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  1. Not sure exactly where to put this. But has anyone been stiffed by Ale Garza? I've read stories how he takes a really long time to do commissions. He wants the money right away but then gives the run around when the commission will be done. I've heard he gotten better but I don't think that's true. I gave him money through paypal back in September for two commissions. Kept going back and forth when it will be done and how busy his is. But if you're busy then why take the money? He started showing off one of the commissions I asked for on his facebook page. Then I was told that week that he'd ship the commissions out. Then there was no more replies from him. That was three weeks ago. He took my money and I have nothing to show for it. Paypal has a 45 day limit to file a claim. What should happen from here?