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  1. I hate to let them go, but I'm going to sleep a little better tonight. We should be on track for a new vehicle this spring, and hopefully the ridiculous amount of spending will cease for a while, and I'll have money to play with again. Besides, I know I'm going to run into some AMAZING books down the line, especially if I keep hanging out here, which is my intention.
  2. Yes, this is a remarkable place to buy, especially from the established guys. A pretty tight, relentlessly self-policing community is a great benefit, along with the remarkable taste and knowledge of some of the larger fish in the pond. I got almost all of the books for sale off of a handful of fantastic boardies. This is the first place I like to come to find awesome Goldens. Some of the threads are totally mind-blowing. Welcome aboard!
  3. He's getting some really sweet deals, too! Guy is solid. He's already paid for the first batch. I may be biased, but these are some really killer books. The Planet is super nice and the Strange Worlds was a real gem...and a fairly scarce one to boot.
  4. It's all good man...just trying to get way out in front of things again. After the home renovations and new car, I should be sitting pretty darn good again...and I will rebuild big time! Good to talk to you. Let's go grab some barbecue soon!
  5. Challengers of the Unknown 10 - CGC 6.5 (fine plus) cream to off-white pages MOHAWK VALLEY PEDIGREE - original certificate included. You are looking at a black and white scan of it here in the thread. $175
  6. If anyone wants the Brick or the Planet...claim now for a 10 percent discount off the listed price! Want them both for 15 percent off? PM me first for details on how you can take advantage of this offer if you are serious! Two more listings will be posted this afternoon!
  7. Out of town on business, but I will post a few more tomorrow - affordable Atomic Age science fiction! PM if you want to talk about anything posted until this point. Thanks for looking!
  8. Claimed! Tales From the Crypt 6 (Russ Cochran / Gladstone REPRINT- 1992) in CGC 9.6 signed on July 15, 2012 by the legendary Jack Davis (RIP).