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    Wishing you a speedy and full recovery. Don't worry about anything else but yourself and your family.
  2. Yeah, these are fantastic! Can't wait to see what else there is.
  3. Who's got a pile of CGC 9.8 - White Pages coming back... hint.... THIS GUY DOES !!! (oh...and they're all newsstand that's like an extra $50,000 each)
  4. I have my dry cleaner, my tailor and my CGC guy... I'm set for life.
  5. Your lack of focus and further effort to deflect from the point makes it difficult to converse with you in a logical manner. Once again, your sense of entitlement helps misguide you. That usually disappears as you grow and mature.....usually...I'm not holding out much hope for you though.
  6. Couldn't have said it better myself, Some people sure feel entitled. He should provide us his eBay User ID so we can let eBay know as a seller he believes its ok to use the message system there to facilitate and encourage a deal to be made off eBay so the buyer is more enticed to purchase from him.
  7. I can't believe he's SCANNING people. I wouldn't be able to close the lid on my scanner. Honestly, I wouldn't call that tactic a scam as he's not tricking a person to buy something but that tactic is a scum-bucket move since he's using eBay to draw traffic to his items for sale and avoiding the fees.
  8. Vampirella #12 Grade: Very Fine/Near Mint (9.0) - Off-White Pages Price: $60.00 USD
  9. Vampirella #6 Grade: Very Fine- (7.5) - Off-White Pages Price: $50.00 USD
  10. Vampirella #5 ** FRAZETTA COVER ** Grade: Very Fine+ (8.5) - Off-White Pages Price: $100.00 USD