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  1. CGC 4.5 Crime Suspenstories #22 no reserve auction - Ends Sunday
  2. BUT your Golden Age game is strong AF (they'll probably censor that). I love your show. I listen to it Wednesday morning when I wake up (although sometimes I get behind and then I listen to it when I drive and try not to wreck when you show books). That dude's books from 2 weeks ago were breathtaking. We'll agree to disagree about the LOTLB show. I used to really enjoy it. That being said, your show rocks!
  3. Are you the Jaybee that is a guest on the Lords of the Longbox's channel? What's it called? Comiccorps? I think I've watched your show. Also, Nick, from Key Collector reached out to an executive at HBO and the executive indicated that to his knowledge the information that was shared by Lords of the Longbox is "untrue."
  4. The youtube show "Lords of the Longbox" is "reporting" that HBO Max is doing a Green Langern Corp. TV show starring Kyle Rayner. This "rumor" gets picked up by cosmicbooknews and bounding into comics and all of a sudden its a real "news" story with multiple "reliable" sources reporting on it. Now people cry about pump and dump and spreading false rumors all the time, but this is RIDICULOUS. This show has the worst track record for reporting old news, old rumors and mixxing in utter nonsense that no one is reporting about and asserting that they have a tipster. I can't tell if it is malicious or ignorance, but it BAD. Some of the ridiculous stories they've recently reported that spring to mind "Dakota North is getting an ABC TV Show, Red Wolf is in development, Kazar and the Savage Land are in development, etc. They have really hurt their brand. I used to really this show. I was always a little suspicious because they do youtube auctions and raffles but that's their decision. Anyway, I think there information is suspect. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. What would be really interesting for me is to see a flash back in a Wizard Magazine and in a Comic Buyers guide and in an Overstreet all in the same month just different years. I can't for the life of me remember whether they were all generating top/hot lists or lists back in the day. I'm sure there's something we could pull out of there that would be comparable or at least a little instructive. The point is that it would be fascinating to see all of the hot/top lists over the decades juxtaposed against one another with current data. I really love when people remember a book was a big deal back in the day and now its not. For example, back in the 1980s the first Frank Miller Daredevil, the Punisher War Journal Wolverine issues, etc. were super hot and now that stuff is all but forgotten. I love dissecting what happened to books. Why history favored this issue but not that issue. There are so many fun examples too. I love hearing about the stuff that is before my time or that I barely remember because I was just a kid. Thoughts?
  6. Work has been crazy recently, and I'm not familiar with what exactly is going on with the federal investigation of the sports cards deceptive practices stuff. However, I am interested in all of this stuff if for no other reason that I vindicate consumers rights in trade practice cases in my day job. I will make a point to see what I can figure out, evaluate the viability of potential criminal and civil suits in our beloved hobby, and report back with some of my observations. The other thread is 40 pages and a lot of non-sense. Does anyone have a citation to the past suits they can share and/or documents they pulled form Pacer or elsewhere? If so, please DM me.
  7. Will you please describe these illicit market practices that you believe will cause a major market crash?
  8. Go further back even further to a time when people talked about books and news on here instead of in private google plus hangouts.
  9. This thread is so profoundly painful to read. Many years ago, it was my favorite ...
  10. You guys excited about Brubaker's deal? I'm stoked about it. I hope Fatale catches fire. That series was awesome back in the day. Brubaker is a beast.
  11. Anyone want to talk about Reaver #1, Canto #1, GoGo Power Rangers #21, Turtles 51 and/or 95-97; SDCC stuff, if the Archie related GGA books have legs, Captain Marvel 8 (I'm probably passing on this book but copies are moving), the viability of Walking Dead books over the course of the next 60 days, 6 months, 6 years, Immortal Hulk, Naomi and/or something else that is maybe interesting?