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  1. Good take! Because I was about to go for this one as it has the articles I want to read. 😭😎
  2. My hat tipped off on you, Sharon! This is a great community gesture you did for the kids! If I had a kid, I would have go for 2 masks to give ... unfortunately I don’t have children of my own. Um, a few of my friends have children or grandchildren, so I might ask them about that. On the topic of shipping to Canada. Sharon is correct that it is bit expensive to mail masks (or comics for the matters). Part of the reason is because the border is closed on both sides until July 21st as agreed with both governments. I would have drove to pick up parcels over the border to save some $$, but as it is considered non-essential...I’m blocked out. At the moment, the close of the border could be extended longer if deemed necessary by Canadian government due to the rising trend in U.S. COVID crisis. For now, shipping to Canada is the only option. Back to the topic ... let’s keep the children safe with the fun masks on! 🤩
  3. Labour Day weekend would be nice to browse virtual comic con. Movies are still lousy in theatres anyway.
  4. Congrats.... I missed that, it’s a beaut tough to find in high grade.
  5. I have to agree with you. I was surprised that they didn’t mind being that close while digging in bins. I’m not ready yet to dive in digging the bins if I know people will rub against me in there. I’m tempted to go to one of the shows this year but still on the fence if should or not. I’m leaning to my safety sake at the moment. Glad that it went thru alright... hoping the next show will be likewise (knocking wood)
  6. I see some people wearing masks while browsing over the bins. Gonna take awhile to get used seeing people with masks inside the comic show. Hope that no one got the virus from there. Good that a few of vendors managed to sell a few books.
  7. Wondering if I would get the chance in purchasing ticket pass for this limited show? As it said it would limit up to 25,000 people max. Some people had already brought their tickets originally for the cancelled show, they might transfer theirs to the limited show if they opt to. That would reduce the available number of tickets offering to purchase. Also, is there a public transportation route going to the show nearby? I would be flying if I have the chance.
  8. RIP to another legend gone, can’t believe he really is gone. I was planning to have him do a sketch this year where he would have been a guest in one of the shows. But that COVID mess come up. 😭
  9. Good luck with this show! Hope it went good. For me, it’s bit kind of last minute to go there if I have to book a flight. I will wait for the right time with the right show.
  10. If still available... take it