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  1. Ryan.

    Canada, eh? sales thread

    Thanks for the tip. I didn't realize that was an option for international transactions.
  2. Ryan.

    Canada, eh? sales thread

    I will ship to Canada BUT doing so requires going to the post office and completing the transaction with a postal worker, whereas US shipping is entirely automated.
  3. Ryan.

    Best Barks' stories

    Agreed. As was Rosa's 'A Matter of Some Gravity'. Really impressive on a technical scale.
  4. Ryan.

    gone fishin'

  5. Ryan.

    Is grading strict currently?

    I had a magazine submission ship last night and the grades are coming back higher than expected.
  6. Closing this thread but the Bakers are available. I prefer trading so that's always an option (War 11 *cough*). This thread has spurred several PM convos about the state of the GA market, which has been enlightening, so that's been fun. Cool story, huh?
  7. Wilbur sold via PM If anyone wants the 2 Bakers, take them both for $1000.
  8. Thanks, bud. I am open to offers, even insultingly low ones.
  9. Ryan.

    Closed- Gone to Auction.

  10. It's the best selfie I could manage.