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  1. First wins and immediately trumps all PM negotiations. Any variation of "takeit" counts. I accept Paypal, check, money order or cash. No Hall of Shamers or Probies. Payment expected in 72 hours unless we work it out ahead of time. US shipping is included. International shipping will need to be determined prior to sale. Three days' return shipping from receipt. Buyer is responsible for shipping cost back unless item was damaged in transit. Please do not edit takeits and please do not commit to buy unless you intend to follow through.
  2. Incidentally, does anyone have a lowish grade Thunda 1 or Famous Funnies 211?
  3. Ryan.


    Catman 32 > Catman 31
  4. Take everything remaining in the thread for $600 shipped.
  5. Teen-Age Temptations 4. $250.
  6. I have my eye on something so I'm gonna repost a book and you can't stop me.
  7. Ryan.

    What is currently the hottest genre?

    I'm not sure Baker is hot on the boards right now...
  8. Mazie 12. FREE with any purchase over $200.
  9. Aggie Mack 8. 1949 Superior comics. Iger shop cover, possibly Kamen. Really tough book. Good-. Cover is detached but otherwise complete. $200.
  10. Ryan.

    TMNT #1 Club

    I'm doing good, buddy. I'm enjoying these pricing graphs. I'm not surprised that the sell through price on TMNT 1 is shooting up.
  11. Ryan.

    TMNT #1 Club

  12. Ryan.

    TMNT #1 Club

    Do 5.0s next.