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  1. Strange Tales #149 ... 7.0/7.5 ... the copy is flat unpressed and original. Normal wear for its age and did well. There is a tiny scratch right on edge on the A.I.M goon’s collar. The spine shows some few ticks. Pages are off-white. Price $22.00
  2. Iron Man Annual #3 ... I am going to call it a FN because of the water stain on upper right corner on front and back. The covers are not bad as clean as they can be. Not pressed as I know. There is a date stamp which is the St. Patrick’s Day. Pages are OW/W. Price $ 9.00
  3. Blue Beetle volume #2, number 5 ... it does look like is a VF copy but it isn’t in my opinion. There are few light scratches on front cover going across the Red Knight’s black horse and under the CCA logo.There is one scratch which does break color. The pages are holding at OW condition and clean all throughout. Some spine ticks can be seen on there with breaking colors. Going with this, I would say conservative F/VF for $20
  4. I posted a new update in the first post on page 1. Please go read there. This is a good opportunity for anyone who is in U.S. ... I can sent books with U.S. addresses to give you better shipping rates. Because I will be going to visit a friend for a day in WA state. i will list more books soon today.
  5. Ok, I will do more books tomorrow morning. I will try dig in my boxes to see what else I can release. Thanks.
  6. Another CGC book to try if can sell. This is Strange Tales #180 ... 1st appearance of Gamora. It got 8.0 graded with white pages. I know a lot of collectors would like to get minty fresh 9.6 or 9.8 slabs like that. But this is the only one I have here, so I am going to let it go at the lower than GPA levels. I am not going to make any profit anyway. Price in Judgement Day is ... $115.
  7. Testing the waters to see if anyone would be interested... I got a few CGC books arrived recently the week before. One that I am try to see if can sell ... if it didn’t... it’s understandable. This is the book - Women Outlaws #nn from 1949. It is a reprint with Cody of the Pony Express #1 as the story, the cover is from Women Outlaws #7. CGC had it graded at 6.5 OW/W Testing the waters with my price ... $250? I am hoping to recover my costs out of it, and I don’t know what the GPA says about that, as I don’t have access to it.
  8. Taking a break for lunch ... will try upload a few more books after that.
  9. Strange Tales #165 ... A great copy at VF+ easily. It’s not pressed to my knowledge. Had it for quite some time in my collection. Other than a few tiny nicks on spine and some bit wear right on edges of pages. Great color gloss on both covers and pages are OW. Nick Fury tell me to let go for $45.00.
  10. Brave and Bold #44 ... Hawkman in the grey tone theme on cover. Would say at best at FN but I feel like it should be bit lower due with the water stain on edges of the covers on front and back.Would say a VG+ at best. You can see how bright the spot is on edge in the photos. Other than that, it is in decent condition. Fully attached well. Pages are lightly browning. Normal given the standard conditions in grades. Let it go for $45.00
  11. Four Color Dell # 408 “Donald Duck and the Golden Helmet” ... G/VG ... on the first page has the ink stamp with the owner’s name George Stillman on bottom. I have a batch of Disney old comics where George did his seal on them ... Wonder if he’s still alive around? Has a 1/2 spine tear on bottom. My price ... $40.00 U.S.
  12. Thanks for the kind comment. Yes, I am going there ... flight and tickets all ready to go.
  13. Here are couple of Donald Duck comics by Barks. They are good for enter level or as filler copies in any Duck collector’s collection. Four Color Dell #223 “Lost In The Andes” ... I would say it is in G/VG at its best. Guide as what I can see by its grade is at $128 U.S. There is a tear up on left top corner where the “DELL” is. Two creases on front cover. My Price is $100 U.S.