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  1. That was exactly what I did when I went to Avengers End Game movie. I avoid drinking during that time, and I had made sure I peed my bladder to empty before I go. I succeeded watched the full movie, but the 3+ hours sitting does give me bit of pain in my legs. That’s the reason I favor watching movies at home. That way I can pause it and go to bathroom whenever I need to. And to give my legs a shake up in excises. some of you here mention the big screen being the reason to get the experience. For me, I am past that and am fine with my tv as it is.
  2. That’s only in your perspective. Everyone have their own in theirs, mine is bit different. I think by watching a good movie at home is actually much better option for me. With today’s technology and innovations have given us more options to create a little “theatre room” in your living room, your bedroom or whatever room you have. I’m looking in to replace my tv for a bigger size as it is now past 10 years in age. And the prices are good low to buy one. Plus, I can get out of storage my old popcorn machine to use to get the delicious popcorn with butter. I also save my gas in my van if I were to drive out on way to a theatre. Sorry if many of these theatres will go out of business ... it is a natural process of changing times.
  3. If you think it’s that bad being tempted buying sweet comic books presently. Wait until around December month when Dale come with tons of comic books to list. So many will be pasted over the forums. And that’s just ONE seller. There is also the Christmas gift exchange, gift Raffle ... and yes more sale threads. so... just give up and enjoy here to your heart’s desire.
  4. Thanks for letting me know ... I completely forgot about that portion in there! I have updated to present status.
  5. Good. You’re not the only seller who has the keys someone might like to buy. There are plenty other GREAT sellers here in this forums. Compare to other sites ... I consider to be one of best places to find unique and cool vintage comics. As long we understood the rules and worked with them ... after the first time onwards, it get better as many sellers tweaked and fine tuned their sale threads, more smoother ( and lot more fun). We get along well, even made some friendships and relationships between many of us here. You, sir, is welcome to take your long-winded superior rants with you and take your “chip on shoulder” with you. You just don’t get the gist ... missed the point. Good luck, I have no regrets about you at all. Bye.
  6. From a distance... it may fool to most viewers on screen. But I spotted a few 1970s Harvey comics, few 1980s Marvel (Avengers) and some indies. Nice job with the spinner rack but someone didn’t do good with comics alone. I just started watching this show.
  7. Thank you for the kind birthday comment... and a sneaky way to tell everyone what I wanted in wish list
  8. When I saw this sale thread there, out of curiosity to see what he have for sale ... then I saw what happened with one boardie and this book. Whoa ... what a mess. I have to agree with your point here, that sales thread is memorable deserved as a cautionary for new sellers. One thing I have to scratch my head and bit of laughing... this seller certainly do take his time to try explain while defending his “superior” thoughts on the word terms of “think” or whatever. Rather than taking out the book in the first time. Way less time and less explaining...plain as simple! He does have a strange sense in brain processing.
  9. Argh ... missed some great last few books bu5 I was on road driving to home. Well I can get a few ones from other boardies on CGC later for Halloween weekend.
  10. Along I’m not in the navy or army ... my grandpa was in Canadian Merchant Navy. He was In the fleet feeding the Pacific battleship fleet with restocking materials so the ships can stay at front of battle without having turn back for restock.