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  1. This just bit me big time, Bought a book off the boards from one of our friends north of the border and when the transaction went through I noticed it was nearly 5% more than I anticipated. Went through the user agreement and found it after about 10 minutes a 4.4% conversion fee tacked on. This will definitely impact my buying from non-us sellers in the future.
  2. There was an Amy Pascal interview posted this week where Sony is still interested in Black Cat /Silver Sable movie. Prolly a good move to hold on to it see where market goes.
  3. It would be great if Jim Shooter does his breakdown of Kirby’s artwork in JIM 112 again and it was recorded and posted with his permission. It was fascinating stuff.
  4. Speaking of season 8, I'm surprised no one has commented on how they ended season 7 to set up next year.