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  1. I can't afford a PSA 8 Deadpool rookie, not being a scrillionaire, but I am open to trades for high grade Tom Brady autographed rookies. Seems like a fair trade.
  2. Only 7 on the census. Used on the back cover of Black Light. $650 shipped.
  3. First takeit wins and immediately trumps all PM negotiations. Any variation of "takeit" counts. Payment: Venmo, Zelle, check, money order or cash. Sorry, no Paypal at this time. No Hall of Shamers or Probies. Payment expected in 72 hours unless we work it out ahead of time. Shipping is free in the US. International shipping will be at cost. Three days' return shipping from receipt. Buyer is responsible for shipping cost back unless item was damaged in transit. Please do not edit takeits and please do not commit to buy unless
  4. I've owned some of the counterfeits over the years but never originals. I've made peace that I never will, barring some stroke of mad luck.
  5. I don't consider that to be a first appearance either, for what it's worth. Gobbledygook 1 and 2 are particularly unique since they represent the very beginning of Mirage, which is important in its own right. The TMNT ad, to me, is just a bonus.
  6. There are a couple stories in there, including the first Fugitoid story.
  7. It also has historical value as being the first "publication" by Mirage.
  8. The next step will be scheduled for grading, which won't be for another few weeks.