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  1. Like I said, not gonna rock boat. I don’t have them in hand. They are due to arrive on May 29th. No superheroes, just a batch of bronze age comics with two books I saw in pictures.
  2. Had won one eBay auction this morning. Paid away, so I got to wait for seller to sent a batch of comics to me. I’m hoping I am getting the exact ones what I saw in photos. I was the only bidder in there. As soon I have them here, I will post pictures. Not gonna rock the boat until that is confirmed.
  3. Safe to say , nearly almost all your books are taken up to date now. All are on eyes waiting...
  4. Just asking to be sure, I need to know the paper quality in your books.
  5. Dr. X, I suppose the “BP” in your posts means brown pages?
  6. I would say that ... I can cross off Nickel City Comic Con off my list. Seeing the photos where cellphones booths, food booths and whatever non-comic related booths are there. And few comic book vendors? I can get the same thing just going to PNE Playland fair in August here. Amusement rides is a bonus.
  7. Our Army at War 152 - 4th All Rock Issue 7.5 - great colors and structure, not an easy book  $45
  8. Monta Vista is where it is located. About 10 minutes drive to Puyallup.
  9. I tried to look up ... find nothing about the “multiple pairs of tix” for sale you were saying? I presume they were all gone sold, the link taken off online? Not surprised at all.
  10. You know... I had to ask you that. How can you guys go buy these cool Timely comics like that with missing centrefolds, missing pages or pieces tore away? Was it all about the awesome front covers, isn’t it? I would go nuts not knowing how that certain story ends or link between middle of story with all the missing pages! But I sure enjoy looking at great artwork on covers. My time spent well here. GLWTS!
  11. If that might help ... a suggestion? Mark your sessions one by one with marked pages in your OP. That will tell all boardies where to go to start scroll where they want to see.
  12. You are correct on the paper size. My bad in thinking, lol. Yes, that is what I want from your photo. Thanks, send you PM.