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  1. Had yet another great transaction with Michael. Paid fast and made easy deals. Let me say again - highly recommended!
  2. I've had a sinus infection for almost 2 weeks now. Went to the doctor. 190/115! I literally broke down into tears when the nurse left the room. Turns out it was a false reading due to a bad machine! *wipes sweaty brow."
  3. You forgot pickled pig's feet and fried squirrel brains.
  4. The only clear solution was to load the "meat" with salt until it was palatable, which they did. Your typical 7-11 brand-x Slim Jim is really no different.
  5. I swear to god that the gov. cheese that came in those long, rectangular loaves in the plain cardboard boxes...that stuff was of the gods.
  6. I was poor growing up. Spam. Potted meat on saltines. Bologna sandwiches, cold and fried. Vienna sausages. Fried chicken livers. Real healthy stuff. I used to love potted meat on white bread. I would barf all over the place now.
  7. "I cracked the book out of a PGX slab and they said it was not trimmed."
  8. The art on the boxes was usually stellar.
  9. "It was trimmed at the factory." "CGC must have sent it to CCS for a trimming."
  10. Post the pics. Simple. If he can't, then I support PL nomination.
  11. Yes, this is loony-toon's level stuff for sure. Here is another one of my faves: If the top and bottom have been trimmed, why are the edges not straight?
  12. I did this once. Turns out the seller was nice enough to throw in a few freebies. Of course, I didn't know this because I didn't unpack the books! I only had one book on the sub form, so CGC emailed me and told me the situation. They said they would destroy them or send them back. I elected to take the books back, and I was charged for shipping. Learn from my rookie mistake! It's always good to unpack the books for inspection. I know it can be a pain, but that's what I'd recommend.