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  1. Ahh ... I remembered Fred from Winnipeg! He do have a few nice GA books that catch my eye. Hoping he will return for the March show next year. 🍀
  2. Our booth had good sales - up from the last show. I had sold many books to happy collectors. Also to some dealers, one being the big Yee. I was surprised that he set up his booth next to me as he didn’t do in the past. Wonder if he become aware how great this show had grew into? Sold Hulk Annual 1 CGC Sold ASM 27 to a happy American collector, got U.S. cash to start my next Comic con trip 😃. Sold a batch of SA Archie comics to a collector, made a good sale on them. Sold some SA Thor books Sold Marvel Secret Wars 8 book Sold a short box of new cheap reader books imported from Baltimore quickly ❤️ Had gotten some requests for Blackbird, SA Wonder Woman, Darkhawk (had gotten rumours about being in a movie), and more few ones. That will get me looking to resupply the boxes. Funny, I seem to be sold out of Hulks in one of my boxes? Thanks to Aardvark88 for the 7-11 cups, seems that they were part of a 60 DC character Slurpee cup collection when they come out. I need to find 57 more cups. 🤪 Looking forward for the first show in March 2020!
  3. Hoping that on the weekend Sunday will bring a good show with good weather. It is out on news that Translink bus drivers and seabus had put out a notice to strike on Friday morning. It’s not yet official while the union members and company are negotiating in meetings to hammer out a deal together. If not ... some people might have figure out creative ways to attend the PNE show on Sunday. 😬😬 Through it is kind of irony that Translink has just announced to put out a new double decker transit bus in service ONE day before Friday! I find it somewhat hilariously.
  4. Good, now the ball is in your court. I said the same thing before for quite some time since. Now I did that and I had no regrets this year.
  5. Here are couple of photos from the costume contest with cosplayers giving their best. The winner is the Joker. Runner up in second is the Sliver Samurai. My friend did the whole video of all cosplayers on stage, a long one.
  6. The show was a great show. We ended up with 3 short boxes between me and my friend, though I should say is 3.5 boxes as the .5 box is for my personal collection. Gonna be tricky in how to disburse the luggage weight to avoid overweight fee 😆 We had enjoyed very much by chatting with new dealers and boardies there. I had chatted with one dealer who has two interesting display stands with paperback books ... one being the DC brand and other one the Marvel brand. See the photo showing the DC stand. The dealer told me that he got them from the former store which was in business for 40 years in Virginia until its closing. These display stands were stored in the back of store with ALL original books unsold! He has 4 stands - two of DC, two of Marvel. They are all from late 1970s.
  7. My buddy is nuts! He brought a box full of graphic novels,TPB books and a pair of my sore arms lugging it for him. i should sent a warning to our flight to be prepared for heavy weight in its luggage load.
  8. Might also add a brief report with the original artwork of the Baltimore 2019 yearbook. This year’s theme is BlackSad, an animal character and many comic artists have contributed their artwork to be auctioned off. I was in the live auction last night and I had won one art print as I kind of liked the theme on there. One of the art pieces was by Neal Adams and it went sold at $625, and many pieces went between $100-400 each. It was for a good charity in support. It wasn’t until it dawned on me the purpose of the yearbooks each year at Baltimore Comic is to have artists sign in the yearbook, and the original artwork goes to the auction. Wished I had known that because few years ago was the Archie character!
  9. There are some good deals with a little extra work in searching through boxes and often ask the dealers if they have what I am looking. I was offered a short box with a good mix of Disney,Gold Key, Archie and etc in mid grades from a great dealer for a great price. I also brought a few nice JIM books as well. I was impressed with the selection of GA/SA/BA books. Another dealer (CGC member here) told me to go to Heroes Con. Said that is more my type of what I am looking for. Ended up brought a few books from him. Having great time at Baltimore comic con here! If my new part time job hold up, I am praying for leading up to a full time job! That will open up to travel to better comic cons in near future. Cuz I am almost broke 😅😅
  10. Hotel booked up, flight ready ... double check through to be sure I am set to go. Will visit your booths around with my little WTB book for what I want to find. 😃
  11. Another post count thread... again?
  12. ...However I can still add few more posts to my own to hit 4K mark.
  13. I’m a long way from reaching your 47k posts, kav