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  1. Fan Boy

    Where’s the eBay coupons?

    Maybe if ebay sent some love on 20% off coupon for Feb 14th day? That would be nice for us ... if they do. Through I’m not gonna hold my breath. I have my doubts as this percent coupon like this is rare.
  2. Yeah, I was there last year in trying get a signature from a celebrity guest, but missed out in timing. I know where the Hyatt is. Found out that the parking lots in downtown Seattle is ridiculous pricey if I leave my vehicle all day for 3 days. Seems that if I take a bus ride, it’s actually much cheaper. Think I will do that since my motel reservation is close by ECCC, a easy transit ride in commute. More food money saved in budget. The motel has a common kitchen where I can cook my own meals.
  3. Fan Boy

    Fan Expo Vancouver, March 1-3, 2019

    About time the comic artists list come up. Hmm... that might get me go for one day ticket to get my books signed and some sketches. Will wait to see what their time schedule is like.
  4. Great to know. I was informed from CGC rep in email that CGC will be there some time ago. I had some books already picked ready to take with me on my trip. I see some good artist names on list, so I will get some books signed. Motel reservation is done, waiting to pick up my ticket pass in mail...
  5. Thank you Skypinkblu, for the comment. That seems as the best way to start the ad. I will discuss with my friend on that subject. Beside, it is nearly a week to February so I should know more then. The ECCC tickets sale ad will be up later. Thank you for all the comments here. I believe I get enough feedback. Considered this thread closed.
  6. Well said. I have forwarded this thread to my friend... he is also a boardie here, through not much posting here. Hence the reason why he wants me to help him with his tickets.
  7. You do have a good point. However aardvark88 does also made a good point regarding in making plans for hotel, parking and such others in Seattle. The sooner the better. It’s true that I don’t have the tickets ... yet. And my friend does have that on his CC invoice confirmed paid. That said, I will wait until I get the tickets then I wrote the ad with photos fast as I can. Thanks for the feedback
  8. Hello, I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask some feedback regarding in writing an ad in mixed items section in the sale threads? If not, please direct me to the proper section, thank you. Ok, my friend asked me to help him to sell the ECCC tickets, it is for Emerald City Comic Con on March 14-17th this year. As it is, the tickets aren’t yet mailed out to all purchases (including me with my own ticket also). The question I ask, when should I start write the ad? Do now while my friend wait for his tickets coming in mail, or ...Wait until he get the tickets in hand first then do the writing the ad? I was told from the customer service at ECCC that the tickets should be out sent after January 30th. Thanks for your help with my questions.
  9. Fan Boy

    Sad day on Jan 4th 2019 ...

    I see in the picture is the Marvel Comics original wall rack in the background. Wonder whatever happened to it?
  10. I see... hope your plans go well this year.
  11. Fan Boy

    Sad day on Jan 4th 2019 ...

    The employees of Comicshop will have a event taking place on Sunday January 13th, to have “The Last Supper” in saying farewell to our beloved store. Lot of subscribers will be going there for a fun evening. They had posted an announcement on FB.
  12. You’re right, I confirmed when I picked up my parcels yesterday ... no badges. Thought I saw on my account online when they listed parcel arrivals by date and numbers. One showed what looked like a lettermail , so I thought might be... but it wasn’t. Just another great comic book. Last year I remembered got my badges real close at the end ... I had to go to the customer service in ECCC with a copy of receipt and record of my CC showing I had purchased them. They had them in a folder in hold for me, never mailed out to me! This year, they better do the mailing before I go there.
  13. Fan Boy

    Sad day on Jan 4th 2019 ...

    I would also stick my neck in saying New Westminster have no comic store after Steve’s Comics went bust, and Talkin’ Illustrations went closed. Ahh... Terry was a great guy. My friend and I had been talking about running our comic book store for years, that has been my dream for long time. I knew what it take to open and run business tight to survive through the first year. The Uptown community in New Westminster would be a good spot, I think. I also think North Burnaby/Lougheed Mall region would be a good area where Skytrain major hub is located, plus SFU university is nearby - lots of young students around. speaking about comic book stores make me wanna go out to visit one. I have visited at least about all around here already. Hmm... there is one in Delta that I haven’t seen before.
  14. Thought I might want to mention that a friend is now considering in selling his ECCC day badges, as he told me he need to save up money for his personal financial situation. It’s not yet officially decided as ECCC hasn’t mailed out the badges to him or to me. I believe it is supposedly be this month that ECCC will begin sent out the badges.
  15. Fan Boy

    Sad day on Jan 4th 2019 ...

    Was told by one of employees that he is looking at a location somewhere near East Vancouver/ Burnaby in region of Victoria Street by Broadway Street. Something nearby around there, I think. It’s not officially yet decided with their future plans for a new reopening. The one concern with me is the question posed at. Will they keep the old classic yellow color on walls and wall racks like the originals were? As some local subscribers may already knew by now, the Comicshop spinner racks that had stood for many many years ... were sold away to two buyers. That were part of the store history, and I am sure there are few other materials may had been took by the bailiff ... e.i. The original window sign “Comicshop” on black background? The old glass/wood counter? My congratulations to the three employees for what they did their best to preserve the Comicshop theme to the very end. But, I fear in what the next new store will be like? I do like the old classic theme. Like my second home. The irony of all, I actually HATE yellow color, but the Comicshop is the expemtion aside! For the nerd’s sake in me to get my daily comic book frenzy.