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  1. Looks like another thread I enjoyed is dying. God have mercy.
  2. CGC 6.5 on its way back from CGC as we speak, please DM me if interested.
  3. What's the one eBay seller from Canada you warned me about that it notoriously bad that has a similar eBay handle to a respected member of the boards but is not that perdon but a French Canadian con artist?
  8. Teen-Age-Diary-Secrets-Romance-Matt-Baker-GGA thumbnail 1 Blue-Ribbon-Comics-4-CGC-3-0-1949-Teen-Age-Diary-Secrets-Romance-Matt-Baker-GGA thumbnail 2 Blue-Ribbon-Comics-4-CGC-3-0-1949-Teen-Age-Diary-Secrets-Romance-Mat typographical error ... I mis-listed this book as a CGC 3.0 when it is a CGC 4.0 ... there is a serious pressable defect (I think it's pressable anyway) that I photographed and I hope someone from the boards gets it rather than someone else.
  9. CGC 4.5 Crime Suspenstories #22 no reserve auction - Ends Sunday
  10. BUT your Golden Age game is strong AF (they'll probably censor that). I love your show. I listen to it Wednesday morning when I wake up (although sometimes I get behind and then I listen to it when I drive and try not to wreck when you show books). That dude's books from 2 weeks ago were breathtaking. We'll agree to disagree about the LOTLB show. I used to really enjoy it. That being said, your show rocks!
  11. Are you the Jaybee that is a guest on the Lords of the Longbox's channel? What's it called? Comiccorps? I think I've watched your show. Also, Nick, from Key Collector reached out to an executive at HBO and the executive indicated that to his knowledge the information that was shared by Lords of the Longbox is "untrue."