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  1. I don’t think this is a permanent business model. I think they are trying to drive people into stores. They’ve already said within a year they’ll expand to 50 shops.
  2. Tough crowd. I enjoyed it for what it was. Some movies you should not take too seriously.
  3. It was very good when it came out several years ago. Weird they are giving it out as a free comic now.
  4. I’m surprised for the hate of Godzilla 2014. I thought it was good and the best Godzilla movie I’ve seen.
  5. I agree with all of you Rambo IV was awesome! I hope he ends the series on a high note.
  6. Still looking. I’d prefer a 7.5, but if you have an 8.0 you are looking to sell let me know.
  7. Great seller! He provided me multiple photos and was very happy to answer all my questions. He is very good to work with!