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  1. I'm gonna need a Chiropractor to fix this kink ...
  2. Consider yourselves lucky.. here's a few pics of what I was getting.
  3. OK - this book is obvious right? Not just me .. right?
  4. I was a customer with DCBS since about 2005 or so .. back then Cameron was the person who answered emails, helped with issues, etc. Great service and times. Over the years as they've grown, service has gone down, some damaged books, and customer service suffered by long delays responding to emails, and at times almost combative attitudes to solving issues. This last year (early 2018) I started getting my books shipped in a bundled shrink wrap, which by the very nature of the process name/description has "shrink" in it, and they were sending me mostly damaged books (torn edges, creases, damaged or rolled spines) by using that process, I emailed them and was basically ignored then treated indifferently. I asked them to stop shipping MY books that way and I got told they wouldn't stop. Since I pre-order I still had 2 more months to be delivered... and those last shipments had the shrink wrapped books AND the rubber bands to add even more damage. I emailed them again and basically they said to take a hike so I did. That was Sept or so last year. Not sure any move back to the old location will solve that process of damaged books happening.. or their poor CS, so be wary of them still. Since it's been awhile .. do they still shrink wrap and rubber band books? I suggest folks try mycomicshop.com. They have great service, shipping and very similar pre-order savings. Cheers.