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  1. The 14 days quarantine thing, is one of the bigger issues with me, in not going to any American comic cons while covid is in active everywhere until ALL citizens are vaccinated first. I’m going with what the present situation is now with the slow pace. But this could change if the pace is picked up more quicker ... it’s all a “wait and see” stand off. I’m not very keen to waste one month total with quarantine from my jobs for a 4 days long weekend (or even a week long vacation) to have fun geeking out with comics and stuff. That’s a lot of money gone off my paycheques. Not worth it! That’
  2. At the moment, I have plans for 2021 is only ONE comic con... Calgary Expo on July 30-Aug 2. Given that how Canada is processing the rate of vaccine shots here ... the fact I am one of essential workers but I expect get mine by summertime maybe. The government is going with Heathcare employees, doctors and homecare workers as first with vaccines. After that, next is senior citizens in retirement homecare centres with high risk in health conditions. My mother is going be in the third phase as a senior citizen in good health (she told me she thinks will be in April to get vaccines). So yo
  3. Calvin & Hobbes is among the top 10 strips I enjoyed to read the most in my life. Far Side, Peanuts, D. Tracy, Bloom Country and few others. They were running daily in newspapers delivered to my family house for years and years until Newspaper stopped being delivered then. I was there the day when the last C&H strip was published, then realized that was it. A tear come out. some years later my former LCS had the hardcover slipcase set of C&H up for sale. I brought it and read all through. Loved it. I still saved much of my Sunday newspaper comics in storage ... someday, I w
  4. With my lousy connection... can’t do the take on books I keep missing. Might as well enjoy the entertainment here for now. I’m about well tapped out anyway.