takeit wins and immediately trumps all PM negotiations. Any variation of "takeit" counts. I accept Paypal, check, money order or cash. No Hall of Shamers or Probies. Payment expected in 72 hours unless we work it out ahead of time. US shipping is included. International shipping will need to be determined prior to sale. Three days' return shipping from receipt. Buyer is responsible for shipping cost back unless item was damaged in transit. Please do not edit takeits and please do not commit to buy unless you intend to follow through.
  8. Comic Connect sold off the Cole estate collection a few years back, inclusive of his sketches. There are some still out there floating around.
  9. Thanks. For anyone interested I will let go for $2400 shipped and insured via check or MO. Time payments available too.
  10. Listed on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/House-of-Secrets-92-CGC-7-0-SS-Signed-Bernie-Wrightson-1st-Swamp-Thing/143105057930?hash=item2151b9e48a:g:RM0AAOSwlfNcRoC- Boardie discount available if paying direct. PM for details.