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  1. ComCav... can you teach me how to make money at home? Or, how to make money in general?
  2. Would make zero difference to me and 99% of other collectors. If anything, I feel better about slabs with tabs. Anything that cuts down on the books movement within the well gives me extra piece of mind.
  3. Number 6 is the unicorn. The others? Not so much.
  4. Final Rocket Kelly 2 is now $240 shipped! Can ship today! Thread will close in two hours. Thanks for looking!
  5. Agreed! It is pretty stoopid rare, I have to say I was tempted to keep it along with the upgrade but...bah.
  6. I got a good deal on the Berk copy earlier today, so I'm glad to pass an ultra-cool book along for an affordable price. Thanks for looking everyone, and thanks to the buyer!
  7. FOR SALE - Blue Circle 6 - CGC Universal Grade of 4.0 (Very Good) with Cream to Off-white pages. Gerber rarity index - 8 (RARE - estimated 11-20 copies). Special notation: may not exist There are four on the census. This affordable copy is the lowest graded. Interesting book. I have copied and pasted the following information directly from "Contents do not match cover. The sixth issue of this run consisted of a new cover used to recover different remaindered comics dating from the late 1940's to early 1950's and several variations exist. This variation contains the remaindered comic - Martin Kane - Private Eye #nn - and it was re-covered by the publisher, Rural, without page 1 of the first story. This was probably intended to be the third issue of the Martin Kane (1950 Fox) series, but it was never published. It includes the following Martin Kane stories: "Case of the Royal Rubies", "Ballad of Death", & "The King of Blackmail", plus a 2 page detective text story." MCS I hope the pics turned out okay. I'm too lazy to hook up my scanner after moving my computer to the other side of the house. Isn't that sad?
  8. TERMS OF SALE: * * * PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE TERMS OF SALE BEFORE PLACING A BID. I DO NOT MAKE EXCEPTIONS TO THE TERMS LISTED BELOW * * * I will not conduct business with members on the probation list, members listed in the hall of shame, or the handful of members on my ignore list. I do not participate in third-party deals. When you enter into a contract with me, you acknowledge that you are directly responsible for the deal. First in the sales thread wins. Private sales can be arranged and negotiations are entertained via PM, but the most secure and incontestable way to win is to post the directly in the public thread. If a private deal is made via PM, I will modify the sales thread ASAP, but there is always a small chance that someone could beat you in the public thread, so please keep that in mind when entering into negotiations. PAYMENT: PayPal Goods and Services or personal check. Item will ship when payment clears. SHIPPING AND HANDLING: USPS Priority Mail. $15 to the USA. I am not currently shipping to other countries. My apologies. RETURN POLICY: I accept returns for any reason, as long as the following conditions are strictly met: 1. You must use PM to notify me of your intention to return the item and I must receive this notice within 72 hours of your reception of the package as indicated by tracking. 2. I must receive the returned item in the exact condition in which it was sent. Refunds will only be issued after I receive the item in question. 3. You must mail the item back to me postmarked as "shipped" no later than 7 calendar days after your reception of the package as indicated by tracking. 4. You must cover the cost of shipping the item back to me. 5. I do not issue partial refunds, so please do not ask me to cover reholder fees. It's all or nothing. If any of these generous conditions are not met, I reserve the right to refuse the return. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I've been a member of the boards for almost a decade and the total amount of business I've conducted here is deep into the five-figure range, both as a seller and buyer, with several books individually priced in the deep four-figure range. My kudos can be found by going HERE. I look forward to doing business with you!