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  1. Ryan.

    Bone Appreciation Thread

    That price is stupid by about 15x.
  2. Ryan.

    Your Collecting Goals for 2019!

    I've been getting rid of most of my slabs and sinking the money into raw books, mostly GA. I've only a handful of slabs left but they are difficult to part with. The struggle is totes real.
  3. Ryan.

    Your Collecting Goals for 2019!

    My first goal is to come up with a second goal.
  4. A couple books have been moved to this week's auction (and are still ultra cheap as of this posting): Wilbur Comics 8: https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?ItemID=47394217 Rangers 9: https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?ItemID=47774018
  5. Hi Donger, Welcome to posting on the boards, Donger. That Maleev sketch is very cool, Donger. I think the sketch looks great as is, Donger, and sticking it in a yellow label sleeve would only detract from its grandeur, Donger.
  6. When dealing Golden Age, price comparisons often run from non-existent to irrelevant.
  7. I picked up a Stan Sakai sketch of Leo but it felt like it was missing something. So off to Steve Lavigne for color who knocked it out of the park.
  8. Is this only available if one was a supporter of the project?
  9. Ryan.

    2018 Official Holiday Raffle thread!!!

    Seems like total submissions are down this year.
  10. Ryan.

    2018 Official Holiday Raffle thread!!!