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  1. To succeed wildly at something that you're actually terrible at doing. I would normally applaud such astonishing overachievement, but that would mean applauding a system based on anything but meritocracy. Think of all of the legitimate artists who will die unknown and poor. Then, you have straight bums making millions. How does this even happen?
  2. Recently purchased a Phantom Stranger DC horror book from nochips. Super cool book! Accurate grading. Packaged with extreme care and shipped at a reasonable price. Great communication. Generated a mailing label within hours of payment, and the book arrive quickly. Flawless transaction. Just like it should be. I appreciate it. Hope to do business again soon!
  3. This will certainly leave me to second guess the practice..
  4. Seems like a simple case to close. The harassment and threats not only constitute a ban from the boards, but it is quite possible they constitute legal action or a police report at minimum. Absolutely shameful behavior of a juvenile sort. Very mentally disturbed. I'm sure the board moderators are going to have a headache on their hands. User blocked.
  5. Here is a product I found. They state very directly on their FAQ page that their product will remove the new ink smell from books. I've never used this product. Try this???
  6. if you try the Ozone machine, make sure that it's positioned higher than the book. Ozone will grab the smelly stuff and float towards the floor. It's heavier than the air we breathe.
  7. Ozone generator. Put it in a small, enclosed space along with the book. If condition isn't a concern, just flip the book upside down and keep the covers spread so all the pages fan out. Ozone generators are also great for removing smoke odors from your car. It's not a good idea to breathe the stuff though, so make sure no one is around if you decide to use one to treat your book. Just set it and forget it. I prefer activated charcoal to baking soda, but I wouldn't apply it directly to the paper for obvious reasons. Baking soda probably won't do much, but you can try it. The mess sounds l
  8. Eh. "Pedigreed" makes me sound important.
  9. I know. I'm asking for that which must be given freely and without request or shameful begging.