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  1. No, seems from what I see online ... single day tickets are available. But wait until tomorrow and see... Now in Kamloops to rest up, tomorrow to Calgary. Great weather while I drove to here. Snow still on most of mountains.
  2. Leaving for the road trip. See you all there in the Looney Tunes Show!
  3. I guess they are prepping up the war plane to chase away Greggy as he try to invade Calgary with overflow X-Force #1 books?
  4. Glad you are happy with your new finds, aardvark88. I’m all full covered with funds ready for Calgary Comic Con, did good with my sales recently. tomorrow my holidays begin for the week ahead!
  5. A Quiet Place

    I had seen the movie with friends. Overall, it was not bad. I do agree with some of you about story plot gaps or holes. I can see that from the beginning to end. The special effects was ok. But some of you commented about “stupid” characters in there. Sorry to see that but you had no idea how huge the movie is with the young actress - Millicent Simmonds. She is Deaf by herself in real life, same as me. It is quite rare that I see someone do acting in a movie. The other actors, however was a bit static with their signs. I understood they are actors and likely had short lessons to learn enough to do in filming. Not easy to master the language, it can take up to 3-4 years.
  6. CLOSED...

    The Thread is Closed, was in work overtime yesterday and today.
  7. CLOSED...

    Tomorrow evening I will close the thread, there are still some books left. Last
  8. WTB: Archie Comics #50

    Get in line ... there are a lot of boys like me wanting this comic book. Archie 50 is high on my WTB list. Mid grade 5.0-6.0 is in my radar seeking in finding one. I can’t blame Betty for this one but I can thank Montana for the artwork!
  9. Yes, we are. Some of us are working like mad men in overtime. It’s a mad,mad,mad world Calgary Comic Expo is that world. Bring in the goods, my good man!
  10. How is the weather forecast looking like for Calgary with the show running through 4 days weekend? Presently I am looking online showing some snow mixed on Thursday but go into sunny on weekend. Hopefully will improve better if Mr. Freeze decide to let Heat Wave do his way. In the meanwhile, van is tank full for the road. My budget is coming up in time as planned. (Knocking wood) waiting for my ticket to come in mail ...
  11. CLOSED...

    The thread will close on Wednesday. I will see about reopening a new thread later in the summer maybe or earlier. I do have quite a few nice books yet to be seen. I’m not sure if I want to? Thanks for your patronage in here, and have a great time with summer season coming up!
  12. CLOSED...

    Showcase #43 sold by PM.
  13. CLOSED...

    Correct, had that confirmed in the book. The story is called “A Wish Come True”. I also have a copy with 1st appearance Pebbles.
  14. CLOSED...

    Throwing up one CGC book up for sale. From GPA, last sale was in March 2014 at $1,058 for a 9.2 grade. Showcase #43 ... CGC 9.2 White pages. Look at the photos below. I will accept at the price ... Sold I am actually losing a little bit on it but that’s life, I need some cash for my trip.