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  1. Hence, get the "right professional" who knows how to assess a book properly prior to work being done instead of Facebook advice of "give it a bath and have an elephant sit on it"
  2. If you had this dry cleaned and pressed by the "right professional" I can see this achieving an 8.5 That is about a $60,000 increase in value from a 7.0 to an 8.5
  3. I do appreciate the Garfield strips but for me... it was all about Herman, that strip was sharp. I still remember reading this one in the late 70's and it always stuck with me. I remember having tears in my eyes I was laughing so much, not so politically correct for today's world but still funny.
  4. CGC is harsh on moderns with the type of flaws your copy displays. I can see CGC grading it 8.5
  5. Exactly.... in this day and age... I think they would be defined as "gamblers" more then actual collectors.
  6. Amanda Favreau eBay id: comics_and_pops Check out this buyer's crimes of theft and mail fraud in this thread that was started in the Market place probation forum. I thought I would direct a link as the thief has done similar open return requests to me. Link to thread about eBay Thief, Amanda Favreau ( user ID: comics_n_pops )
  7. I had to bold your sentence and point something out. If you're buying a CGC graded book. You are simply paying for a book with CGC's opinion. They are by no means the "be all" experts of grading and it will likely not be the last time you disagree with the grading whether its points higher or lower.
  8. I agree that there were/are problems with poor sellers with the example you provided, valiantman. But the onus should fall on the collector to educate themselves and learn to understand the difference in the grades. Otherwise, they are putting a lot of faith in others to tell them what they should be buying. Taking the time to learn and putting the work and effort to do as much research as possible will save so much money in the long run. My personal opinion is that people are too lazy to put that effort in and its costing them dearly.
  9. I'm finding it harder to understand why people put so much faith into 3rd party grading companies. At the end of the day its only their opinion and its been demonstrated time and time again that the same book gets a different grade on many occasions. I can't even recall all the times I've had a book graded 9.6 and then cracked it out and sent it in again and received a 9.8. Also many books I've sent in thinking it would get 9.2 and they give it a 9.8 A lot of people paying a lot of money for an opinion by that one grader on that one specific day, hoping you don't get that harsh grader who nitpicks anything on the book or the loose grader who misses those same flaws. The high volume of books churning through has caused a wide variety of "opinions" and not much weight on consistent standards.
  10. Geez... this takes balls. So, he has 110 books for sale. Everyone pick one and hit the buy it now, walk away and then request a cancel order 2 days later.
  11. I love selling 9.8's but I would never buy them. The way the grading companies are so inconsistent with grading I've had books that look 9.2 get 9.8 and books that look 9.8 get 9.6 so I don't put much weight in their "opinion"