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  1. Hello to all my fellow forumites! hope everyone is staying safe out there! Am looking for a nice AF15 for a passionate collector. Prefer no chipping, bold color strike, and no ink or tape. Happy to buy or have lots of nice trade bait. Please feel free to text me images 4O4-275-O761, or send me a PM thanks! joey
  2. Hey all - hope everyone is well. Been a while since posting, have been too busy with work.. Anyhow, couple things today - would appreciate any help finding book from the below!! You can always send me back a PM no problem; but easiest way to reach me is via email Thanks! Joey 1) Looking for an AF15 cgc 3.0; Happy to buy outright, or trade a cgc 2.0 towards it, whichever you prefer (have attached scans of the 2.0 in case) 2) Looking for Superman issues in high grade. Specifically the following issues, please CGC 7.0+ Super
  3. have a cgc 9.2 ASM 101, pm if interested, thanks, joey
  4. Hi all, looking to buy an Amazing Fantasy 15 cgc 3.0 for a friend. Can pay immediately. ALso have a cgc 2.0 in trade bait if someone wants to downgrade. Please send me a scan and price - email is easiest: Thanks all! Joey
  5. Hi all. Looking for one or both of these books for a friend. Payment via PayPal immediately. Please shoot me an email with scans and price thanks joey
  6. I'm absolutely blown away that someone hasn't blown the whistle on this.......
  7. friend of mine owns that ASM 1's like nails on a chalkboard to look at it!
  8. Not sure, maybe 4 years? Showcase is a tough run to produce for sure! I'll do a group shot of the whole set shortly.
  9. Wow - what happened here? Post count fell off a cliff? The sky really is falling!
  10. Most fun and diverse comic book set to collect, IMO. Need to update these images, but figured i'd share some groupcandy.
  11. I hear you man (and i usually do offer returns, this listing was a holdover from before i'm guessing). But, ebay wasn't the problem here - they told me i didn't have to return it because of how the buyer set up the return ("changed my mind"). But because she already returned the book to me (without my permission, but besides the point), paypal will of course side with her. And my issue isn't providing a refund, it's the behavior of the buyer from the beginning..... hence the warning to my fellow forumites!