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  1. I may be in the minority, but I’d take Cap 1 over Action 1, if market value wasn’t a consideration. If it were, I’d sell the Action 1 to fund the Cap 1.
  2. I greatly prefer the black label. Gold is almost always hideous. I wish I'd have known we had the opportunity to vote. The newest version is gaudy.
  3. Anyway, the OP is in a microscopic minority. ASM 129 is a very important key. Plus, the composition of the cover is quite remarkable. I’m not here to debate its worth, but its identity as a key is certain and nearly future proof. I’m actually shocked to learn there are people who disagree with that assessment. Compared to keys of similar importance, it is actually undervalued in today’s market, or rather, the other keys are overvalued!
  4. Big time truth, and this explains my perspective. Those were the years when I first got into the game. I think his diminished popularity is due to his association with guns. After Columbine, no one wanted to throw weight behind a dark, gun-toting killer. That’s my theory, anyway.
  5. I knew about The Punisher as a kid before I knew about The X-men.
  6. I’m just glad I’m not a Nickelback fan.
  7. Liefeld gave Deadpool a mask so he wouldn’t have to draw a face over and over again. Same with the shoulder pads. not like the board needs anymore Liefeld hate, but ever notice how all his characters, regardless of gender, have the exact same face and expression? Ugh.
  8. Book is sentimental to me. Clean design for the day. Worthless though.
  9. Never seen the movie. Still hate the character. Oh wow. A ninja! Everyone already acknowledges he was just a Deathstroke clone. A clone of a boring character. Does it get any worse?
  10. Honestly, a choice like Manhattan would make everyone else superfluous. If I could talk him into wearing pants, we’d be a pretty entertaining duo at your neighborhood pub crawl.