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  1. I feel bad for folks who are fans of Byrne if this is true. The no signature series at shows is becoming more prevelant which is too bad.
  2. Just picked up some sweet Spideys from Jeff and they made it from Canada to Texas in less than a week, wow. In addition they were packed great to stand the rigors of the USPS. Thanks again Jeff.
  3. This was a great show as usual and very cool to see how far this show has grown. The lineup this year was great. I made it out Saturday and talked to Mysterio and Monsters Lair in line for Mike Zeck, good seeing both of you. Always love talking to Zeck and John Beatty, great guys. Zeck had a cool set of Kraven Last Hunt print set I picked up and had him, McCleod and DeMatteis sign them. Talked to Mike and JM’s about what they thought about a Kraven’s Last Hunt movie. They both thought it would be a cool story but JM thought it would work better as an animated film, interesting. I really wanted to get a sketch from Keith Pollard but His sketch line was full on Saturday and I couldn’t make it out Sunday. Nevertheless It was still cool to shake his hand and tell him how much Ross Andru’s and then his run on ASM meant to me as 9 year old kid and how much fun it was to hit up the 7-11 each month getting the newest issue. He told me he felt the same way about Ditko as a kid. Already Looking forward to see who Chris brings in for July.
  4. Great pickup. Beautiful centering on a book that is notoriously hard to find decent centering.
  5. I hate to hear this news. I've met George twice and he is one of the kindest most gracious people I have met in the industry. When he was at Bedrock City last year people came from as far away as Illinois and Missouri to meet him.
  6. Well that sucks, ill still take the 42 just not quite a good of deal without the 31