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  1. Something tells me the grading team will call in the senior grader (Litch, Nelson, or Caffrey) to verify the call. That's only what I'd like to think, not what I know for certain.
  2. Even when I can’t responsibly spend money on big books, one of my favorite little joys in life is a good ole-fashioned Rick sales thread!
  3. Super buyer! Courteous. Fast payment. Can't wait to do more business in the future; I'm pretty sure I'll be on the buyin' side before long.
  4. All of the copies of 156 could be improved through pressing, in my opinion, if that's your thing. I never had confidence that you could reach a 9.8, however. In addition to the unforgiving black cover, the paper stock was super dumpy.
  5. SPAWN 156 COPY A 8.5 raw SOLD! Here is the story on this ish - you won't find a 9.8. I had a bounty of $400(!) on one for years. No luck. Back when I had my complete CGC 9.8 run, this was the ONLY issue that I couldn't find in grade. I should know better than almost anyone - I will declare issue 156 as the most difficult Spawn issue in existence. Go ahead. Throw up variant [fill-in-the-blank] I don't care! Yes, I owned a 185 sketch in 9.8. I've never owned, or seen, a 156 in 9.8. I guess that's all irrelevant, however. My point is that this issue is tough in high grade. I will be listing three. This is the first copy.
  6. Okay, I will be posting a few HTF Spawn issues throughout the night. These are higher value raw books, so I will need to grade everything first.
  7. SPAWN LOT OF 34 ISSUES SOLD TO MUSICMETA These are all in Mylites 2s with Gerber fullbacks. They look great in the Mylar. I haven't individually graded these out, but they all seem to be at least NM or higher. I am going to call it VF/NM or higher as a set to play it safe. I won't offer returns on individual issues, so if you need me to check a particular issue, I'd be willing to grade it before you buy. You can always return the entire LOT for a refund, however, granted you meet the conditions outlined in my initial post. I could sell these individually on eBay, or perhaps even here, for a lot more money, but I'm eager to move these out of the house. I have a baby boy on the way, and I'm moving the mancave! LOT INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING ISSUES: 14 15 17 23 28 32 34 35 45 46 47 48 49 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 70 74 76 78 79 80 82 83 85 86 94
  8. EC REPRINTS HAUNT OF FEAR 2 HAUNT OF FEAR 3 HAUNT OF FEAR 7 HAUNT OF FEAR 8 SOLD TO PHILREAL If you haven't read any of the old EC titles from the 50s, you have been MISSING OUT. This title is my favorite. Check em out on the cheap. You'll be glad you did!
  9. EC REPRINTS WEIRD SCIENCE 2 WEIRD SCIENCE 12 WEIRD FANTASY 10 WEIRD FANTASY 11 WEIRD FANTASY 13 $5 for the set I am going to boldly but confidently state that you won't find a better cost/reading satisfaction ratio anywhere on the boards today.
  10. NEMESIS 1 Five copies are available. Very clean copies - all north of NM. If you claim, please be sure to tell me how many copies you want. All of them are pretty much the same. ENTIRE SET SOLD TO NICKA