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  1. Don Rosa's Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck
  2. Sorry, I couldn't hear you. Was that a take for all books in this thread? It was?? Invoice incoming!
  3. That GoT finale was the equivalent of spending eighty minutes continuously drinking dirty brown trash water. That is all.
  4. A Baker and an Archie left. Anyone want them?
  5. Suzie 56. The best Suzie cover. VG-. Nice paper quality. One interior puzzle filled in. $175 SOLD
  6. Crown Comics 4. Superb Baker cover. I love this book but I have an upgrade in sights. $250.
  7. War Comics 11 CGC 1.8. THE classic Russ Heath cover. $400.SOLD
  8. Well those went fast so I may as well throw some more up.