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  1. Interesting idea to have these comics in WalMart. Are they only in America and not available in Canada, I presume? Once every few months, I would find a 1000 page giant Archie digest at 40% discount in Walmart near me. As for the declined slope of printed comic books monthly. That has been going on for a long time, and I am not surprised. I stopped buying new comics since then. Even my favourite LCS now told me they had that problems for a long time and they are having a tough time drawing in new readers to buy that comics. Yes, it is mostly all spectaclers to make quick flip$ on new bazillion cover variants of every title. Me, I am long past that fad. But I am glad I had lived through the good days back then.
  2. Fan Boy

    A Quiet Place

    Yes, that is correct in what you said. It does take a lot of efforts to master that language. Not like someone can easily learn a foreign language by sound while listening a tape in sleep or whatever. I help interpreting students in training at my booth in comic book shows, they loved the challenge to be a good interpreter. This is what I thought simlair to your thoughts about the movie. Bit like the classic War of the Worlds with a different take. I was surprised when they announced a sequel to follow up A Quiet Place. They said it would be e a prequel?
  3. Friends and I were enjoying the movie yesterday. I thought it did a bit better than the first movie. It is made for a wider range of moviegoers by age. I was in a near full theatre. The ending scene was interesting in tieing up for the next Avengers movie. The Wasp’s fighting scenes with the Ghost were good. Overall, it is a good fun movie. I would say 3 stars out of 5.
  4. Never seen that one before, and looks like would be fantastic reading about the topic of the clown. I wonder how often this book is around these days?
  5. Some of your books looks nice, watching to see what else you have...
  6. Great... would love to see these boards.
  7. Fan Boy

    Steve Ditko has passed

    I sat down after had learned the sad news of Steve Ditko had passed away. For the hour, I remembered the many great stories I have read throughout the decades since mid 70s. The Amazing Spider-Man stories was among the best he did, and the Dr. Strange early stories were also good. I later discovered he did science fiction stories in Charton and that led me in hunting up as many books I can find to read. There are still many more I haven’t found. In the sense, as long I keep finding new stories ... Steve Ditko continues being alive within his stories by a fan boy like me. I tip my hat to you, Mr. Ditko ... RIP
  8. Fan Boy

    How often do you buy from Mile High Comics?

    My last purchase from Mile High was maybe 27+ years ago. I brought a few high grade books that come with certificates, think I still have them? I may had overpaid a bit, but time had passed by and now their values went up a bit. Yes, their grading were patchy.
  9. First time I have seen this here ... great art on cover and stories not seen before. Thanks for sharing with us here, GLWTS to you!
  10. These books must be from the same source (or same store) ... I do notice the ink stamps has the same style on all the books. I have the same books already but I should recheck my B&V 37 copy. GLWTS!
  11. Fan Boy


    Waiting to see what other 11 books you got here...
  12. Wow... that is a lot of toys! Can’t visualize what kids will reach if they see that pile. GLWTS ... free bump!
  13. Or perhaps show up for October comic book show? Or did he only come once a year every summer?
  14. Fan Boy

    Any experts on Spire Christian Comics out there?

    Here is a question to pick your brains. What about the Archie themes or if any other children’s themes like Barenly Bear (spelling?) without cover price 39c printed? I have one with no 39c on cover and is a first printing 1973. Curious to know if there is any information to that by the publisher?
  15. I got the same “warning notice” on one parcel that I picked up couple years ago. Asked me to pay the postal difference of $10, since the eBay seller underpriced his shipping quote on his auction at the time. I was unaware of the fact until too late. That was for 60+ comic books dating from 30+ years back, all assorted of course. This notice did explain the same what OP got on there. That was my first time I got hard proof MM can be inspected by postal worker. I emailed back to seller about it, never received a reply. Oh well... I now tell every seller to not do the MM route but that I will pay extra for first class postage. Cheaper than be warned again the doomed “white notice” on next parcel.