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  1. Great find...but no actual treasure value as no one is really looking for this. Your best effort is to contact Heritage or another company that can pump it out for you.
  2. Isn't that weird... I just got my latest 25 modern books and they are full of junky-arse stuff that got 9.8 that somebody else will pay way more for then golden age Action Comics that nobody gives a rats-arse for except some old guy that posts a pic of his dog taking dog poops.
  3. There in lies the issue stated from the start. CONSISTENCY !!!!!! This wasn't graded by "THAT" grader.... damn people .... stay on target
  4. Yup...that pretty much sums it up. I guess with 38,000 posts you have "the time" for frivolous activities, whereas I couldn't be bothered appeasing you.
  5. I was following this auction. Unreal price for that card. Hard to believe that entire set was around $10,000 for the first couple of years of it's release which was unheard of money to spend on a modern set. I have collect sports cards for years, it's my true collecting passion and I'm seeing unbelievable prices increases on sports cards in the past 3 years. I would say it's eclipsing comic prices.
  6. Well there's your problem.... you only sent them corner pieces and spine pieces.... it should have gotten a .5 incomplete Seriously though, I feel your pain.
  7. It's not a matter of can't..... It's a matter of won't..... As I mentioned on the first page of this thread...there are too many projects to deal with each day and there's not enough time in a day. I'm not about to undertake another project to appease a couple people, I focus my time on things that generate money. I'm not alone, the opinion of many other people in this thread speaks volumes about the under grading.
  8. Tell him to buy another comic for $795 from you and save the 5% on that one. Sounds like the guy is living beyond his means anyways...what's another $795 gonna hurt?
  9. Hey Folks, Just lowered the price on this entire lot to $225.00 USD shipped in Canada or the U.S.A Will close at 6:00 pm CST today. Thanks!
  10. In my opinion, that's the latter. With the volumes they grew too much. They would have to have abandoned that concept long ago to keep up. With growth, comes expansion, then comes new hiring of people with less experience and less passion which gives way to poorer standards which leads to terrible consistency as the skill set becomes diluted.
  11. I just highlighted your last sentence because it has been almost all of 2020 and it has been from material that is from the 80's and up. I'm frustrated because I'm leaving my fate in the hands of people that have less experience grading then I do and there seems to be one grading cowboy trying to make a name for himself at the company and it's getting annoying.
  12. So what college are you putting up for sale? Title is misleading. If it's Ivy League it'll fly off the shelf but some of those community colleges are tougher to sell.
  13. I'm seeing the increase of harsher grading on the Copper and Modern books mainly. I have a few theories on this agenda from an economics standpoint but nothing that can be sustantiated but it would make sense from a grading company's standpoint to do so. I have so many 9.8's sitting in my inventory that don't even come close to being as nice as the 9.4 and 9.6's I've recently received. Where I used to get 20-22 books graded 9.8 in a 25 book submisson I'm now seeing maybe 2 to 4 books out of 25 getting 9.8 on the 1st submission.
  14. Exactly my thoughts.... a smart buyer would take the CGC serial numbers on a listing and if it was graded in 2020 and is a 9.4 to 9.6 there's a good chance it'll get a 9.8 later. I've resubmitted a few of them and they got 9.8 with nothing else done to them. It's just too time consuming with so many projects on the go to crack and resubmit everything. There's not enough time in a day.