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  1. It was a good deal but Ray did’t get fleeced, by the time you add in auction fees he probably broke even. Most sales have been between $900-1000. The most recent sale was $1250. Is that and outlier or a trend? That remains to be seen. Here’s GPA for 2020 for any one interested.
  2. Walt & Louise Simonson Alex Ross Ron Frenz Tom De Falco Rick Leonardi
  3. I must not be living right I only got a 5% discount.
  4. Looking for a nice copy of Nick Fury 4 from 8.5 to 9.4, I prefer CGC but will consider nice raw copies. Looking to pay GPA for CGC books. PM me what you got and a price Thanks!
  5. A heartfelt thank you to one the greats. Godspeed Denny
  6. Picked up a JIM 112 from Matt. Super fast shipping and packed like a newborn that has to be driven through a dynamite plant. Great Seller. Looking forward to your next thread.
  7. Minor Keys 113 First Hammerhead 130 First Spider-Mobile 134 First Tarantula
  8. Wolverine 1-4, I loved that mini-series as a kid. I wasn't a huge Wolverine fan but that character with Frank Miller at the height of his superpowers at Marvel and Claremont writing, it's a slam dunk for me.
  9. Comicpaloozza 2020 has been cancelled. Not a huge surprise but a bummer nonetheless. Here is the email they sent earlier today: To Our Friends, After careful consideration, and with great disappointment, we have decided to cancel Comicpalooza 2020. We held out hope that we could deliver a great event as planned to the fans. We have looked at venue availability on later dates, considered alternative locations, and discussed a modified show for 2020, but the situation is too unpredictable. Although we are hopeful the social distancing measures being taken locally, and throughout the world, will mitigate the threat of COVID-19 well before our original times at the end of May, uncertainty still persists and the health and safety of our community is of the utmost importance. Instead, we will turn our attention to creating a superior Comicpalooza fan experience in 2021, May 21-23. Additionally, we assessed several options for our attendees and vendors who have already made purchases for this year. We don’t take your trust in us lightly. In lieu of providing options that delay the process we believe the best and swiftest course of action is to refund everyone. If you’ve made a purchase, no immediate action is required by you. In the next few days you should receive a confirmation email from Growtix indicating that your refund has been processed. It will take another 7-10 business days for you to receive the money in your accounts. We understand that banks are backlogged and this could take longer than usual, so please be patient. If you do not receive your confirmation email in a timely manner or the refund posted to your account, please contact Growtix at support@growtix.com. Growtix will ensure they’ve taken the appropriate steps and, if necessary, will reach out to their bank on your behalf. If you do not feel like you’re getting the proper response, you can always email us at info@comicpalooza.com. We are deeply saddened by this turn of events but are looking forward to next year. Please be safe, stay informed, and make good choices. We’ll see you soon. ~Your Comicpalooza Team