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  1. Here is the link showing the new venue inside one of the hall buildings. Will that mean some vendors and collectors going get little tippy with drinks? Will we see superhero themed cosplayers on stage to entertain us? That could be Greggy’s breakthrough on stage!?
  2. Emerald City Comicon -- March 1-4, 2018

    Friday March 2nd. My plan is to be there by 5:30 am to park and get in line. My friend and I are debating if we should leave Thursday evening and find a spot to sleep overnight. I had seen online where they said overnight parking is allowed on city streets in Seattle. Hotels are already ridiculously expensive now around ECCC in area.
  3. Emerald City Comicon -- March 1-4, 2018

    Question to Seattle boardies, which parking lot garage can I park my vehicle for all day? I would like to be near ECCC to walk with a friend on Friday. I am trying to google to see which one has good day rates.
  4. I got Robbed

    According to the OP, he posted last Thursday said his 8 slabs were stolen. Then Greggy posted to mention this: About November 7, 2017? That is now two months since. That are the questions would like to know, whatever happened between these dates? Why so long until the OP decide to post here? How long was the officer’s injury? Too many holes in the story. Like Aardvark88 said. We should step back and let them figure out. Hope something can be resolved in good news at the end.
  5. I got a few words to say ... AArgh... So many misses... But I thank you for a great thread! I hope to see your next Oktoberfest III thread...
  6. Pre-code Archie, Jughead

    I second that! I need a nice Archie sales thread with some few lovely gems to chase down! Be fun for me on boards. Please do it.
  7. Canada’s a big backyard between us. I’m sure somewhere there is one copy lying waiting to be discovered.
  8. New update in first post. The hunt continues...
  9. Hope you have good luck in finding Jughead #1 with your criteria. I will try see if I can find you that one around here.
  10. BCW Has New Storage Boxes

    Once opened a box to look for a certain book, and out popped a big brown spider zipped past me, saying “Hi!” Freaked me a bit and the funny thing in the box were a run of Avengers with Ant-Man as a member. Makes me wonder if there is a connection? Learnt never to put boxes on floor. That was how it happened.
  11. BCW Has New Storage Boxes

    Yes, exactly. Also great for spider nests in between these boxes over long term. You’d be surprised how fast spiders can build their homes.