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  1. I regret to inform you all that I am back. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 How is everyone?!
  2. I need to go back and reread everything from issue one. I can't believe TWD is approaching 200 issues!
  3. I leave for a few months and come back to this last ISSUE??!!!???!!! How is everyone?!
  4. Interesting to say the least. Wizard has had a rough go, but I've never seen a celeb list from their end and thought "what on earth are they doing?"
  5. I thought it was a wonderful harkening to the comic, but man. It was intense. And a bit too much, no? I didn't feel good watching it. It definitely teetered into something that wasn't entertaining.
  6. So much happening in the WD world. How you guys holding up?
  7. There are some proper grails in here. Did I miss the Jock opp? KUBERT(s)?!?!
  8. There are some decent indicators we can look at when it comes to panel pages, how much similar KJ, or other big-time panel pages have gone in the past. I think a lot of them are apples to oranges (this compared to the first panel appearance of Wolvie to me is a tough comparison. I think these these are two different targets/buyers on era alone, let alone a bunch of other factors). I think some of them though in terms of overall value, are spot-on. Either way, I want this page, if it ever does go up for auction, to break records. I find it beautiful, and the perfect encapsulation of the tone that little aside story on the Joker had in the book. It's a proper museum piece. I'm no expert. I'm happy I'm not, because it makes things like these fun, and I get to dodge the accountability. This has been a fun thread to lurk and read over the past few days, right, gents and ladies?